Eat and Drink Like an Athlete after Ping Pong Training

After spending your day training hard, you need to relax and eat like a ping pong player. However, there are many factors you need to consider before choosing where to eat. Consider the meals you plan to eat. Just like in Ping Pong that you need to consider the prices on tables. You also might want to consider the costs of foods that you’re going to buy. If they are special meals, you must carefully select the best restaurant that serves the type of meals you want.

Preferred Food

Check the local newspaper for places that feature the recipes eaten by Ping-Pong players. You can also visit websites to find out the recipes served at the restaurant of your choice. Read reviews. Yelp and Trip advisors offer an excellent resource for those looking for quality restaurants. Check out the pros and cons of the restaurant. Check out the photos of the best dishes prepared by the restaurant.

Dietary Restrictions

If you are a vegetarian or suffer from allergies, it is essential to be careful. Call the restaurant to find out if there are dietary substitutions not listed on the menu.

Here are the best meals are eaten by Ping-Pong players

Energy Foods

Fuelling up your muscles after training is essential if you want to remain in good shape. These are matches that last for several hours and require that you stock enough calories to last the day. Remember, caloric expenditure is reasonably high when playing, and so you need to replenish them before the next training session. Eat-in restaurants that serve the following foods:


Carbs are essential because they fuel the body. Carb-rich foods such as pasta can be eaten two hours before going to court.

Energy Bars

It is recommended that you eat energy-rich bars to top up energy levels. Luckily, they are portable and can be carried anywhere. Avoid high protein bars because they can be too heavy.

eating athlete
eating athlete

Energy Gels

Even though the gels are to re-hydrate the body during the changeover, they can be eaten before you take to the court. They are semifluid sugar that provides some electrolytes and digestible carbohydrates. They are good sources of fuel and contain some starch and digestible carbohydrates. They give players an excellent option for traditional drinks. Also, most people do not like sports drinks because they are very sweet.

Energy Beans

These are chomps, chews, blasts and beans that are sugar-packed and are tasty. They are more digestible and are loaded with carbs. They are comforting when chewed and will influence your outlook.

Tomato Juice

Players lose a lot of sodium as they play. They sweat profusely and hydrate a lot. These players should drink tomatoes juice because it is lovely and tasty. However, the drinks should be used after playing because they are acidic.

Chocolate milk

It is suitable for people who play more than one match in a day. It helps players recover and is very important for people who want to remain active in the next few years.

Table Tennis Players Fluid Intake

We all know that practice makes perfect, we all invest in good equipment, and we all over-analyze our game. How many of us know how to keep our body hydrated and energized? Here are some tips on drinking. What to drink, when and how much to keep you on the top of your game.

table tennis fluid drink
table tennis fluid drink

Before drinking just anything, a player should ask three simple questions:

  • When should I drink?
  • How much should I drink?
  • What should I drink?

Intake of fluids before playing:

Start consuming liquids low on sugars and with no added minerals about 60 minutes before you start playing. The last intake of fluids should be 20 minutes before playing. We never drink sodas, milk or carbonated water. The drink temperature should be 16°C if the air temperature is 20°C. (that is 60°F and 68°F respectively)

Fluids intake during play:

During an extended play, the body needs to intake 50-200 ml of fluids 20-30 minutes after the game. After that, you need to intake some fluids every 15-20 minutes but not over 800 ml/hour, as the human body cannot digest it.

The drinks shouldn’t contain more than 2.5% glucose and should be slightly sour. Adding a dissolving Vitamin C into the liquid is preferable. In the case of exhaustion and the case of a long effort, we can increase glucose %.

Fluids intake after playing:

After playing, the goal is to hydrate the body and help speed up the strength recovery process. So there is a need to cover the fluids lost during play by sweating and not just satisfy our thirst. The best way to determine the actual fluid loss is to weight the player before and after playing. Another good indicator is the color of the player’s urine. The less fluids a player has in his body, the darker the color of his urine.


1. Intake of fluids after intense playing for up to 60 min: In this case, we don’t have a significant loss in minerals, so it’s sufficient to intake fluids with some sugars and salt.

2. Intake of fluids after playing for more than 60 minutes: In this case, we need to cover the fluids lost and the minerals and sugars. That’s why we need to consume liquids that contain sugars. Preferably a simple tea, a syrup drink dissolved in water 1:1 ratio and fruit juices.

3. Intake of fluids during the day when not playing to recover strength and keep the body hydrated: We can consume any liquids freely during this time. We can drink both mineral water and water containing chlorocarbons and carbohydrates. The two kinds are suitable to be consumed in alteration. It’s also good to consume tea and good quality dairy drinks.


1. We never experiment with our recipes as that could result in diminishing our playing capabilities or even put our health at risk.

2. It’s necessary to drink the same liquids during a game as we drink during practice.

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