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Table Tennis Clothing and T-Shirts

Wearing suitable table tennis shirt and jersey is vital in determines the performance and comfort level of a ping pong enthusiast to a great extent. A good quality table tennis clothing that suits every season is essential for serious players and complies with the sport clothing rules.

A pair of sweat pants and a loose t-shirt is definitely not the best option. Ping pong t-shirt is designed with the wearer’s safety in mind and does not restrict movement.

Table Tennis Clothing Rules

In a formal table tennis competition, the players will have uniform clothing. These clothing are include of short-sleeved jerseys, shorts or skirts, socks, and sneakers. Other clothing, such as half-sets or full-length sportswear, must not be worn during the competition, except with the permission from the referee.

The main color of short-sleeved jerseys (except for sleeves and collars), shorts or skirts should be significantly different from the color of the table tennis ball.

The back of a short-sleeved jersey can have a number or typeface that is used to indicate the player’s name, the association of the player, or the club the player represented. Some advertisements are also allowed as long as they meet the rules.

In the middle of the back of the short-sleeved jersey, priority should be given to the number cloth provided by the organizer to indicate the identity of the player. The number cloth should be rectangular and the area is not more than 600 square centimeters.

Any marks or decorations in front of or on the side of the sportswear and any items worn by the player, such as jewelry, should not be too conspicuous or reflective that affecting the opponent’s line of sight.

There must be no design or typeface on the sportswear that may create disappointment or disparaging the reputation of the sport.

Whether a cloth is legal or acceptable in a competition shall be decided by the referee.

For a team or players of the same association, they should wear the same clothing, except for footwear.

Players on both sides of the competition should wear sportswear with significantly different colors so that the audience can easily distinguish them.

When the clothing worn by both players or both sports teams are similar in color and none of them are willing to change, a draw will take place to decide which party need to change the cloth.

Short-sleeved clothing, shorts or short skirts worn by players in the World, Olympics or International Open Championships should be approved by their associations.

Stiga Table Tennis Jersey
Stiga Table Tennis Jersey

Here are some points to consider before purchasing your table tennis shirts:

Weather – The quality, type, and fabric of the attire are determined by the kind of whether it will be used in. Different weather conditions necessitate different kinds of fabric.

Time – Just ascertain colors and cloth types are preferred for use during different times of the day and at night, different clothing are recommended for different times.

Price – Compare the price of table tennis clothes offered at various stores before purchasing the right one when they are on sale. Branded ping pong outfit is expensive, but online retail stores offer the same products at lesser prices.

Butterfly table tennis shirts
Butterfly table tennis shirts

Some other factors to consider while purchasing table tennis apparel are:

Fabric – The quality of fabric must change according to the weather. During hot summers, ensure that the fabric is ‘breathable’. The term, ‘wicking’ is used to describe a kind of fabric that soaks the perspiration and aids in maintaining constant body temperature. This fabric may require special care and maintenance, but it greatly enhances the comfort level of the wearer.

The apparel used during cold weather should not be very bulky. Wicking undergarments, a light-weight jacket to protect the body and a tracksuit for the entire body will keep you warm, and at the same time, maintain a constant temperature.

Styling – Table tennis shirts can be loose or tight; however, summer style must include loose garments, which helps cool off easily. Wearing tight-fitting clothes during the winters helps in maintaining body heat. Make sure that the clothes do not cause friction because this can lead to chafing. The undergarments must be tight, but comfortable. Women players must make sure that the straps do not injure the shoulders and back.

Here are some reputable brands for table tennis clothing:

Butterfly T-shirt and Shorts
Most of the t-shirts are made of great quality fabric. Short sleeves have contrast color mesh fabric under the arms for maximum moisture wicking and evaporation. Dry fit technology eliminates odor and is antimicrobial, antibacterial, and helps you regulate body temperature.

Butterfly Table Tennis Clothing

JOOLA T-shirt
A fine cotton blend is creating a Community sports jersey that generates a sophisticated downtown vibe. The cloth is design with an eagle chest imprint, flag imprint on the right sleeve and solid color back.

Joola t-shirts

Killerspin Table Tennis Shorts
The apparels of clothing especially table tennis shorts keep you moving in the hot temperature with high-performance Quick Dry nylon (two special finishes provide wind and water resistance). It is ideal for a wide range of indoor and outdoor activities. It resists stains without compromising the relaxed, comfortable hand of the fabric.

killerspin performance shorts

Butterfly X-Stripe Table Tennis Socks
Butterfly X-Stripe Socksorder from megaspin

These Butterfly X-Stripe table tennis socks can help in reducing the appearance of blisters even after a lengthy match. Most of the players love to wear this sock is because there is no tight fit around the sock. These socks are features with mesh ventilation that will give a comfortable feeling for your feet. It can breathe inside the shoes while playing on the court.

Butterfly Table Tennis Skirts

butterfly table tennis skirts
butterfly table tennis skirts

Women players can be well-dressed even playing table tennis in a tournament. they shouldn’t just to look like a sack of potatoes with their outfit. They can both be skillful and pretty as well by wearing with their table tennis skirts. Right? This can also attract more spectators to watch the game of ping pong.

The Butterfly skirt is made of light fabric so that their movement won’t be restricted. The inner lining offers players with a lot of flexibility.

Other these table tennis uniform, you may also want to find out the basic types of table tennis equipment that is required for you to play the game of ping pong.

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