How To Glue The Rubber On A Table Tennis Blade

I am going to show you the correct way to cut a table tennis rubber and glue it properly on the blade.

glue ping pong rubber

The equipment that is required to carry out the task is:

  • Cutter
  • Glue for table tennis rubber and blade
  • Sponge
  • Roll stick – We need to use it to rolls on the rubber and apply pressure on the rubber to make it stick to the blade.
  • The blade
  • The rubber of your choice

When we buy a new rubber, the first thing that we need to do is to open the package that contains the rubber. When you are opening the package, you need to beware not to cut the surface of the rubber.

To avoid cutting wrongly, it is always good practice to cut the package from the edge. Then, take the rubber out.

Note that there is usually a cover sheet that comes with the package, or sometimes it comes with a wrap. I suggest you take it off only after you complete the process coz it will protect your rubber well during the process.

Next, we are going to apply the glue on both the rubber and the blade. You have to note that there is a logo on the rubber. Make sure it is on the same side of the racket handle and DO NOT reverse it.

Also, need to take note that while applying the glue, you need to make sure that you are applying the glue on the sponge side of the rubber.

Here comes a tip for you:

Since some of the glues are usually a bit thick and tend to dry very quickly, before applying the glue, make the sponge a little bit wet. Use a glass of water to dip the sponge in. By doing so, it will make the sponge easier for you to apply the glue evenly on the rubber.

Once you have applied enough glue to the rubber, you can use the sponge to rub the rubber evenly in ONE direction.

You can see that after applying the glue, the entire rubber surface now becomes white color.

Then, you will also need to apply the glue to the blade. Just do the same as the rubber by applying the glue in one direction. Cover the blade with glue evenly.

Apply glue evenly is very important during this process. Otherwise, you will find that the rubber surface is not flat after you stick it on the blade.

Once the glue is applied to the rubber and blade, you can leave it for some time. After some time, you will notice the glue on both rubber and racket has changed from white to transparent. This means the glue is completely dry by now.

How to Make The Glue Dry Faster?

If you are in no hurry, just leave them to dry for 15-20 minutes naturally. However, if you want to dry them quicker, you may use a fan or a hairdryer to blow them.

If you use a hairdryer, make sure you turn it to cold wind function. You can blow them until the glue turns to transparent color.

Once the color turns transparent, you can continue with the procedure.

The next step is to stick the rubber on the blade.

I would like to remind you again you need to make sure the logo on the rubber is on the same side as the racket handle.

  • You can just take away the cover sheet for a while.
  • Slowly align the edge of the rubber to the racket handle.
  • Apply a little pressure on the edge with your fingers.
  • Get the roll stick to roll it on the rubber gently and lightly in one direction. This is to stable the rubber on the blade.

Then, you will need to do it again.

This time you may need to apply more pressure while rolling the stick. Once the rubber is stable stick on the blade, then turn the racket over.

You are going to cut the rubber now with a cutter. Before you cut the shape, I would suggest that you test the sharpness of the cutter first.

You can test it by cutting the extra area of the rubber. If the edge that you cut is very nice and sharp, it means your cutter is sharp enough to carry out the job. Otherwise, you will need to sharpen the cutter or use another sharp cutter. If not, you may not get a nice and smooth cut which may ruin the rubber.

With the use of a sharp cutter, cut the rubber along the edge of the blade. Once it is done, you can use the extra part of the rubber to make the edge clear.

Mission accomplished.

Special Tips

Here, I would love to introduce a special tool used for cutting your table tennis rubber. It is an automatic rubbing machine. This tool can help you to rub the edge of the rubber. If you don’t cut the rubber properly, you can still trim the rubber lightly and gently to make it in good shape.

Another use of the machine is to mill the sharp edge of the racket for a much comfort handle. Remember you should mill it slowly and lightly. Once the process is complete, you will have a much comfort grip.

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