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Is Table Tennis A Real Sport Or Just A Game?

Is table tennis a sport or just a good workout for people who want to do some exercises? Some people claimed that table tennis is not a sport and some argue that ping pong is just a game to play during recreation time. Well, how do you think? If table tennis isn’t a real sport, then how can it make into the Olympics?

What Are The Debating Points On This?

It appears to be that among the most significant issues constantly discussed by most people is that ping pong is a very complex game and is difficult for those who are not familiar with the rules of the game to recognize the skill and value of the players.

Thus, this makes the definition of whether table tennis is a sport or not to be like the problem of a chicken and an egg. Nonetheless, we can see that the game of ping pong is received more and more attention lately and many people are starting to appreciate the skill of the players.

table tennis sport
table tennis sport or game

As we know the professional table tennis players did train and improve their skill every day for long time periods. They do move and sweat a lot as any other sports do. Even some claimed that other than good hand and eye coordination for the game, other bodies of the players are seldom getting enough exercise.

However, this may be not true as table tennis players do have to run very often to return the shots that hit by the opponent and plays the ball that can come from anywhere. As spectators, many did enjoy to watch the match even professional players play it very fast and most of the games just had a short rally.

The Game is Dominated By China Players

However, with today table tennis is generally monopolized by China players, some people may have a bias when they define whether ping pong is a sport or not. Admittedly, the top 10 world players are mostly from China and it can be really difficult for the players from other countries to strive to compete.

Nonetheless, this shouldn’t be the reason because of China dominated the table tennis game, then people deny it to be a recognized sport. Even some remain their opinion by not recognize ping pong to be a sport, but they nevertheless recognize the value and strength of China players. This is appalling for all the predicaments that being raised all these times.

I would think that to make the game of ping pong to be a recognized sport worldwide, it is best to promote the game with appropriate websites and educate folks in regards to the complexities of ping pong. It is not only to get more people to know the game but also have them to play the game with the use of the right rackets and rubbers.

If someone really keen to play ping pong but didn’t know anything about the relevant equipment like the table, blade, rubber, net, and ball, then they may only play a while and give up. Then, they will have a conclusion that table tennis shouldn’t be called a sport at all since it is not cool to play at all.

Thus, it is important to have a website like this to educate people to know all the types of equipment and the required skills to play the game right. They will enjoy playing and will master the skill in no time.

Overall, we can compile the feedback into a summary list for those who think ping pong is a sport and for those who think it is not.


  • It is a sport because it has all the rules of the sport and is having the ITTF as its organization.
  • It is incorporated into Olympics game.
  • It plays competitively.
  • Players are sweating as other sports do. Whole bodies are being exercised.
  • Regular training and practices are required in order to play the professional way.


  • Table Tennis should just consider as a hobby since it is more for recreation play only.
  • It is a game only suitable to play in the room or basement of a house.
  • No teamwork exists.
  • Everything is miniature no matter the space, table, bats, and balls.
  • No need a lot of athleticism since the player is not having much movement.
  • No strategy involved.

How I Turn From Love to Hate Table Tennis

I read many posts on the internet from different people who love or hate the game of table tennis. Also, I have come through a lot of comments and reasons stated by people why they love or hate table tennis. I would also like to share with you how I changed myself from loving the game to totally rejecting it now.

During my childhood when I was studied in primary school, I was getting a serious insomnia because of the tremendous pressure in facing the school examination. At that time the ticket to enter college is very rare and everyone needs to compete with thousands of other students to squeeze through the super narrow gate entrance of University.

My Psychology Mentor

At that time I found a particularly good “psychology mentor” – Deng Yaping. Every time when I can’t fall in sleep, I’ll grab my fist tightly and tell myself. Deng Yaping can become a world champion, even though she had been getting in and expelled from the Henan team and national team for a few times, but she never gives up and finally make her way to become world champion in table tennis.

Deng Yaping
Deng Yaping

Such an inspirational story always makes magic in comforting me, and every time I think of this, I can actually very quickly fall into sleep. This “psychology teacher” actually accompanies me through University and even my early work after I finish my study at University. Every time when I was in trouble or I have any doubt about myself, I will cheer myself: “even Deng Yaping can make it; sure I can make it too!”

For this reason, I have always liked to watch table tennis matches and concerned about China table tennis players.

I observed a lot of world champion getting born throughout my observation. From Jiang Jialiang, Chen Longcan, Ma Wenge, even Xu Zengcai, all these players accompany me through the difficult times that I have. At that time, it was really a soul-stirring for me for every game. I was cheer for their victory or cry in tears for their defeat.

The trend of Immigration of China Players

After, the migrating trend began. The affair of Wei Qing Guang changed his nationality make me extremely angry! While Chen Jin also migrated to Taiwan and represent the Chinese Taipei to fight again China players make me want to cry. Not to mention many more that migrated to other countries throughout the trend of migration during that time.

I still remember once Werner Schlager vs. Kong Linghui in World Championships competition. I even bought a few cans of beer and watched together with my buddies at University. It was just like celebrating some festival holiday which I still can remember how thrill we were at that time.

However, I bet we won’t be the only one who is thrill with China table tennis players; I believe there are many out there also cheer the China team as we do.

However, my faith in table tennis started getting shaken not long after that.

Too Many Matches on TV

I really do not understand why CCTV needs to show so many table tennis matches on their TV program every day. Some commentators were acting like they are the table tennis experts by telling us the profound technical and tactical play, and repulsive psychological thing.

The commentators like to show off self-appreciation-speaking by expressing a lot of tournament names and venues of competitions range from U21, U17, Open, Grand Prix, World Cup, World Championships, National Games, the Olympics blah blah blah. All these really make me sick.

The Pace of the Game is Too Fast

I started getting frustrated when I saw a lot of matches that play at a very fast pace. According to the international measurement, it can take about one second for the ping pong ball to shift from one player when he hit with his paddle to the opponent. With so short time for every hit, to keep an eye by focusing on each hit can be a burden for spectators’ eyes.

And most of the time, the table tennis ball just being played back and forth for 2 to 3 times and ended there. For casual spectators who watch the game on the TV channel, they may not even get into the game yet, but the play already ends from point to point.

While for offensive players, the rallies normally end in a short period of time. As almost all players are an emphasis on third-ball attack where the player who serve the ball do a tricky serve to let the opponent having some difficulty to receive the ball, and when the opponent hit back, the player will make a killing on the shot. After watching so many matches playing like that, I started to feel bored and turn the TV to other sports channel.

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