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Best Table Tennis Glue for Your Rackets

There are different table tennis glue that you can use for fixing or replacing your existing table tennis rubbers.

The encouragement policy of ITTF on the use of inorganic glue has created quite a significant impact in the table tennis arena. Especially after the 2008 Olympic Games, inorganic glue ultimately ruled the regular competitions all over the world. Now, let me simply share with you the use of inorganic glue.

3 Types of Glue

From the perspective of the shape of the glue, inorganic glues of all brands can be divided into three types:
The first type is like toothpaste, and the Japanese brand Nittaku Finezip 50 is an example.
The second type is with a thick liquid. Revolution 3 can be categorized as one.
The third type is diluted liquid, and the glues from Butterfly belong to this type.
The thick one is not easy to apply as well, but slightly better than the first one. However, it produces bubbles if not applied correctly.
The liquid type is easy to use but generates particles on the blade and rubber. Nevertheless, I would still suggest amateur table tennis players use the third type of glue. They can adjust the thickness of the glue layer by adjusting the number of times of application.

Criteria in Choosing the Table Tennis Glue

When choosing table tennis glue, here are guidelines to help you.

1. Choose user-friendly packaging, those with a small opening are easy to squeeze out.

2. Choose a glue that is easy to apply.

3. Choose inorganic glue as it is easy to use.

4. Get a tough glue that is bound to form a strong glue film.

Do Not Use the Banned Speed Table Tennis Glue

There is water-based glue and speed glue. Speed glue is illegal, and it is not accepted in the official tournament because of the hazardous nature of the substances it produces.

I strongly advise that you stay away from speed glue and use water-based glue for your rubber to to affix on the table tennis blade.

There are different table tennis glues out there, but here are some of the best glues for table tennis rackets I will recommend.

Nittaku Finezip 50 ML

It is a water-based glue that is approved by ITTF to be used to in  tournaments. The glue is VOC-free, which won’t cause any dizziness or headaches to a person.
After applying the glue on your rubber and attach to your blade, the glue dries in 5 minutes.
You need to remember that you need to keep the glue between 5°C to 40°C (40 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit.) It ensures that the glue stays in good condition for a long time.

Nittaku Glue Finezip 50ml
Nittaku Glue Finezip 50ml

You can get this Nittaku Finezip 50 from Amazon.

Revolution 3 Glue

Revolution 3 glue
Revolution 3 glue

Revolution 3 is a water-based glue with VOC-free performance. If you buy this glue, it will come with 2 long washable sponges that you can use when applying the glue.

This glue can produce 3 viscosities (normal, medium, high). And the most popular one is the glue with normal viscosity. It is more comfortable to apply, and it makes the thickest layer of glue on the rubber and blade. But the viscosity is the least.

You can get this glue from Megaspin.

Butterfly Free Chack II

Free Chack II Glue is a new glue released by Butterly. It is an enhanced version glue of Free Chack. They feature the newly formulated glue with latex-based adhesive. It has a stronger bond than Free Chack I.

Butterfly Free Chack II table tennis glue

The Free Chack II glue dries pretty quickly on your blade after applying it to your rubber and blade. Its viscosity is high with a very thin liquid. It is close to perfect glue.

It allows easy removal of excess glue from sponge and blade surface.

The glue is very runny, which is easy to create a mess. Be careful when you are using this glue because it can get pretty messy if you spill some glue out.

It would also be best if you prevented the glue from getting in contact with your clothing because it will be tough for you to get it off.

When you want to rip off the rubber from your blade, it comes off pretty easily. If you seal your blade before applying the glue, it is easy to take off the rubber.

This Free Chack II is specially designed for Spring Sponge rubbers, including the Tenergy series and SpinArt rubbers, and it is available at Megaspin.

Butterfly Free Chack

Butterfly Free Chack is an excellent table tennis glue. It is free from any toxins or VOC substance and is made from natural rubber. It is easy to remove from the blade if you want to replace your rubber.

Butterfly Free chack glue

You can get this glue from Megaspin.

Donic Vario Clean Glue

Donic Vario Clean Glue
Donic Vario Clean Glue

Donic develops this glue according to the new ITTF regulations.
You can safely use this water-based glue to apply the rubber sheet. Apply the glue evenly on the rubber sheet and blade. Once it is done, you need to wait for 5 minutesfor the glue to dry and stick well on the blade.
Store the glue in a place with room temperature once you are done.



This is a super glue for affixing your rubbers to your blade. It is an easy-to-use water-based table tennis glue.

Xiom-I Bond
XIOM I-Bond Glue 500ml

The XIOM I-Bond is clean and safe from any toxic or VOC substance. It has a white sponge at the bottle’s tip, which makes it esy to apply the glue.
You have to understand that water-based glue is stronger than speed glue. It can damage the surface of your table tennis blade, so it is highly recommended that you use The XIOM I-Bond glue on your blade before using the XIOM I-Bond table tennis glue.

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