Protect Your Precious Racket with Edge Banding Tape

Many people use side tap or edge tape to protect their table tennis racket from damage. A professional racket can be costly, and it is best to use such edge banding tape to provide extra care for the racket to last long.

There are many edge banding protectors available in the market, and it is relatively easy to get such a tape. However, many people don’t know how to put the tape on the racket. The process requires a particular skill. 

How To Use Edge Tape?

Firstly, you need to know that the edge of table tennis racket edge is not sticky adhesive and it is usually pasted with professional protection edge tape. Thus, it makes the racket withstand knocking and falling on the floor. Professional edge tape is also made very lightweight and features a beautiful outlook at a low price.

The way to use it for additional protection: the edge tape has a layer of stickers (plastic film holding the rubber surface). You remove the protective film, expose the sticker, paste it on the racket’s edge ( is best for you to clean the edge of the racket before this), and finally cut off the extra part. You are done!

Addition Protection

Sometimes, when playing the game, it is easy to come into “close contact” with the table, or sometimes you may lose the hand and have your racket fall to the ground. Thus, it is very useful to provide excellent protection for your racket with edge tape.

While some players are put on the edge tape to make the racket thicker or more beautiful, it entirely depends on personal habits!

You can also wrap it with glue which is the old way of doing it. There are a lot of different glues that you can use for this purpose. As of now, most of the suppliers will give you the edge protector when buying the racket.

Of course, you can paste with a black sticker. You can paste any of your favorite colors as long as you like it. But one reminder that you need to bear in mind is that, once you paste the edge tape on your racket, peel it down, getting the edge clean can be very troublesome for you to carry out!

Resistance and Scratch

Some tapes will provide you with excellent resistance for direct impact on table tennis table but may not protect your racket against scratch. Some may easily get torn and impact directly on the blade.

While some tapes can provide you with excellent resistance for scratch and don’t tear off quickly, however, some of the force itself may dent the wood.

So the tension from outer tape will further help, and you may consider this as well.

Some Ede Tapes That You Can Get

Yasaka Edge Tape

It is a roll of side tape from Yasaka to protect the racket’s edge. It protects the racket from hitting the table as well as gives a good balance. You can use one roll for 10 standard size rackets. The width is 10mm.

yasaka edge tape
Yasaka edge tape

You can buy this tape from Megaspin.

Butterfly Side Tape Cloth

It is one of the best-seller tapes from Butterfly. 1 roll of the side tape has a width of 12mm and a total length of 10 meters. You can use one roll for about 20 rackets. You can get this tape in 3 colors which are black, white, or magenta.

Butterfly side tape
Butterfly side tape

The color is clear and is very sticky. Most people are in love with this side tape because of its quality. This tape is available at Megaspin.

JOOLA Edge Tape

It is a large roll of edge tape from JOOLA. 1 roll is having a width of 10mm and a total length of 50 meters. You can use it for about 100 rackets.

There are 2 colors you can choose which are red and white. You can get them from Megaspin.

Do You Really Need Edge Tape?

Some people think edge tape is not necessary. It is because the table tennis racket is different from the badminton racket. The wooden handle does not slip, so it makes very little significance if you stick the edge tape on the table tennis racket.
Moreover, some players think that if the racket is sticking with the edge tape, it will significantly increase the racket’s overall weight. They tend to underestimate the weight.
As you play the game, you will feel the racket getting heavier, seriously affecting the forearm and wrist force. It may cause you not able to play forehand and backhand stroke smoothly.
The edge tape makes the wooden handle thicker, affecting the grip and feel. You may not react to the shot come from the opponent quickly. Instead of putting on edge tape, Some people will use a trowel and sandpaper for grinding if the racket does not fit in their hands.
What do you think?

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