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Protect Your Outdoor Table With A Ping Pong Table Cover

If you have already purchased or are considering purchasing a ping pong table for your home, you will know that one option for a useful accessory is to get a ping pong table cover to protect your table.

Traditionally, tables weren’t covered with anything special. In fact, older table tennis tables were stationary tables, with legs that fold in like a card table.

They could not be folded in half and easily stored vertically like the newer table on the market. (And even older than that, table tennis was literally played on tables, like a kitchen or dining room table—with books lined up as the net, cigar box lids as the paddles, and the round ends of champagne corks as balls.)

Stiga ping pong table cover

Of course, now, the game is much easier and convenient to play in the home, and now we also have the option of a ping pong table cover for when the game is not in use. This modern flexibility is what makes the game even more popular, and also what makes a cover useful.

In fact, buying a cover for your table is a good idea whether you play indoors or out (and whether your store your table indoors or out, as well).

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What Are Its Advantages?

Covering a table you keep outdoors makes perfect sense. You want the tarp-like cover to protect your table from precipitation, sun, wind, dirt, and even animals. (No one wants a bird’s leftovers on their serving court.)

But covering an indoor table is also a good idea, even though it’s a little less obvious. But think about how it is stored. When folded in half, the table tennis is upright, with its playing surfaces exposed.

If you slide it next to a wall it can easily be scraped just by that act of putting it away. If it sits alongside a pool table or along a wall, countless things can bump into it and leave scratches and gashes, all of which will damage the playing surface.

The best way to take care of a table tennis table is with a waterproof ping pong table cover. For indoor or outdoor use, this is a simple and effective way to keep your table clean, protected, and in good shape.

How To Pick A Good Ping Pong Table Cover?

When you’re in the market for a table tennis table, you’ll also be exposed to a lot of different options for accessories. Some of these may seem silly and extraneous, but one that you really may want to consider is the table tennis cover.

A table seems like a durable thing, and a silly thing to need to buy a cover for. After all, it’s not fragile or breakable as long as you use it in a normal way. It really is just a simple, flat surface.

But that surface needs to stay flat, and smooth, in order for it to fulfill its purpose. Today, most table tennis tables fold in half upwards and are stored vertically (rather than horizontally, as they rest in play). Think how easy it would be to be carrying a heavy object and bump into the table, or hit it with the end of a pool stick, or for your kids to hit it with something while they’re playing.

stiga ping pong cover

This is even truer outdoors. Many ping pong tables are designed for both indoor and outdoor use, and outside, the table is susceptible to both humans as well as animals and the weather.

You can buy this Stiga table cover at Amazon.

Heavy Duty and Waterproof

From precipitation (even though the table may be weather-proof to some degree, it’s still safer when kept dry) to animal droppings to errant toys, balls, and lawn tools, there’s no telling what a ping pong table can be damaged by when stored outdoors, even on a patio.

Hathaway polyester ping pong table cover

Any of these things can cause a knick or gash in the playing surface, and that’s all it takes to change the function of the table. While most of the surface will stay in fine shape, the small, lightweight ball hitting that gash will completely change its course of direction and will disrupt the play of an otherwise successful game.

If you had a waterproof ping pong table cover, though, the likeliness of this happening is much reduced. Get this cover from Amazon.

Harvil heavy duty indoor table tennis table cover

That’s why as simple as they are, ping pong table covers with heavy duty feature are very important. They are relatively inexpensive compared to the cost of buying a new table, so for most people, it’s an investment you may want to consider making, especially if you plan to store the table outdoors or if you have children. Get this cover from Amazon.

Table Tennis Cover: Game History And Buying Suggestions

If you have a table tennis table, you’ll probably want to get a cover for it. This isn’t absolutely necessary, but since you have already spent money on the table itself, it is certainly a good idea to keep the table in good shape so it lasts you a long, long time.

Traditionally, there was no such thing as a table tennis cover. In fact, the game has its roots in 19th century Victorian England, where it was invented as a way to bring tennis to the indoors (and make it, of course, small enough to play on a standard table).

People would take books from a shelf and line them up vertically to create a net. They would tear the lid off of a cigar box to serve as the paddle. And for the ball, they would use a ball of string or, even more creatively, the round end of the cork that closed a bottle of champagne.

Of course, as the game became more popular, official equipment was manufactured and sold. Table tennis spread across Europe and across the ocean. It is now most popular in the United Kingdom, the United States, and Japan, but there are casual and competitive leagues in many countries and continents.

With at home play came the development of the folding table, which instead of coming as two tables that align to make a whole playing surface, is a table that folds in half and is easily wheeled to the side of the room. This allows people to save space by only having the ping pong table unfolded when they want to use it.

This is why a table tennis cover is now necessary. Folded tables are easily dented by other furniture, children’s toys, and other everyday bumps and dents. To protect them, a table tennis cover is designed to fit over a folded table (or an unfolded table and some covers will actually work for both).

This is a simple and relatively inexpensive way of ensuring the good condition of the purchase, allowing you and your family to play this game for years on end without ever needing to buy a new table.

The Purpose of a Table Tennis Cover

Having a table tennis set in your home is a really great way to have access to a fun and affordable family game that doesn’t have to take up too much space. Of course, traditional table tennis sets involved a large stationary table that could only be stored away by folding the legs down, as with a folding card table. This makes storage easy, but the process of folding and unfolding these tables is a burdensome one.

With the advent of fold-up tables on wheels, at home table tennis became even easier to play. Most tables available for purchase on the market today feature a single solid base with wheels and are easily folded and wheeled away.

No more turning the table on its side to stow the legs away: simple push the ends down and the middle up, and wheel your table tennis game to the side of the room, so it only takes up space when you actually want to use it (which you can easily do with very little hassle at all).

Butterfly table tennis table cover

This is where table tennis covers come in. Say you store your table tennis set away and use it just once a week, or maybe even less when life gets busy with other activities. While modern tables are easy to store against a wall, it’s also easy for them to get bumped and scratched.

After all, it’s the playing surface that is exposed. A dent or nick that wouldn’t matter as much on another table can really mess up a game of ping pong, which is why it’s important to buy a heavy-duty table tennis cover to keep this from happening.

Other than that, if your house doesn’t have enough space to store the table tennis table and you need to place it outside of your house, then an outdoor table tennis table cover is really needed in order to provide good protection for your table. You need to buy the waterproof table tennis cover that can withstand any weather condition without having any damage incurred to the table.

Covers are available to fit most size ping pong tables when they are folded in half vertically for storage. However, there are also covers designed for a table that is unfolded. Say you have plenty of space and don’t need to fold and store your table, but you still want to keep it clean and protected when it is not in use. Your best option is to find a table tennis cover that fits both folded and unfolded tables.

Protecting the table is the best way to ensure that you can enjoy this great game for years to come!

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