List of iPong Table Tennis Robots For Your Training

iPong is a leading manufacturer of table tennis robots – and many of these have an affordable price. For people who love to play ping pong, but can’t find anyone to spare the time, the table tennis robot is an ideal practice partner

These iPong table tennis robots have different spins, adjustable frequency and oscillation, all of which can help you improve your game.

Let’s get straight into some of the different iPong table tennis robots on the market.

The Best iPong Table Tennis Robots

1. JOOLA United Pro 25 w/IPONG Robot Bundle


  • This bundles features the excellent JOOLA United Pro 25 in addition to the iPong Robot
  • Good value for money for the table tennis enthusiast
  • Holds 100 balls and shoots up to 70 balls per minute
  • The iPong Trainer Motion has 5 different settings, including oscillation and adjustable frequency
  • Save customized drills with a memory button
  • Includes pick-up net and tilt stand
  • Comes with 80 40mm ABS balls
  • The 25mm playing surface of the United Pro 25 is the thickest on the market

In some cases, you can get quite a bargain by buying a bundle that has both a table tennis table and a ping pong robot. The JOOLA United Pro 25 w/IPONG Robot Bundle is one of these. The iPong Trainer Motion robot that comes in this bundle has improved performance and consistency over the iPong v300 – and comes with a pick-up net and balls on top of that.

The iPong Trainer Motion has 5 different settings, with oscillation and adjustable frequency. It also allows you to customize a set of drills which, combined with the ability to save your drills, makes for the perfect training partner. Given its improvements over the iPong V300, it’s incredible how much value this ping pong robot offers.

2. iPong Play


iPong Play


  • Holds up to 25 balls and can shoot up to 30 balls per minute
  • One of the most affordable iPong robots
  • Includes 20 40mm ABS balls
  • Battery operated

The iPong Play is one of the most affordable iPong robots manufactured by iPong. The training machine is perfect for children, recreational and beginner players.

However, being a lower-end model , there are several features that is noticeably lacking in. For one thing, For one thing, the build is of significantly lower quality compared to other robots on this list. It also holds fewer balls and has a slower launch rate, making it less than ideal for anyone other than a beginner. It does not have any settings you can alter either.

If you can, set aside a little more cash and opt for one of the other models on the list. It’ll be a better investment. The major plus point for this model is its price, but that’s about it.

3. iPong Original

iPong OriginalFeatures:

  • Has 2 spin settings: topspin, heavy topspin and underspin
  • Entry level model that is cheaper than higher-end counterparts
  • Includes remote for wireless interaction
  • Holds up to 110 balls, with a launch rate of 12-70 balls per minute

The iPong Original is an entry level model that has simplicity as a part of its core design. Though it has a cheap plastic look, it gets the job done. Think of it as an introductory robot training partner that meets all the basic criteria.

It takes a few minutes to set up, holds a decent number of balls and has 3 basic spin settings. The wireless remote also makes it easy yo interact with.
There have been reports that it can place the balls inconsistently or shoot two balls consecutively, but for the most part, players seem happy with it.

The iPong Original is recommended for those searching for an entry-level robot that is affordable but does not compromise on too much.

4. iPong Expert

iPong Expert


  • Simple iPong robot that suits beginners
  • Affordable
  • Holds up to 20 balls with a launch rate of 30 balls per minute 
  • Compact design with 12″ x 7″ size, making it portable
  • Battery operated

The iPong Expert is an affordable, lightweight iPong robot that is suited for beginners. The low cost makes it ideal for those who want to get their first robot, but anyone else should look elsewhere. It does not have oscillation or an adjustable frequency, and you can’t change any spin settings either.

If you have a tight budget, this model may be for you.  But if you can spare some cash, then opt for another one on this list. 

5. iPong Pro

iPong Pro Table Tennis Robot


  • 3 spin settings: topspin, heavy topspin and backspin
  • Includes oscillation and adjustable frequency
  • Can hold over 100 balls 
  • Includes a wired remote

The iPong Pro is where, among the iPong robot product line, more features begin to be introduced. This robot has 3 spin settings – topspin, heavy topspin and backspin – which can be adjusted with the wired remote. Likewise, you can use the latter to adjust oscillation and frequency.

The robot is capable of shooting over 100 balls consistently without reloading, which is good for longer sessions. The combination of these features make it a good investment for those looking for their first robot, without sacrificing some features as they would with cheaper models.

6. iPong Topspin

iPong Topspin RobotFeatures:

  • 1 spin setting: topspin
  • Holds over 100 balls
  • Battery operated
  • Includes wired remote

The iPong Topspin is a simple robot that features only topspin, which is adjustable along with power. You can adjust the settings with the wired remote. 

But beyond that, the iPong Topspin does not have too much to offer. As such, it is better to choose another model if you can have the budget for it.

7. iPong V100

iPong V100Features:

  • One of the more affordable higher end models
  • Has 1 spin setting: topspin
  • Holds over 100 balls
  • Battery operated
  • Includes wired remote

The iPong V100 is a tabletop robot that is of higher build quality, but offers only spin setting, which is topspin. Its lightweight also makes it easy to carry around.

While it is not the most feature-filled of iPong table tennis robots, it is better than some of the lower end models. However, here too do we recommend choosing a better model if you have the budget for it.

8. iPong V200iPong V200


  • Has 3 spin settings: topspin, heavy topspin and backspin
  • Holds over 100 balls
  • Includes wireless remote control
  • Can continuously fire out 100 balls before reloading

The iPong V200 robot is the more advanced counterpart to the V100. It targets players who wish to use a robot as a partner for mastering steady stroke techniques.

Unlike the V100, the iPong V200 includes an oscillation feature and more types of spin. This is ideal if you really want to master different shots and prepare for more competitive matches.

9. iPong V300

iPong V300Features:

  • Has 3 spin settings: topspin, heavy topspin and backspin
  • Has oscillation feature and adjustable frequency
  • Holds over 100 balls with a launch rate of 12-70 balls per minute
  • Can save customized drills with in-built memory
  • Includes wireless remote

The iPong V300 is a high-end model that has has several features that make it stand out. Besides offering 3 different types of spin, oscillation and adjustable frequency, you can also save customized drills thanks to in-built memory.

The iPong V300 can hold over 100 40mm ping pong balls, and the settings can be adjusted using a wireless remote. This is one of the higher end models that is good for intermediate and advanced players, or those willing to spend a little extra.

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