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Ping Pong Table Buying Guide

Ping pong tables are ideal for people looking to sharpen their reflex skills, play recreational or competitive games, or to just relax with friends while rallying. They can provide hours of fun for the whole family and a good solid table tennis table should last you for years to come.

Dimensions and Room Size

Before getting a ping pong table, you should learn about its size and also required room space for you to accommodate the table.

For a standard size table, it will have the dimension of 2.74 meters long, 1.525 meters width and 76 centimeters height measure from the ground.

You can refer to this post for the detail of the table dimension and also room size that needed:
Learn the Dimensions of Full-Size Table Tennis TableOpens in a new tab.

Besides the table, the other accessories like the balls, net, and post are also needed to be used for playing table tennis.

Table tennis tables are easily assembled, moved and stored, as most of them have wheels and fold in two so they don’t take up too much space. There are various sizes and makes of tables, and you should shop around to find one that best suits your needs. If you do not want to have a permanent table that comes with no legs, then you should go with the folding table. A fold up model features brakes and rollers that will ease your task in setting up and break it down.

Butterfly TR26 Playback Rollaway

Play Level

Most table tennis tables are built out of aluminum composite materials and have warp-proof laminated tops. Some tops are made of steel and covered with plastic and aluminum.

Outdoor or Indoor?

A line of table tennis tables are also built for outdoor and indoor use and they weigh between approximately 100 and 350 pounds and are held up with heavy-duty steel legs. The table’s playing surface is usually between ½ and 1 inch thick and is predominately green or navy blue.

There are one and two-piece table tennis tables available and some of them need assembling. Most table tennis tables come with nets and posts included but not paddles or balls. Butterfly, Joola, Prince, Stiga, and Kettler are all well-known makers of table tennis tables.

There are also table tennis table conversion tops available which attach to the top of a pool table to allow you to play table tennis. These are usually ½ to one inch thick and cost approximately $300. Table tennis tables themselves range in price from approximately $200 to just over $2,000. You can also shop around for a good used table tennis table at a lower price.

Buying a ping pong table for your home could be as simple as going to the store, purchasing one, and taking it home. That seems like the easiest way, but the truth is, not all ping pong tables are created equal. To find the right ping pong table for your home, there are a few things you should consider. This simple buying guide will help you ask and answer all the important questions.

Table tennis tables fall into beginner, intermediate, and advanced categories, which may seem simple enough. But just because you or your child is a beginning player doesn’t mean that a beginner level table is the best choice. Consider how much play your ping pong table will receive and its overall durability.


These ping pong tables are perfect for light recreational use in the basement or garage. They are primarily built for fun, not for performance. Many beginner ping pong tables have a playback feature, which allows one side of the table to be flipped up to act as a backboard for returning shots.

This is great for an introduction to table tennis, but if you or your child has any desire to advance beyond a leisurely game, the performance of an intermediate table will better serve your needs.

JOOLA Quattro


Intermediate tables focus on durability. If you have several children that will probably spend a good deal of time playing, an intermediate table is well worth the investment. Many of these tables fold up and stand on wheels for easy storage.

If you expect to move your table occasionally to make room for gatherings in your basement or game room, an intermediate level table will withstand this kind of wear and tear.


These are competition tables that meet tournament standards set by the International Table Tennis Federation. If you or your child plans to compete competitively, an advanced ping pong table is the only way to prepare properly. These ping pong tables will have a thicker table top (at least 3/4″), which results in a consistent bounce over the entire surface.

Indoor Tables

You can consider buying an indoor ping pong table if you wish to exercise every day without having to worry about the weather condition.

If you not sure which one to choose from, you can refer to Tips For Choosing An Ideal Indoor Table Tennis Table.

An indoor table will not only let you exercise every day but also it is the sport you can enjoy playing for hours, not like other fitness or aerobic exercises that can make you exhausted in a short time.

If you want to lose weight and keep healthy always, then getting an indoor ping pong table would be ideal for you.

Before getting one, it is best for you to figure out the things you need to know about indoor table tennis tables

Outdoor Tables

Table tennis is an indoor sport, but when the weather is pleasant, who wants to stay inside? A thin aluminum coating on outdoor ping pong tables makes them resistant to warping and moisture. If you choose an outdoor table, be sure to purchase a quality cover as well to protect your investment.

Stiga STS 185

You can learn the benefits of getting an outdoor table tennis table if you intend to get one.

It is also good for you to know how outdoor ping pong table can affect your game if you are a serious player and wish to do a lot of practice outdoor to improve your skill.

After knowing the benefits and effect you can have, it is time for you to choose the right outdoor table for you to play outside of your house. You can check out some fantastic outdoor tables that is recommended here. Also, there are a lot of best outdoor table tennis table reviewsOpens in a new tab. you can refer to where these reviews will help you distinguish the different tables, pros and cons, and the features you can have and once you have all these pieces of information in mind, you will be easily in figuring out the right table for you.

Assemble Guide

After you get your new table to arrive at your doorstep, it is the time for you to set it up. Before doing the installation, there are some precautions you need to remember.

assemble table
assemble table

When you first receive your table in the packaging, you should immediately unwrap it and check if there is any damage during the courier transportation. Also, check to see any warping on the tabletop.

The next thing would be to check all the accessories and parts are in place without any missing item. Then heading over to assemble the table. Some outdoor tables can be very heavy and cannot be assembled by one person.

You need to read through the assembly guide and user manual prior for you to start your installation. If two person is required, you need to find another member to help you set the table up together.

You can read the table tennis table assembly guideOpens in a new tab. here and knowing all the things that you need to know about the table assembling.

Different Brands of Tables

Famous brands of ping pong tables are included of Butterfly, JOOLA, STIGA, KETTLER, and Killerspin. There are still many other brands like Cornileau, Prince, DHS, Franklin Sports, EastPoint, Hathaway, Sportcraft and etc.

Here are some reviews of different brands of tables we have done for you and you can check out the brands and the models.









Franklin Sports





Cheap or DIY Table

How do you define a cheap ping pong table? A poor quality table but selling at an affordable price? Cheap unnecessary mean poor or bad. It’s best to say a cheap table is a table that is sturdy, durable, safe, and can last for many years.

So, the time you want to order for a cheap table, you should pick the foldable types that feature roller casters with breaks. This will ease the job of transporting and moving for storage.

However, if you do not even want to spend money on purchasing a table and would love to customize in a certain way, you may consider do-it-yourself. Manufacturing a table is not so difficult for an experienced wood professional.

If you are having woodworking experience and would love to DIY your own ping pong table, you can plan and build it on your own. Remember that a standard ping pong table that complied to ITTF regulations would need to be the size of 5 inches x 9 inches. Don’t fall to other plans that suggest you of different size.

You can refer to the video for the DIY table plan and follow to build your own table.


Convertible Top with Playback Feature

Convertible top tables are tables with a playback feature. A player can lift one side of the ping pong table up to act as a backboard for practice sessions. Most beginner ping pong tables have this feature as do some intermediate tables.

table with playback feature
table with playback feature

Rollaway Tables

Many intermediate and advanced tables have a rollaway feature. You can easily fold up the two halves of these ping pong tables with the help of a chassis on wheels. Once the table is folded, simply wheel it into its new position or into storage.

Look for thick frames, multiple connections between the frame and the table, and between the frame and the wheels. The highest quality rollaway tables will have the heftiest frames with the most connection points to maintain a stable playing surface when the ping pong table is unfolded.

Stationary Tables

There are stationary tables for every level of play. These are more stable than the rollaway versions. However, a stationary ping pong table can occupy a significant chunk of your living or garage space. Before you choose a stationary table, make sure you are committed to dedicating the area to your ping pong table.

Kettler Match 5.0

Table Tennis Conversion Top

If your room space already occupied by a pool or billiard table, it is not possible for you to buy another ping pong table to put in the room. But if you still wish to play ping pong, it is now possible with the existent of table tennis top.

You can get one of these conversion tops and place on the surface of your pool or billiard table and it will immediately turn the surface into a table tennis table surface. It is a brilliant creation from the table tennis providers. It is being manufactured with the purpose to help all the households to save space and also money.

If you would love to play table tennis as well with your existing snooker table, you can try to figure out various table tennis conversion top that you can find in the marketOpens in a new tab. and pick one for yourself.

Compact, Mini and Midsize Table

There is also a lot of non-standard size table tennis table available which are catered for amateur and recreational play. These tables are of a mini size. They feature with easy fold and only need small room space to play the game.

Some tables are compact in size and are actually portable where you can carry them and travel with you where ever you go.

You can check out our mini table guideOpens in a new tab. to learn more features of the table. As of now, you can find many cute and mini table tennis tables on the market for you to enjoy playing the game anywhere you want.

Some reputable manufacturers are manufacturing these types of tables and the different models that available are:

Floating Ping Pong Table

What other activities can you do other than swimming in a pool? Well, with the advent of the floating table tennis table, you can now even playing the game while you are in the swimming pool. This can be very enjoyable for you to have fun with your friends and family members, especially during the summer.

Check out more on the floating table tennis tablesOpens in a new tab. where you can get one in very affordable price and having fun with.

Buying Guide

Last but not least, come to the table buying guide. There are also some guides that help you pick the right tables for you other than what we have mentioned before in this post. These are something very useful especially for the household of societies that haven’t made any purchase of ping pong table before.

These may shed some lights for them.

A Last Look

The standard ping pong table is nine feet long by five feet wide, but that doesn’t mean they’re all the same. Table thickness runs between 1/2″ and 1″ thick. For a faithfully consistent bounce, nothing less than 3/4″ will do. Frame stability is vital for performance. Look for girth in the chassis and plenty of contact between the frame and the table.

Finally, look around at your living space and at who will play at your ping pong table. These factors will best determine the optimal ping pong table for your home.

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