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Choosing The Right Ping Pong Nets and Posts

When choosing table tennis nets and posts, make sure you choose the ideal one right for you. They are very important equipment when playing a serious game. You want a net that is easy to set up and adjust.

Some of them are come as a set, with paddles, while other alternatives include just the net and posts for attaching it to a table. Have a look!

Necessary Equipment For Playing Ping Pong

Ping pong or table tennis net is a piece of equipment used for dividing the table while playing table tennis. It is usually made up of synthetic plastic, nylon mesh, or cotton cloth. It can be affixed to a table via the post clamps quickly.

The net and posts are typically suitable for tables with thickness ranging between 16 to 25 mm. The most commonly used is available in an international tournament size.

megaspin table tennis nets

The nets should be of superior quality to facilitate competitive play. Steel extensions and metal posts make the ping pong nets adjust instantly and also render proper tension. 72″ nets fit almost all ping pong tables.

You can replace your old table tennis net with a new highly durable one. High quality and versatility are the two major criteria that should be satisfied with the ping pong nets you wish to buy.

Table tennis nets and posts should always be:

  • 6’ long
  • 6” high
  • Dark green
  • Dark blue
  • Black
  • Whitetop tape 15 mm wide

The bottom length should be close to the playing surface. The end should be close to the supporting post.

It should include these items depending upon your individual choice:

  • Upright post
  • Net height adjuster
  • The horizontal part of the net post
  • Clamps

These are the three types of net assemblies to choose from:

  • Permanently affixed to the table
  • Spring-loaded clip
  • Hand tightened screw clamp

Some additional options include:

Clamps – often felt-tipped that either screw-on or clamp-on. It secures the brackets without the tabletop being scratched.

Ring chains – the main purpose of this feature is to adjust the tension of the net.

Adjustable screws – meant to calibrate the ping pong net height to ensure that it fits table tennis tables.

Always use a table tennis net gauge tool. It allows you to set up your net to the correct height. Setting it up has to be at the proper table tennis net height, so the ball will not cross over easily. This makes the game more challenging.

With that in mind did you know there is a wide variety of table tennis nets and posts you can choose from? The best part is most of them are available at an affordable price? Here are a few selections available in the market today, you can check if you intend to buy one.

STIGA Premium Clipper 72″ Net and Post Set

stiga premium clipper
Stiga Nets are nylon mesh net, it is one of the best table tennis nets. It is constructed with a metal post and you can use for heavy-duty. It has a tension adjustment system and it comes with easy instructions. This table has halves that fold into each other. Each table leaf has its own wheeled base.

You may refer to this video on how to assemble and tighten this Stiga ping pong net.


  • Net tension is adjustable.
  • Quality net at a reasonable price.
  • Sturdy and solid built.


  • Net height is not adjustable.
  • Friction to hold the net in place need improvement.

JOOLA Club Set

Joola ping pong net

Joola ping pong nets come with a solid metal body, integrated height, and tension adjustment. It is mounted with a clip system attachment. There is also the Joola permanent table tennis net set that needs no disassembling.


  • It can stay firmly for a long time without the need for retightening.
  • It fits perfectly on the table and holds the table tight.


  • It can be quite hard to setup.


Donic Clip Net and Post

Donic clip net

Donic Clip Net Sets are blue and easy to set up because it has the same quality, height, and tension adjustable features. It is a professional net and post with strong mounting brackets.

It is built with practical steel and is lacquer with epoxy. There is a spring device that makes the fastening easy.

The rivets inside the clip device help to fix the rubber elements. This provides good protection to the table.

This Donic ping pong net price is about $55 to $65.


  • It is very durable.
  • Easy to set up and fasten the net.


  • It won’t fit for tabletops that are thicker than 1″ since the maximum clamp opening is only 1 1/4″.

Donic Stress Net and Post

Donic Stress Net and Postorder from megaspin

This Donic Stress Net and Post is one of the most robust and top-notch net sets you can get from the market.

DONIC is always emphasizing simple installation and easy adjustment. This is no different from this net set. You will find it is insanely easy and quick to set up. Besides, the tension of the net is tight.

The net set is manufactured with high-quality material and the net is focused on the quality built, with user convenience, performance, and durability in mind.


  • Very fast and easy to set up as well as taking off.
  • Very convenient and user-friendly.


  • The price can be quite high.

Killerspin 603-03 Apex Table Tennis Net and Post Set

Killerspin ping pong net

Killerspin Apex net & post set is constructed with 100% high-quality cotton material and is of the heavy-duty durable steel post.

The net tensioning system makes the net very easy to attach to the posts. This also makes a perfect net tension for it.

This net set is featured with a net gauge that you can use to adjust the proper height for the net. It can fit tables that are having a thickness of 1 5/8″.

The post has rubber padding for tabletop protection. The price is about $40 to $50.


  • The rubber mounting pads and steel side posts can give very good protection to the table.
  • You can have very precise net height adjustments.


  • The net may not be long enough to fit the posts.

KETTLER Vario Indoor/Outdoor Net & Post Set


The KETTLER net & post set is constructed with a 66″ wide nylon mesh net. It has a tension adjuster tabs to make it easy to do a quick installation. This net set fits any table tops with a thickness of 16mm (5/8″), 19mm (3/4″), 22mm (7/8″), and 25mm (1″).

The net may not suitable for some tables since this net & post is made for standard table tennis tables. It is especially well fit for tables that can be folded up.


  • It can be used both indoor and outdoor.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Good value for money.


  • The material that made this net and post looks quite flimsy.

Butterfly AJ Net Set

Butterfly AJ Net Setorder from megaspin

This Butterfly AJ Table Tennis Net Set can fit all standard size ping pong tables. It is the replacement of the Butterfly Stallion Net Set.

The net and post come with an easily adjustable protective padded clamp. The screw clamp can open to a maximum of 1.75″ thick.

The post has rubber and felt padded brackets in place. They protect your table surface causing no scratching or damage. The ring chain allows you to adjust the net tension. The adjustable screws allow you to calibrate the net height.


  • Very robust and is heavy-duty.
  • Provide good protection for the table from getting damaged.


  • None.

Butterfly Elite Clip Net Set

Butterfly Elite Clip Net Setorder from megaspin

This is a 72″ black textile net with string tension. The net is manufactured for heavy-duty regular use, it is ideal for a league match and tournament use.

The length of the net is 6 feet. It is built with cotton material. The height of the net is adjustable with the available adjustable screws.

The metal posts can fit firmly on the table with a clip-on fixing system.

The clamps are built with rubber protectors which provide good protection to avoid damage to the ping pong table top when adjusting the net.


  • It is heavy-duty.
  • Easy handling for daily uses.
  • The metal posts are built with sturdy material.


  • None.

DHS Table Tennis Net & Post Set

DHS net and postbuy from amazon

This DHS table tennis net and post is made of solid metal material which can be used for heavy-duty. The length of the net is 72″ and it is made of cotton mesh.

One advantage of having this net set is the net can keep its net tension high by firmly fix it to the table.

During the time of setting it up, you will need to pull the clamps back so you can have the net get tight enough for you to tighten it up with the string.

Some people are concerned about the “Made in China” thing but it is no problem at all. The quality is guaranteed. It is not the best net but is sufficient for casual and small tournament use.


  • Solid and robust of the net & post quality.
  • It has very good net tension and clamps down nicely.
  • Easy to adjust to the desired height.


  • It can be quite heavy.
  • It has some odor when you first open up the packaging.

Most of these table tennis net options come with a manufacturer warranty of 30 days. The posts are made up of heavy-duty steel which gives maximum durability. The quality is improved by including systems for tension adjustment. They are easy to assemble.

The post is provided with a rubber or felt padding to give protection to the tabletop. Besides, it provides a tight fit when attached to the table. Some table tennis nets offer an independent adjustment in the post, which is used to correct its height.

Some stylish versions of nets and table tennis paddles come with flashy logos. An adjustable ring chain ensures it is firm and taut. Sometimes a net gauge is provided in the package for proper adjustment of the table tennis net height.

Outside of the traditional home table tennis game, the most commonly used nets in clubs are constructed of extra solid metal. This can bear constant usage for years. The adjustment system is a micro-vertical one. The table has to be folded up and the net has to be stored safely for future use – a convenient storage bag is used for this purpose.

There are even some ping pong net options that can be used for outdoor games. They can withstand outdoor elements, like the sun, dust, etc. These nets can last for ages and are ideal if you’re the type that plays ping pong to get fresh air at the same time!

Places you can look to get the net are Amazon, Target, Costco, and Walmart. In the UK, you can try to get them from Argos.