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Stop Screwing Around and be Faithful to One Paddle

I played quite a bit of table tennis last week. I am going to the club twice a week now and I play at the office for 3 nights a week. I have been busy. I have never been bored because I always had a different paddle or different rubbers to try out but last week I complained that I lost 5 games by 2 points.

The quick reply is that I would gain two points by simply playing with one paddle instead of always adapting to a different paddle. Sometimes I have taken four paddles to the club and played with all four.

After a little thought, I decided that I would play only with my 729 Bomb+Reflectoid+Pogo 0X LP. I find playing with LP is more difficult than playing with anti but the last few days I have concentrated on getting to know the LP so I can do BH topspins as well as simply block.

There are a lot of similarities between anti and LP and some of the anti-skills have carried over to the LP. One thing I do know is that I am no PushBlocker, but I do intend to hit BH drives and chop when appropriate instead of just push and block.

playing ping pong
playing ping pong

Last Sunday I played a bit with a Chinese LP player that uses LP on his FH. He uses Palio LP with 1mm sponge. It doesn’t have the strong spin reversal as 0X does. I found that I could get his LP balls back without much problem using controlled topspin.

What I had problems with is when he really hit the ball hard. I couldn’t simply block like I normally do. I had to chop or do a distance FH push to get the ball back but my instinct is to block and they simply would take a dive.

More to learn

I let the Chinese player play with my LP paddle. I could tell the difference in the amount of spin reversal. There was much more spin reversal than when playing against the Palio LP 1mm. Still, the Pogo LP spin reversal wasn’t that bad until he hit the ball harder and these often went into the net.

If I have time, I can lift the balls with a controlled loop. When I don’t have time, then I get into trouble. I have to figure that out. The Chinese LP player said my paddle was ok but a little slow for him. If I wanted more speed, I should try the 0.6mm Pogo.

I was thinking today when I was practiced that it is slow when I try to hit topspins back from the table but if the LPs were any faster, I wouldn’t be able to block at the table. I have not practiced a lot hitting balls with my BH when over one meter from the table.

Hopefully, I don’t have to do that much at the club. I am getting much better and the blocking and pushing and handling serves with the LP. I now try to place the ball instead of simply get the ball back.

The Chinese LP player also wanted to try out my 563 MP 1.5mm. I had previously removed the Yasaka Anti Power from my Samsonov Alpha and replaced it with 563 MP 1.5mm the week before.

While replacing the BH rubber I notice that the H2 Neo was also coming off, so I removed it but instead of putting it back on I put on an old sheet of 1.5mm Scramble that I used last summer just to see the difference between the Mark V max and H2 Neo that have also been on the FH of my Samsonov Alpha. The paddle had a totally new feel.

On Thursday, I thought I did well with it but the competition isn’t very strong. The Samsonov Alpha+Scramble+563 MP is now more of a hitters paddle and the 563 MP was actually faster than the Scramble.

At first, I used the Scramble as the FH but later I used the MPs on my FH. I could still get topspin on the ball and it made counter drives easy. The 1.5mm sponge made the MP fast but it doesn’t do anything tricky. No spin reversal or wobbly balls.

The rubber is simply fast and not as susceptible to incoming spin. 563 MP It doesn’t block near as well as Reflectoid, The Chinese LP tried out my 563 MP see what he could do with it. He could block after a little practice but that is no big deal. He said it takes a long time to become really good with MP and I should have got 1mm sponge.

I got more stuff than I have time to use now even though I am playing much more. I will put the other paddles away and stick with the LPs and see if being faithful to one paddle will improve my consistency.

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