What You Can Learn From A Table Tennis Forum

Table tennis forums have been increased in popularity over the past few years. As more and more participants play table tennis, a forum has become an excellent way to learn more about the sport.

Where To Find the Table Tennis Forum?

It is also a great place to meet new and exciting people who share common interests. You can find a few good forums on the Internet. By going through a quick search over Google, you can find websites featured with forums and have some professional players to share with you special techniques and skills.

The table tennis forum offers so much information on the sport of table tennis. For instance, you can learn more about the recent changes being made to ITTF rules. These table tennis forums will break down and analyze why and how a rule change can affect your game.

Participants cannot post new information, but they can also comment on how they feel about a rule change. This site can be an outlet to vent frustration or even give compliments about recent activities, matches, or tournaments. You can even find out when the next tournament will be held or determine how the last tournament was.

Table tennis forums are an excellent source to find partners to play table tennis. Most of the time, you can find a forum close by where you live. It is excellent because it can be where the members can form a team or even a league.

Table tennis doesn’t restrict you to discuss only table tennis. You may have more in common with another member than what you think. All it takes is your participation, and the next thing you know, you have a complete list of friends willing to talk with you not only on table tennis but also on something else where you both share an interest.

Table tennis forums can offer all of this and more. All it takes is for you to find the right one and have yourself take part in it. Then you are well on your way towards establishing friendship and learning new things.

Among the famous table tennis forums including:



It is a forum owned by Alex Li. It has a renowned moderator named Larry Hodges. Larry Hodges is the owner of the famous tennis blog known as Table Tennis Coaching Blog.

The outlook of this forum is quite old fashion. When you first go into the site, you will feel that this site looks like it was coded in the 1990s. However, there are many active users in the forum. The forum is updated daily, and the topics covered in the forum are all related to table tennis from racket, rubber, tips, table, accessories, and matches that they played.

It has a responsive interface if you are viewing from your smartphone. However, the interface is not so user-friendly. You will find it is rather inconvenient for you to read and search in the forum by using the smartphone.

Nonetheless, you will gain quite a lot of knowledge by viewing this forum.

OOAK Forum


It is a forum site owned by HaggisV. The forum was established in 2006, so it is quite an old table tennis forum in the cyber world.
There are many professional players in this forum, and you can gain a lot of useful information if you are serious about playing table tennis.
You can learn how to choose the right blade and rubbers that match your playing style, and you can learn how to improve your skill to the next level by participating in the discussion.
The forum seems to be using the VBuletin script which is very famous forum script that many popular forums are using. The site is quite neat and easy to navigate.
The user responsive is enabled for this forum and with a the better user experience. You will find it can give you a better scrolling experience when you swipe with your smartphone.

Table Tennis Daily


It is a site with a black color for the background. It won’t hurt your eyes after watching for a long time. It is because the arrangement of the site is quite neat and comfortable for eye viewing.
Dan Ives owns the forum. There are a lot of experienced table tennis players who are moderators in this forum. You can ask for something that you want to know about table tennis, and you will get the answer very quickly.
This forum is also built with the vBulletin coding. It is responsive and is easy to view with a smartphone. What I like about this site is the font display is quite large on the smartphone. It s good as I can easily view the words from the phone without hurting my eyes.
There are a lot of topics regarding table tennis being discussed on this forum as well. Whether you are an amateur or advanced player, you will benefit from this forum as there is a lot of precious information being shared here.

Table Tennis Coaching Forum

table tennis coaching forum
table tennis coaching forum

It is a table tennis forum owned by Larry Hodges, an active moderator in mytabletennis.net, and is a famous table tennis player in the United States.
The forum outlook is quite old fashion and just not so attractive when you look at it. It is not responsive, so it is not user-friendly when viewing the forum with your smartphone.
The forum is also not as active as the previous 3 forums. It seems like a dormant forum to me as there are not many posts published, and most of the posts are quite old.


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