Bruce Lee Playing Ping Pong with Nunchucks

When the video was first released, many people got amazed by this clip and claimed it is an invaluable memorable clip of Bruce Lee.
Some people think this clip was recorded before the death of Bruce Lee. It was real that Bruce Lee could play table tennis with nunchucks. He could even defeat two opponents at the same time. Even though the producer claimed the footage was real, however, it was a fake clip.
The clip was an advertisement created by JWT Beijing. Nokia used it to promote their Nokia N96 Limited Edition Bruce Lee cell phone worldwide. The phone was released in 2008.

Nonetheless, his direct attention to swiftness, reactions, and even consistency was, in fact, very unbelievable. Bruce Lee was the king of martial artists and the innovator in the sport of martial art. Still, today no one can reach the same achievement as he did.

The person appearing in the video clip is not the real Bruce Lee. It was a look-alike of Bruce Lee. He was an actor recruited for this commercial. The table tennis ball was also not playing but was digitally added in later production.

I have watched this video clip many times, but every time I see it, I am in shock at how in tune and proposition he was with all the actions and the environment matching. Generally, the video clip is just overwhelming and is an excellent memory to this big star where many people admired.

Bruce Lee was magnificent, and he is still many people idol even he has passed away for many years. It was not the real one, but the whole idea is still very remarkable and exciting.

Can Bruce Lee play ping pong with nunchucks in an actual world?

Well, I didn’t there’s anyone in this world who can play table tennis with nunchucks, not even for professional nun chucks master. Those celebrities who leave the world earlier often being apotheosis like they are possessed a superpower or something that supersedes ordinary people. If Bruce Lee were still alive, he would yell to these people: “Hey! Don’t make people think like I am a fool!”.

Bruce Lee Ping Pong
Bruce Lee Ping Pong

You can watch the clip and judge for yourself how real it is. Bruce Lee plays the game almost effortlessly, and the whole playing is smooth.

Watch the video, and it should be credited to JWT Beijing for their amazing Nokia ‘Bruce Lee Ping Pong’ commercial. The advertisement company is situated in Shanghai, and the idea comes from the two members of their creative team: Lillie and Rafael.

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