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The Underestimating Of Table Tennis Sport

To me, and I am sure others will agree, that the sport of table tennis is not as popular as it could be and should be.

Table Tennis Around The World

For a sport with an identical brother sport which is known as tennis, that is pretty well the same, but the latter having more people involved in playing and more audiences watching the tennis match. While for table tennis, it is not a very popular sport in many countries across the world.

Even though there are many people playing the sport especially in those Asia countries, but the audiences who love to watch ping pong matches just not able to compare to other sports like tennis, soccer or basketball.

Not a Famous Sport in North American Countries

For instance, in the North American countries, it is very rarely heard of and seen of people getting involved in ping pong. There are few pro athletes and, even though they have a very large population, has very few people who play, even as a recreational sport.

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Even worse for the sport, in some cases, is the pastime and basement fun game of ping pong. It makes the sport look like a joke to some people.

Even though the equipment, rules, strategies, and shots are totally different, but many people believe that they are of no difference. They do not know about the special rubber, the massive spin, blistering speeds and special attacks, let alone the lengthy games and demanding rallies.

I show some of my friends, here in Canada, the catalogs I have for equipment, they say “What!”, I tell them how much I play, they say “Why?”, I tell them about how good of a sport it is, they say “How?”. They do not realize it is a real sport and the main reason is that they do not see enough of it.

The only table tennis on TV in Canada is the Killerspin events on Sportsnet and I believe that it has been taken off. And even so, these events are fun events and are full of non-exciting matches and pointless rallies where many time I have seen the man step 15 feet back from the table and even step over the barrier.

For the ITTF, publicity of there events and sport should be their number one and top priority task where they should take a stab at making table tennis more public around the world.

A very good thing for the sport was the XBOX 360 table tennis game, in my opinion. It has opened many people’s eyes and even though the game is not as realistic in some ways, it shows enough to say that table tennis is for real. It is a tough game if a person wants to master it and includes many of the real specifics of table tennis, the sport.

The Underestimating of the sport

When you and I think about table tennis, we think fast-paced, spin, speed and agility. When a non-table tennis player thinks about it he thinks paddle, ball, table, and lame. Why do people underestimate the sport of table tennis?

tabletennis around the world
table tennis around the world

If someone was to be told the rules of baseball and basketball, one would not think this was a “waste of time” or “lame game”. Table tennis follows the traditional rule of beating your opponent in as simple as putting the ball past your opponent. Basketball, full of confusing rules and pointless goals, is very popular and well known to everyone in the world.

I want to know when table tennis started being less of a sport as these I have mentioned and, here in Canada anyway, a simple and “wimpy” sport.

Ping Pong uses the same goal as table tennis. Hit the ball, with your racket and put it past the opponent or make the opponent miss the table or into the net. In ping pong, you could move only to fetch the ball and you could be the “best”. I have heard many tell me and overheard persons stating “I’m the best ping pong player in the world” or more seriously “I beat my friends at ping pong, I’m great” or “I won the tournament at my school”…….

I’ll guarantee that the school tournament and the friends had no idea how to play.

Table tennis is ping pong but it isn’t ping pong. I would like to see the “best ping pong player” try to return my sidespin serve or play defense against my loops and smashes. Why not try to chop me out of a point.

I return to my recent thought posted in my original “Table Tennis Around The World” around, table tennis and the ITTF need to spread the word and get national events on TV for the world to watch in awe.

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