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What You Need to Know in Table Tennis Training

Table Tennis training is one of the most important aspects that should be concentrated on by all individuals if they wish to improve their overall game. Training can be conducted either with another individual or partner, with a coach, or in some instances with a table tennis robot.

table tennis training

Training with another individual

The most common form of table tennis training is hitting against another player. Both of you can practically set drills against one another to improve various shots you feel you need to work on.

The best training is often with someone who is around the same level as you and can consistently return the ball on the table.

Table Tennis Coach

A coach or mentor is a person who trains and teaches you specific techniques, methods, and strategies to improve your game. Usually, a good table tennis coach knows specific areas of weakness in your game that need to be worked on and, based on this knowledge, prepares several set drills and routines for you to practice.

This is done in what is referred to as “multiball,” in which the coach hits a number of balls in repetitive succession one after another. This repetitive style of training can be tiresome at times but is hugely beneficial.

At first, multiball may seem quite tiring, but it becomes significantly easier when introduced into the coaching program more frequently.

Master Some Simple Techniques

Things you need to know to perform a good serve in Table Tennis

teach to serve

1. Follow the rules

According to the official table tennis rules, you need to throw the ball above the table 16cm. You cannot use your hand to cover the ball. Your paddle also needs to be above the table where your opponent can see.

2. Keep it low

Keeping the ball low, just barely over the net to the other side of the table. It is essential because it prevents your opponent from attacking your serve.

3. Put in varieties and get ready to attack

Put in varieties in your serve. Try different spins mix with long and short, fast and slow serves so that your opponent cannot guess or get used to your serve. Putting in different serves can also surprise your opponent, causing him/her a bad return. Get ready to attack that return!

4. Use your wrist

With the swing of your forearm, use your wrist to control your serve’s spin and speed. That’s where you can make what looks like a backspin serve to be a topspin. That’s where you can swing your arm slowly but turn your serve into a surprising fast serve.

5. Keep it short with backspin to be safe

 If you have figured out how to use your wrist to control your serve yet. You cannot get the point from your serve. It would be best if you keep your opponent from getting points from your serve. Here’s how: Low and short serve with backspin. So now that the ball barely makes it over the net. So short that if the ball bounces twice on the other side of the table, it will still be on the table. Most people (most, not all) will only return this serve with a defensive backspin.

How To Chop?

For defensive players, the chop is the essential weapon.

Here are the basics to do a chop.


  • Stay away from the table, wait for the ball to drop to about thigh height.
  • Your body should be facing sideways so that one of your shoulders is facing your opponent.
  • Hold your paddle at about head height while keeping your paddle open, facing almost entirely up.
  • Swing your elbow as the ball reaches you at waist height.
  • Accelerate your forearm and slightly underneath the ball.
  • Snap your wrist when you are connecting the ball; simultaneously, keep your bat face to point almost entirely upward.
  • Finally, follow through the swing.


Basic Position and Forehand Stroke

Basic Ready Position

  • Stand about 50-70cm from the table. If you are a right, place your right foot slightly further back than your left foot.
  • Shift your weight toward the front but don’t lift your heels.
  •  Distribute your weight evenly between your legs.
  • Bent your knees, keep feet around 1.5 times your shoulder-width apart.
  • With your right shoulder slightly behind the left, get ready to swing your arm.
  • Keep the elbow about 90 degrees and the paddle above the table.

Forehand Stroke

  • Keep your eyes on the ball.
  • The paddle should be about 45 degrees.
  • Slight pull your right arm back and turn your hips, waist, shoulders. Get ready to swing and strike the ball.
  • Complete the swing after you hit the ball.
  • Go right back to the ready position after the swing.


Getting Right Table Tennis Training Equipment

Table tennis is an excellent sport that anybody can learn more quickly than other sport. You do not need to have a coach or enroll in a table tennis club if you cannot afford it.

table tennis equipment
table tennis equipment

You can buy a table tennis set that consists of 4 rackets and 4 balls for less than $15 from amazon.com.

Table Tennis Equipment for Self Practice

You can train yourself to learn table tennis with table tennis robots and playback table tennis tables. Before you buy any training equipment, make sure you already have an excellent table tennis eBook or DVD that you can use as a guide for your practice.

Get a table tennis training book or training DVD and use your table tennis training kits to practice your table tennis techniques.

How to use a table tennis robot

One of the new forms of training that have been introduced in recent years is table tennis robots. These robots are trained to fire table tennis balls in a specific sequence on different areas of the table.

The main benefit of these robots is that they do not require another player or coach for you to train effectively. One of the main features of table tennis robots is adding different spins to the ball.

If you wish to practice hitting long backspin balls, all you need to do is alter the robot’s settings, and it will begin to fireballs with backspin. This type of training can be beneficial and advantageous in practicing set shots.

Table tennis robot is an excellent table tennis training equipment. The first thing you need to do if you want to practice table tennis at home is to buy a ping pong robot. You can do it by visiting a sports shop or order online from online sports stores.

There is always an instruction that comes with every table tennis robot, which will help you fix it to your table tennis tables and operate it. A table tennis robot can be programmed to give different types of serves and shots with different speed levels. It is perfect to learn how to return serves and strokes.

Newgy Robo-Pong 1040

newgy robot

You can use a ping pong robot to practice table the essential table tennis serves, strokes and footwork.

Playback table tennis table

These are unique tables that you can use to practice table tennis. Not all table tennis tables are playback, so you need to make sure you buy the one with playback ability. You can buy it in any sports shop or online table tennis store like Amazon.com. You can use playback tables to practice your strokes, serves, and footwork.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that there are many ways you can practice table tennis and improve your skills. You can enroll in a table tennis club, get a table tennis coach or practice on your own at home using training DVDs or eBooks.

You will also need to buy a table tennis set.

There are excellent DVDs and eBooks online for both beginners and intermediary players. Also, note that you will need a table tennis robot to learn how to return serves and strokes if you have a playback table tennis table.

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