Butterfly TW24B Outdoor Playback Rollaway Table Tennis Table

Who says table tennis is an indoor-only sport? Butterfly’s all-weather table featuring a synthetic laminate top means you can take your ping pong matches out of the house and into the great outdoors. This table’s durability goes beyond just the playing surface.


It requires 2hours to assemble and 2 adults to set up the table. You need to make sure you have the manual when you receive the table to follow the manual to assemble the table.


This table has a standard size of 9″ x 5″, which is matched for tournament play. The synthetic laminate top(SLT) is has a thickness of ¼ inch.

The Butterfly TW24 B’s sturdy frame also stands up to the elements while providing stability and safety. However, considering that Butterfly has a reputation for producing high-quality equipment, none of this should come as a surprise.

Net Set

The table comes with an all-weather net set. The net and post are easy to assemble, and you don’t need to take them off even when you have finished playing the game and want to fold the table.

Butterfly TW24B Outdoor Table Tennis Table

Steel Frame

The table is built with a rustproof steel frame, which makes it very sturdy. The legs that support the table frame are square steel with 1″ for the thickness. They have support rods and reinforcing plates.

Besides, there is a 1.5″ steel rim that provides good support for the table and prevents wear or warp on its edges.

Table Wheels

The wheels have a diameter of 5 inches with double wheels, making them very durable, helping you move the table around quickly. They are very solid wheels where you can roll smoothly and place them in a playing position to push for storage.

The Good

  • The Butterfly TW24B shows how great engineering and design matters even in sports and recreation, including table tennis tables. The welded chassis of this table is impressive, from sturdy steel legs to stabilizing crossbeams. The legs are ideally placed so as not to inhibit fancy footwork during heated matches, and it all rests upon a set of 5-inch double wheels that make it easy to move to a new location and move into storage areas. All of this supports an impressive playing surface comprising a synthetic laminate capable of handling all sorts of weather conditions, from rain to heat to humidity.
  • Beyond structural integrity, this table also includes some safety features. Small children can easily be injured by the tennis tabletops, sustaining serious injuries. This model has two different items designed to avoid such unfortunate accidents. First, there is a set of two safety levers on both sides of the tabletop that prevent it from opening. Additionally, a center cross brace in the table’s frame provides a barrier to children going under the table when it is in the folded storage configuration.
  • Storage is not only safe but also simple. There is no need to remove the table’s net and post equipment before folding and stowing. Folding it up is simple. The dimensions of the folded table are only 71 inches by 25 inches by 73.5 inches. Once secured, the 5-inch wheels at the legs’ base make wheeling it over various surfaces generally pretty easy.
  • What makes this table great for easy storage and stowing also makes it a breeze for switching to single-player playback mode. A quick fold and securing of one side provides a backboard for a bounce-back practice. However, its greatest attributes come from it being so well suited for outdoor use. The top is designed to withstand all sorts of weather conditions, but it goes beyond just that. This table is an excellent option for anyone looking for a poolside or patio set-up.

The Bad

  • Part of what makes the Butterfly table tennis table such an excellent option for all-weather playing may also be one of its most significant drawbacks. The synthetic laminate top that handles so many weather possibilities may not provide the ideal playing surface. Specifically, the bounce of the ball is different on this surface from other more traditional surfaces.
  • Stability is an excellent thing, as is sturdiness. However, the upshot of those things is often a lot of mass. This table, perched atop some impressive wheels, weighs in at about 160 pounds. It may pose issues when moving it or assembling it. Beyond that, despite some remarkable engineering going into the frame, the quality does not extend into other areas, from poorly fitted wheels to poorly attached tops. Part of this may stem from some less than ideal assembly instructions where different types of nuts are easily confused, and specific tools may be required. Precise written directions are not provided – only a series of sketches.
  • The wheels on the TW24B may make this table a breeze to move from one location to another. Unfortunately, they sometimes work a little too smoothly. When in the folded-up configuration, the tabletops catch a lot of air. In other words, a stiff breeze may end up sending the folded table out for an unintended tour of the yard or street. Worse yet, high winds may cause the table to topple and break, so consider storing it in a protected area when folded up.



If having the option of outdoor play is a high priority, this table may be the one for you. When correctly assembled and optimally placed, you’d be hard-pressed to do better than this for an all-weather table.

However, getting to that point may be a challenge, between the bulk of the product and its less than ideal assembly instructions.

When it comes together, and the included net and post are attached, this is a beautiful piece of equipment. Just be sure to adjust your stroke to accommodate the different ball bounce.


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