Megaspin Review – The Best Online Table Tennis Retailer? is a mega online ping pong store run where you can find plenty of table tennis equipment. But as with any online retailer it pays to make sure it’s legit? So is Megaspin honest and reliable? can deliver high-quality ping pong equipment within 2-3 days for USA customers. Their website is clean and they focus specifically on ping pong players so you can find equipment that Amazon doesn’t carry. Is Megaspin right for you? Well read this Megaspin review to see.

Megaspin has Cheaper Prices

Megaspin is run by an e-commerce technology company known as Webgenix. The company was established in 1996. It currently has an extensive network of retailers and distributors in the United States.

It enables the company to offer all sorts of table tennis products ranging from tables to balls. Where many table tennis online stores and distributors have gone out of business over the years, Megaspin remains. They are my personal favorite US retailer and I’m jealous of the fact I can’t order from them much (as I live in the UK).

Megaspin is well known for offering products at competitive prices. If you compare their figures for products with other retailers, Megaspin will almost always offer the best price available. And if you happen to find a product cheaper from a different North American store, Megaspin will price match thanks to their best price guarantee.

Megaspin also has a lot of sales to give customers the opportunity to purchase table tennis merchandise at a discounted rate. I have found Megaspin table tennis discounts to range from 5-25% which is pretty amazing given how cheap their products already are. They also offer free US shipping for orders over $50.

My Favorite Megaspin Products

JOOLA Tour 2500

megaspin review tour 2500

The Tour 2500 is a tournament-grade table tennis table with a 25mm thickness. It sets up in less than 20 minutes, is very robust, and you won’t find a better table for the money. If you would like to learn more, you can read our review.

Yasaka Mark V Racket

megaspin review yasaka mark v

The Yasaka Mark V racket is my favorite pre-assembled paddle for intermediate/offensive players. It features the Yasaka Mark V rubber, one of the most popular rubbers of all time, paired with a Swedish competition blade. It far outperforms most pre-assembled paddles and is a super buy for the price.

Butterfly Timo Boll ALC

megaspin review timo boll alc

The Timo Boll ALC is my favorite table tennis blade and the one I currently use. Developed and wielded by fan-favorite player Timo Boll, it is a fast blade with a medium to high throw angle. As a premium blade, it is more expensive than most of its competitors, but its quality makes it worth the cost. And with Megaspin, you’re guaranteed to get it at a great price.

Butterfly Tenergy 05

megaspin review tenergy 05

Tenergy 05 is the most popular rubber around — heavily used by professionals, and equally popular on the amateur scene. I love the way it plays and recommend it for aggressive attackers who enjoy high throw angle rubbers.

Fast Shipment

Unlike purchasing goods in person, when you order online you always have a tedious waiting period until your merchandise arrives. And this shipping delay can become quite sizeable depending on where you choose to purchase your table tennis gear from.

The likes of Amazon and AliExpress can take over a month if you are not careful when selecting your seller. I think we can all agree that is far too long. But with Megaspin, the majority of their orders are delivered in 2-3 days. With most orders sent out the same day if you order before 2 PM Eastern Time. There is simply no beating that. You can also purchase if you live outside of North America. Deliveries to Canada take 5-10 days while deliveries elsewhere take longer and depend on the location you purchase from. 

Excellent Service 

Megaspin really goes above and beyond to provide stellar customer service. It is the reason Megaspin reviews are so flattering and why they have so many repeat customers. The staff are very friendly and helpful. As table tennis experts, they can provide assistance if you are undecided about what equipment to buy. I also love the fact they provide free bat assembly when your purchase a custom blade and rubbers. It saves having to make the bat yourself and it doesn’t increase the delivery time as they assemble it as soon as they receive the order.

With thousands of happy customers, you are certain to experience a pleasurable buying experience. Here are just a few reviews left by buyers.

  • “You guys at Megaspin are wonderful. That’s why I always try to shop here for all my TT needs. Thanks a lot.” – Priya (North Carolina USA)
  • “Fantastic! Thank you so much, Evan! Appreciate the quick response from Megaspin. You guys are the best!” – Santosh (New Jersey, USA)
  • “Excellent customer service with Evan giving a very prompt, informative, and courteous reply. Pleasure doing business with you.” – Alan (Minnesota, USA)

Expansive Range of Products

If you’ve explored all of the online table tennis stores, you might have noticed that some are a little sparse when it comes to availability. This is because it can be difficult for table tennis sellers to get their hands on products from a range of different manufacturers. After all, there are a ton of specialist table tennis manufacturers who sell exceptional equipment.

But through Megaspin’s many years of operation, they have developed a comprehensive network with manufacturers and distributors. As such, they have among the best availablity out there when it comes to table tennis products. If the item you are after isn’t obscure, chances are, they will have it!

Here are just some of the manufacturers whose products they sell:

  • Andro
  • Butterfly
  • DHS
  • Donic
  • Nittaku
  • Stiga
  • Tibhar
  • TSP
  • Victas
  • Xiom
  • Yasaka

Genuine Goods

A painful truth we table tennis lovers must face are that counterfeit products exist. And there’s nothing worse than sinking money into what you think is quality equipment only to receive a poor copy. Therefore you have to do your due diligence by picking a reputable distributor. And not get sucked in by absurdly low prices.

Take the DHS Hurricane series for example. It is a highly popular line of rubbers, but counterfeit versions are fairly rampant from what I hear. It might be easy to get tempted by cheap listings from the likes of AliExpress, but ultimately, you are rolling the dice in the hopes that you get a legitimate rubber. Why bother when you can guarantee a genuine product from Megaspin at an affordable price?

Remember if it seems too good to be true, it almost always is.

Clean Website

A factor that might be easy to overlook is just how great the website looks. It’s simple, intuitive, and easy to navigate. On the left bar are all of the departments. And at the top are key categories with drop-down menus to select the manufacturer within the category, should you be seeking one in particular.

You can also easily sort products using filters such as ‘newest’, ‘price’, and ‘popularity’. All of which are useful tools to help you find the right product for you. I also really like the fact that they include ratings for all of their products. This quickly helps you discern what gear other players like and you can even read their individual reviews should you wish. Very few table tennis retailers include player reviews so Megaspin certainly stands out in this aspect.


Is Megaspin a Legit Website?

Megaspin is a legitimate website. They sell authentic goods from specialist table tennis manufacturers, so you can be certain that you will receive high-quality products. They have also been running since 1996 making them one of the longest-running online table tennis retailers. In addition, reviews average 5 out of 5 stars on Reseller Ratings, an online platform comparing places to buy online.

Is Megaspin Reliable?

Megaspin is a very reliable company. They provide top-notch customer service and have thousands of positive testimonials on their website. They also stock a very wide range of table tennis products which means you can rely on them to have what you need.

Where is Megaspin Located?

Megaspin is located at 501 Silverside Rd, Ste 105, Wilmington, Delaware, 19809, United States.

How Long Does Megaspin Take to Ship?

Megaspin ships most orders the same day if you order before 2 PM Eastern Time. If you order later than this Megaspin will send your goods on the following workday. Most orders are delivered in 2-3 business days.

My Megaspin Review

My Megaspin review concludes with a 10/10 rating. I’ve never experienced any issues with them, and the overwhelming flood of positive reviews shows that players all over North America love them just as much as I do. Even if they didn’t provide stellar customer service, fast shipment, a range of products, and a great website, I would recommend them for their genuine products and best price guarantee alone. Table tennis equipment can get damn expensive, so ensuring you get genuine products and the lowest price are tough qualities to beat.

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