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Benefits of Playing Table Tennis

Do you want to know the benefits of playing table tennis? Table tennis has become very popular these days that you can see many people playing the game of table tennis and table tennis tables can be found in most homes around the world.

playing ping pong

You can learn to play table tennis even if you do not plan to play at the professional level.

People play table tennis for different reasons, some play table tennis for fun and recreation, and others play for body exercise and fitness.

There are professional table tennis players who play in table tennis tournaments and earn a living through the sport.

Playing ping pong is a very good way to exercise your body and get into shape; it can help to improve your overall fitness level because it involves the movement of every part of your body.

According to a test by psychologists, the intelligence and thinking agility of children’s table tennis players are superior to those of ordinary students, making people call table tennis a “sport for smart people”.

1. Whole Body Exercise

Exercise can’t just be the focus on a certain part of the body. It is best to exercise as much area of our body as possible because the purpose of the exercise is to stay healthy. And some muscles will start to have a problem if they don’t get exercise for a long time.

For a while, I can’t lift my right arm, and sometimes sudden movements (such as being shrunk of my arm suddenly) can cause serious pain to me. I seek for the doctor and doctor said that it was muscle adhesion. I need to go through physiotherapy, acupuncture.

And then, follow the doctor’s request, I start to do the arm loop back exercise. Finally, the muscles of the adhesion were pulled apart and it took a few months to recover.

This experience tells me that I need to have more of my body muscles to take part in sports. I cannot leave them unused for a long time. If I do more muscle exercises, then the chances of having pain and illness will reduce to the least.

Many sports today are only focused on one or a few physical parts for the exercises. Sports like running and jogging are exercises only focus on the legs. The participation of muscles for these sports are limited.

For table tennis, it is different. You will think that table tennis is only a hand exercise sport. However, the requirements for the footwork are very high and it is actually a sport that is involved in the exercise of the entire body.

It involves speed and power. A person needs to run all over the place through the entire, so all your leg’s muscles will have enough exercise.

The strength of the waist is also required. And the direction and strength of these limb movements are different. Some require outreach, some require adduction, some must be straight, some need to bend the body. So, table tennis is an exercise of all the body muscles.

2. Easy To Find A Place To Play With

Find a site to play table tennis is easy. It can almost be found everywhere. Playing table tennis does not need high-end places. It only needs a room, a ping pong table, and necessary equipment and you can start to play ping pong right away.

You can find table tennis tables at many companies, schools, recreation centers, public areas, and etc. Even many households are having a table tennis table in their living room.

Table tennis is a very good family sport. All you need to play the sport is a table tennis table which you can place in any part of the house where there is enough space.

If you cannot afford to buy a table tennis table, you can play in a local table tennis club that is not too far from your home.

3. The Investment is Not Much

The most expensive equipment you need to buy is the table tennis table. A decent table may cost you $200 to $300. But compared to other sports, the cost is not so much and most people and companies are having no issue to buy the table tennis table.

It is not like other sports such as golf or ski where you need to buy a lot of gears and equipment in order for you to play the game. Table tennis is rather a less expensive sport choice for many people.

4. It is Not Affected by the Weather Conditions

Some sports are often affected by the weather. Thus, it is difficult for them to persevere if they are involved in outdoor sports such as jogging or playing soccer.

When there is strong wind, you will not be able to play outdoor badminton. When it is raining, you can’t play soccer on the field. When the land is covered by snow, you can’t play outdoor basketball.

Even some tennis and volleyball courts are placed outdoor and you are going to get affected by the weather if you want to play these sports.

While table tennis is an indoor sport, it will not get affected by any weather conditions. Doesn’t matter if it is sunny, windy, rainy, or snowy, you can always play table tennis indoor. The sport will not get affected by either high temperature or low temperature. It is an all-weather sports project.

5. The Amount of Exercise is Just Nice for Many People

A sport always requires a certain amount of exercise. Some need strength, some need endurance, some need to have a certain height, and some need you to exert a lot of strengths.

Basketball and volleyball are sports for giant people. Soccer can only be played before the age of 30. The physical strength of playing tennis is quite high. Thus, all these sports are only suitable to be played by certain people.

For table tennis, it is a very flexible sport. You can exert your whole body strength if you want to. You can play extensive arc shots and you will get sweat in a short time. If you don’t have enough strength, then you can play with less force or play with a defensive strategy.

Anybody can play the game of table tennis, boys or girls, young and old. There is no age limit in table tennis and there are also many of your favorite celebrities playing table tennis.

6. Curing Eyes and Neck Problems

The exercises for eyes and the neck(cervical vertebrae) are most suitable for most people in this modern era. We are in the era of industrialization and informationization where we tend to use a lot of our eyes and neck.

Our eyes are getting exhausted on staring at newspapers, books, TV, computers, mobile phone for many hours. The results of these long-term and fixed-distance uses of the eyes can only harm our eyes.

Besides, due to the long hour of our sitting position by leaning our neck to monitor screen, the number of people who are suffering from cervical lumbar spondylosis is increasing.

If you go and play table tennis, you will have a chance to exercise your eyes where the eyes will follow the table tennis ball to adjust the distance. This will relieve the stiffness and discomfort of the eye muscles.

So, when your eyes are feeling tired, just go to play table tennis. Your eyes will feel refreshed without the needs of using eye cleansing. And there is no side effect on your eyes by playing table tennis.

When playing table tennis, you will exercise your neck(cervical vertebrae) and waist(lumbar vertebrae) at the same time. So, table tennis has a targeted effect on the most serious diseases that affect the quality of life of modern people, and the effect is immediate.

7. Table tennis is a Combination of Mental and Physical Sport

Table tennis makes you mentally active because it is a fast playing sport. It is good for your brain because it can make you mentally alert and increase your mental awareness.

In order to take the initiative in the ping-pong competition, a player not only needs to have good basic playing skills, but he also must observe and analyze the opponent. A player needs to observe the opponent’s standing position to predict the direction of return shot. , Besides, he also needs to analyze the opponent’s playing style, strengths, and weaknesses.

You may observe how the professional players playing in the game. They not only keep their eyes on the opponent before serving but also constantly change the movements of the hands and control the placement of the ball.

They will hit the ball to the most uncomfortable drop point in the opponent’s side. They will look for a chance to make a killing, and respond in the shortest possible time.

It seems like there is a road map in their minds. Thus, table tennis is a smart way to train your brain and it may be the best combination of brain and body movement.

8. Smart and Self-Confident

Due to the characteristics of table tennis and the value of exercise, the table tennis players and the fans of the sport have gradually formed a good psychological quality. They are beyond ordinary people in some respects.

According to the psychological test methods used by psychologists to test the psychological quality of outstanding children’s table tennis players in some provinces and cities in China, it shows that they generally have higher intelligence level and better operation ability than ordinary students.

They are emotional stability, self-confidence, independence, quick thinking, and have good coordination for their intellectual factors and personality factors.

In daily life, these people often appear to be alert, flexible and coordinated. In short, table tennis does have some unique features that are not found in other sports, and the participants are benefited from it for life.

9. Making New Friends

Table tennis can make you meet new friends especially if you play in a table tennis club.

Table tennis is a kind of competitive sport and you will have to play with many different players. But, these opponents are all friends, and the more you are related, the more new friends you are going to make.

Especially for people who generally use table tennis as a physical exercise, competition is secondary. It is more important to make friends and built a good friendship.

In the joy of table tennis, you can exchange skills with your opponents through the game. This will help to improve each other playing skills and building a stronger friendship.

10. It is a Non-Contact Sport

Table tennis is a non-contact sport so bruises and injuries are not experienced like in other sports and it doesn’t involve too much stress so you can play table tennis according to your capacity.

Playing ping pong can make you sweat which will burn excess fat in your body resulting in the increased to your heart rate.

Since it is a non-contact sport, it can offer the additional benefit of improved fitness through the sport. You can also have greater control over getting injured when playing the game.

11. Improve Balance and Coordination of the Body

It is often seen that some elder people walk like a little child who starts to learn to walk. And we can see there are many people who can’t live without a cane when they are getting older.

In fact, this is a problem with balance and coordination. This can be resolved with regular exercise which can help a person to maintain normal balance and coordination.

Table tennis has a good effect on people’s reaction, sensitivity, balance, and coordination. Table tennis requires that the movements conform to certain rules and rhythm. It is necessary to cooperate with the whole body to make great shots.

For example, when smashing, each shot needs to be transferred and coordinated from the soles of the feet, legs, waist, arms, wrists, and fingers. And it also involves the pivot shifting of the player, shot control, and the speed of swinging.

These exercises can effectively improve the coordination of human functions. Thus, people who often play table tennis can generally be responsive and coordinated.

12. Lose Weight

Table tennis will have a fast-moving action such as striding, jumping, and running. Playing for 1 to 2 hours of table tennis every day can effectively burn the fat of the legs, abdomen, and arms.

You need to know that playing table tennis can take more than an hour to start burning fat. Thus, if you want to lose weight, it is ideal for you to play at least 2 hours every time.

For beginner players, they can burn 200 – 350 of calories per hour. While for advanced players, they might exert with more forces and doing more footwork, they can burn up to 500 calories in an hour.

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