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Ping Pong Bar, a New Revolution in Table Tennis

Ping pong bars are adding to the fun obtained from playing ping pong. If you are tired of playing indoors, or you want to play in a different environment, you can consider entering a ping pong bar. Formerly, pool tables were the ones dominating bars and clubs.

However, with the current demand for table tennis, bars are revolutionizing the game by equipping ping pong tables and equipment. Next time you want to visit a bar, consider a ping pong bar!

Bounce ping pong barphoto source: pingpong bounce

What is a Ping Pong Bar?

If you fancy playing ping pong with a cocktail in hand and having a good time with friends, then ping pong bar is your thing. A ping pong bar is simply a table tennis table equipped in a normal bar or club.

You can go there to have your cool beer, hang out with friends and participate in a friendly table tennis match while doing so. If table tennis is not your thing, worry not, you can watch interesting matches between players as you sip your drink or take eat delicious food.

Can you visit a ping pong bar if you are not a pro?

Yes. A ping pong bar is a place for ping pong players who like playing in informal and social places like bars and clubs. You can enter and play for pleasure. If you a pro, you can register a team and take your competition to another level.

What if I don’t take alcohol/cocktail?

If you want to visit a ping pong bar and you don’t consume alcohol, you can still enjoy a delicious meal while watching colleagues play. It is not mandatory to order alcohol. You can order your favorite non-alcoholic drink.

Say goodbye to boredom and play in a ping pong bar

Below is a list of ping pong bars where you can play table tennis for fun or have a match with friends

  • London ping pong bars include Bounce, The bat and ball, The miller, Ping, Sink-Paul street, Nordic bar and Smash Wimbledon among others
  • SpiN (New York & Toronto )
  • Gossima (Paris)
  • Dr. pong (Berlin)
  • DuPong (Copenhagen)
  • Kosmonaut (Manchester)
  • Mladost Table Tennis Bar (Belgrade)


If you are in London, you can find a lot of bars to hang out. But what makes Bounce different and special with others is that you can play ping pong in this bar.

There are 17 table tennis tables in the Bounce.

It is really good that you not only can enjoy great foods and drinks with good hospitality in the bar, you can also having fun playing ping pong with your friends and accompanies.

If you don’t like to play in public because you are too shy of your skill, you can book for the private room. There are also table tennis tables available in some private rooms.

This is the official website of Bounce.


SPiN is an international chain of franchised table tennis clubs and bars. The company was founded in 2009 by actress Susan Sarandon.Excerpt from Wikipedia.

You can find SPIN ping pong bar at various cities in the USA and Canada like New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Toronto, Philadelphia, Seatle, Washington D.C., and Austin. There are more bars pending to be opened in more cities soon.

You can learn more about SPiN from the wikipedia page.

You can make your booking on SPiN website if you intend to have some fun in their bars.


There was a scene that intrigued you when arriving in this small hidden place.

No matter if you are playing ping pong with a racket, or holding a beer/cocktail in hand, or sitting on a couch or around the ping pong table, you will spend a unique moment in a place that combines with a nice atmosphere, foods, and drinks.

The Gossima welcomes you even without a reservation. You can well spend your evening by inviting your colleagues or friends to go there and have fun.

You can take a look of the Gossima website to know more about the bar.

Dr. Pong

People are often having a festive party in Dr. Pong Berlin. There are many tourists travel here from all around the world. They are from various countries and have different cultures. But when they visit Dr. Pong bar, everyone is playing ping pong together. Everyone is sharing the same culture at this juncture.

I can imagine this bar to be the ping pong friendliest bar because you can eat, drink, talk, and play ping pong.

You are going to have a very great moment where you can have a fine dinner and playing ping pong at the same time in the same place.

Take a look of Dr. Pong website


This ping pong bar is located in Copenhagen, Denmark. The owner is really nice and the bartenders are very lovely. You can have delicious food and give yourself some shots of liquor. You will have sweaty mood with the good music being played in the bar.

This is a wonderful concept for people to come in eating and playing ping pong. They can have a fantastic evening in this town.

You can visit to Dupong website to find out more.


You can spend some great time in Kosmonaut. The bar has some great craft beers on tap that you will be enjoyed yourself in drinking them. The bar is very nice looking. The bartenders are skillful and the decoration is nice.

Go to view their website here.

Mladost Table Tennis Bar

Don’t expect this to be a modern bar when you enter into this place. This is an old-fashion bar with some traditional table tennis table available inside. You can play table tennis and have your meal there.

It is a nostalgia venue where it can bring up some of your sweet old memory.

Take a look of the website.

Why play in a ping pong bar?

Most ping pong bars have high-tech table tennis equipment. You will play using advanced equipment that challenges your expertise. In addition, playing in such a place helps you to meet sports celebrities and talented individuals. You will get challenged and put more effort into your game.

Most importantly, a ping pong bar makes you play while still having a good time with friends. You do not have to postpone or forfeit a night out with colleagues and friends in order to play your game. You can still book a table in a ping pong bar and have fun while playing.

It is not for those who take a beer or other alcoholic drinks only. You can order coffee, food or other non-alcoholic drinks. Else, you can order for a bat and proceed to the playing table.


If you are tired of playing indoors or desire a different environment, then try playing in a ping pong bar. You will have a different playing experience while having relaxing moments.

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