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The Best Brands of Table Tennis Barriers

It is required to get surrounded by 32 pieces of table tennis barriers in an official table tennis tournament. When a table tennis table is placed in a court, the barriers will put around the court with 10 pieces vertically and 6 pieces horizontally.

Size of Table Tennis Barriers

There is no standard size for table tennis barrier, but most of the barriers used in a tournament have a size of 78″ x 28″ or 200cm x 72cm.

Most of them are a quick assembly where you need to connect the center pole to either end pole, insert the pole into the cover, connect other end poles by sending the pin through the center hole.

Then you can insert the leg to connect to the top pole. For a 90 degree position, confirm the pin snaps through the inside hole. Then, repeat the same step for the other legs. Finally, confirm the pin snaps through the hole, and you are done.

Material Used

Most of the barriers are constructed with nylon. If you want better quality, you can consider purchasing the barrier made of PU (polyurethane leather).

barrier material

The number display in the picture is an example of various materials: the number of lines per nylon. The higher the number, the thicker the product, and the better the quality.


The barrier made from this type of fabric is suitably used for temporary training courses or a billboard.


The 420D not only has a thicker nylon fabric, but the skeleton also thicker. Its overall construction is strong and stable. These types of barriers are suitable for building family fences or use in the arena activity room.


The nylon and fabric use for 600D is even thicker, which makes the barrier strong and durable. It is suitable for use in the business arena, corporate units, or in regular competitions.

PU Leather

Some table tennis barriers are made from PU leather. Most of the barriers are built with a spacious bottom to made it even more stable. These types of barriers are suitable for high-end stadiums, large and medium-sized business units, or world competitions.

Other than this, it is used for public service advertising activities. The barrier can look very smooth and delicate.


The skeleton or the tube of the barriers can be made from many different materials. The materials commonly used include plastic draping, steel, vinyl, metal, etc. The tube’s diameter is 2cm, and the thickness of the tube can be 0.75cm, 0.85cm, or 0.95cm. The thicker, the better quality the tube is.

Safety Precaution

When choosing the table tennis barrier, other than consideration of the price, portability, and durability, you shouldn’t neglect safety. You need to check on a barrier whether it is safe to be placed at the table tennis hall.

Make sure the horizontal section of the feet needs to be at least 30cm above the floor. It is to prevent someone from accidentally step on the barrier and get a slide. People may slide and get injured. It is common in many table tennis clubs for the barrier feet, which the horizontal section of the feet is too low.


Joola-2-Pack and Stiga Surround table tennis barriers need to increase the fun and enhance professionalism in the table tennis game. Besides being economical, these barriers turn any flat surface into a play area.

They are efficient for tabletops and are easy to set up. Their longevity and durability make them one of the best brands on the market. Let us get a detailed description of each of the items as this is most important ever to several people who are well known.

JOOLA Barrier

joola barrier

The item is affordable and of high quality. It is perfect for your home tournament or external matches. As a table tennis player, you should get serious about your game and stop chasing balls all over when playing. It would help if you had the Joola-2-Pack barrier.

In this pack, each barrier has a frame made of plastic draping and steel tubing. The parts are quick to assemble as most of the pieces are already pre-assembled to reduce assembling time. It requires less than 10minutes to set up and begin your game.

The pack has two barriers that weigh 2.5 kilograms each, making them easy to lift and carry. The steel-tube frame guarantees durability. Other features include a plastic foil and a one-sided print. 

You can get this Joola barrier from Megaspin.

STIGA Surround Barrier

It is 2 meters tall and 70 cm long. It has a black-gray or a navy-blue logo. 

The barrier has a vinyl material and a metal frame, which guarantees durability. There is a bar on two sides and along the top. The bars come along with the barrier. This barrier is all you need for your court at home.

stiga table tennis barriers

Table tennis barriers are effective in blocking bouncing ping pong balls from flying off the play area. It would help if you had them in your home court, institutions, and community. Various barriers exist in the market, and buying the best maybe a challenge. Joola-2-Pack and Stiga Surround barriers are tested and proven to be effective.

They are durable, easy to assemble, store and carry. The barriers are also affordable and have been used in various championships. 

You can get this barrier from Amazon if you intend to buy them.

Butterfly Europa Barrier

Butterfly Europa Barrier
Butterfly Europa Barrier

It is the official barrier from Butterfly. You can identify this barrier by looking at the Butterfly logo displayed on one side. The size of this barrier is 7’8″ x 2’4″.

The Butterfly Europe Barrier is available at Megaspin.

Newgy Court Barrier

newgy court barrier
Newgy court barrier

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