DIY Ping Pong Ball Launcher

Do you love playing ping pong? You have no partner to play with?  Do you want to train and improve your playing skill? If you answered yes to all the questions, here is a solution. Get a ping pong ball launcher.

diy ping pong launcher

A launcher auto shoots balls out in different directions and  you hit the balls back. By using the launcher to train your ping pong skill, and improve within a short time.

There are many ping pong ball launchers that you can find in the market. However, if you find them to be expensive you may consider DIY your ping pong ball launcher.

I will show you a few fantastic ideas about ping pong ball launcher, how it is made and used.

If you are thinking of DIY your launcher, the first thing that you need to know is that you can make it from PVC pipes.

However, it can be quite painful for the PVC pipes’ launcher if the ball that was shot from the launcher hits any part of your body.

Nevertheless, if you still think that DIY your launcher is well worth a try, then let’s try making a simple ping pong ball launcher by preparing all the necessary stuff and construct it in simple 7-8 steps. However, there is no guarantee for the work of this launcher. You may proceed to make it at your own risk.

Step-by-Step How To DIY A Ping Pong Ball Launcher

Step 1:

First, take a cardboard paper towel core and seal its one end with duct tape. Make sure that the tape is attached correctly with no leaking space for air to flow.

Step 2:

After the tape is appropriately attached to the cardboard, make a hole at the centre of the tape with a knife or a scissor. Ensure that the hole is not too large or small, as a grill lighter needs to be fixed in that place.

Step 3:

After that, take a grill lighter and fit it in the centre of the tape where there’s a hole. Be careful while doing it (don’t tear the tape).

Step 4:

After that, arrange the lighter appropriately in the tape so that the tape forms a good seal and holds the lighter tight.

Step 5:

When you are done with all these steps, carefully spray with the hair spray into the cardboard tube for a couple of seconds and make sure that you don’t spray too much as it can make the tube wet.

Step 6:

As soon as you are done with the spraying part, insert the ping pong ball into the tube, and the ball size should be the same as that of the tube.

And now after using your energy and time doing such a fantastic thing, its time to enjoy. Now place the launcher on the table and start to play the game.

Step 7:

Hold on to the safety part of the grill lighter and pull the trigger to launch the ball. It can take some time for the fire to be ignited from the lighter, and once the fire it ignited your ping Pong ball will rocket out from the tube.


So guys what are you waiting for?, Go out and try out your D.I.Y ping pong ball launcher. Be careful as sometimes it can also be dangerous.

Therefore, if you can afford it, it is still better for you to go get a ping pong ball launcher from the market. Since now the prices of such launchers are not as expensive as a few years ago. You can easily get one for you to use in your training without burning a hole in your pocket.

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