How To Play Table Tennis Like A Pro

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It is common to have a tennis table in your house or basement. Your friends and relatives may have the same table. At times you occasionally head there to have a match or two.
The moment you start playing the game, you realize the fun involved in playing, and you might desire to play more and more. Sometimes, people become engaged by the game, making them choose it as a sport for competition.

how to play table tennis

Tips on How to Play Table Tennis

When you think of playing table tennis, there are several aspects to remember to play like a professional. By learning the essential table tennis rules you will succeed in the gaming career.
To learn how to play table tennis requires frequent practice. Through continuous training, you can master some of the essential drills and techniques used in table tennis.
As much as you engage, you must ensure that all the techniques and skills you practice conform to table tennis rules and requirements.

learn to play table tennis

To know how to play table tennis, you must ensure that you are conversant with the basic rules and guidelines.
Sometimes, there can be slight variations in the rules. However, that should not worry you, as long as you follow the stipulated Olympic rules.

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Table Tennis Training

Practicing table tennis on your own, can be challenging to master the required skills. It is essential to hire an instructor or trainer to guide you through the training session.
However, the expenses of hiring a trainer can be quite expensive for some people. In such cases, it is advisable to use ping pong DVDs.
You can buy disks where training sessions have been recorded or disks with some of the best table tennis matches recorded. Using a disk becomes straightforward for you to observe and learn new techniques and accelerate your learning.

table tennis tips

Whether you are an amateur in table tennis, becoming a professional player is quite easy provided you put in the effort.

Ebook of Table Tennis Techniques

If you are serious about the game and wish to improve the techniques, I would recommend this ebook. It will help improve your skill level.

This ebook includes a lot of training tips. You will learn how to play table tennis, carry out a forehand loop and a reverse serve. Besides, you will learn how to play with the right tools once you have mastered the techniques.

From the book, you will understand how to handle different ball spins when they hit your way.

This book is beneficial to beginners and intermediate ping pong players. Nonetheless, advanced players may take pleasure in the tips provided by the book as well.

tttt book

I would say this is a book that bridges the missing link between match outcome and technical expertise. The book explains all the strokes in a cohesive pattern. You will understand the difference between tactical and strategic thinking as you go along.

Tips to Help You Improve Your Table Tennis Game

Whether you are new to table tennis or consider yourself an advanced player, there are ways to improve your game. Here is a list of tips that can help you do just that.

Play With The Tactics of Different Lengths and Spins

First, try to mix up your serves by using different lengths and spins. If you are always serving the ball the same way, your opponent will eventually catch on and know how to respond.

By switching it up occasionally from medium-long, short, deep, down-the-line, pure speed, pure spin serves, then it will keep your opponent guessing how he should respond.

playing table tennis
playing table tennis

Another suggestion, is to make sure your eyes and attention are focused squarely on your opponent’s racket when he is serving. It is easy to want to “keep your eye on the ball,” but this can lead to trouble. The person serving can easily deceive you with how high he is tossing the ball.

Watching the racket gives a better idea of how he is going to hit the ball. Also, change how you are returning the ball when being served from time to time. Many people allow their opponent to begin the offense by trying to push too often.

By switching up your returns from loops, pushes, drives, and chops will not only give you variety, but will also keep your opponent on his toes.

Get The Right Equipment

Try to put some thought into the equipment you choose and pick wisely. If you are using professional equipment, start off by using a medium-fast blade instead of merely fast.

This type of racket will force you to depend more on your skill and technique rather than the racket itself. Relying more on technique, gives you more control over how you hit the ball.

An essential piece of advice to play like a champion, whether you are a beginner or a seasoned veteran, is to keep you cool. If you are losing a game or have failed to hit the ball several times in a row, be sure to control your temper and remain calm.

Ask yourself what you need to correct. Once you come up with an answer, put it into motion.

More on Learn How To Play Ping Pong

Learning how to play table tennis is relatively easy, especially if you are the sort of person who is into sports. This game doesn’t involve any complicated rules and guidelines that can be confusing to any beginner. As long as your reflexes are good and you know the right way to hit the ball, then you can quickly get into the game of table tennis.

play table tennis

Would you like to know how to play table tennis? Table tennis is an exciting sport and one of the most popular sports in the world.

Table Tennis Basics

The basics of playing table tennis include how to choose your table tennis equipment, have the necessary table tennis skills, and know the basic rules in table tennis.

You will need a table tennis table if you want to practice ping pong at home, or you can join a local table tennis club and practice with their ping pong tables.

However, the most crucial table tennis equipment you will need is the table tennis racket.

You need to know the basic techniques the essential table tennis serves, basic table tennis strokes, and table tennis footwork.

The first serve in a table tennis game is decided by a toss of a coin or by hiding the ball in one hand, and the other player will guess which of the hand the ball is hidden.

If the guess is correct or not, it will allow the winner the right to serve or receive first and chose which side of the table to start playing.

To make a good serve, you will need to hold the ball in your palm with one hand and your racket in the other hand, then toss the ball upward not less than 6 inches high.

As the ball descends, you will have to strike the ball with your racket so that it will hit your side of the court first and then hit your receiver’s court across the net.

However, in a fun game at home, most players do not toss the ball upward. However it is against table tennis rules if you do not toss the ball upward before serving.

Use the Right Paddle to Hit the Ball

Beginners should first familiarize themselves with some of the game’s basics to learn how to play it. These include learning how to hold the paddle, do a serve and a return. Once these basics are covered, the rest can easily follow.

Learning the right way to hold the paddle is crucial for all beginning to play the game. The way a player holds his paddle can significantly affect his movements and reactions. Different types of grips exist depending on the different varieties of players.

Correct Way of Holding A Paddle

The two primary ways of holding a paddle are the penhold grip and the shakehand grip. The names sum up how each of the grips is executed. The penhold grip is similar to how a person would hold a writing instrument, while the shakehand grip is similar to the shape that the hand makes when shaking hands. A player can use any of these two grips depending on their style and preferences.

The serve is another thing that must be learned. It is used to start all table tennis matches. It is done in various ways and techniques again depending on the player’s style and preferences. It is done by holding the ball on the player’s open hand then throwing it in the air to as high as possible.

The player then hits the ball so that it bounces once on his court. Then on the opponent’s court, making sure that it doesn’t touch the net.

Doing a successful return must then be done after a serve is done. Again this can be done in several ways, either offensively or defensively, as long as it is sent back to the opponent’s court without bouncing twice on the player’s side.

These three fundamental things are needed in learning how to play table tennis successfully. It is recommended for any beginner to familiarize themselves with these three as these can serve as the stepping stones in learning more advanced table tennis terms and methods successfully.

Below are some excellent videos that you can refer to on the basics of playing the table tennis game.


Ways to Practice Table Tennis

What are the best ways to practice table tennis techniques and improve your game? 

Different table tennis practices can improve your necessary skills in table tennis if you are a beginner. You will need to know the basic table tennis techniques to enable you to improve your game.

practice table tennis

You have to consistently practice your table tennis techniques before you can master them and become a better player. I will show you the best table tennis practices for beginners to develop table tennis skills.

Table Tennis Practices for Beginners

Here are the six best table tennis practice tips that can help you improve your table tennis techniques.

Practicing with a Coach

The best way to practice table tennis techniques is through a coach. A coach will help you develop your game and teach you all the crucial techniques you need to know.

Having a Playing Partner

You can practice with a playing partner at the same level as you or slightly above your play level.

Using Table Tennis Robot

If you cannot find a training partner or a table tennis coach, you can use a table tennis robot. Table tennis robots are  excellent for you to practice and improve your game if you can afford them.

Folding Table Tennis Table

It is best to buy a self-practice table tennis table because it can help you practice your game. Folding table tennis tables can be used as playback to practice your table tennis serves and strokes.

Table Tennis Videos

Watching instructional table tennis videos and table tennis championship videos can help you improve your techniques.

You can find free table tennis practice videos on YouTube, and you can also buy instructional table tennis videos at online table tennis stores.

Table Tennis University pages have some good collections of free table tennis championships videos that can help you practice your table tennis techniques.

Practice Table Tennis Skills

To practice your basic table tennis strokes, serves, and table tennis spin. You can use any of the above or a combination of two or three for maximum results to improve your tennis techniques.

If you are serious about learning table tennis and want to improve your table tennis skills, you need to consistently practice your techniques to master them and become a better player.

Multiball Table Tennis Training Method

Using the multiball method to practice can help you improve your game. The multiball practice method involves two players or a player and a coach.

You can use multiball to practice your forehand and backhand stroke techniques continually.

Multiball training

There are many training techniques to help beginners learn how to play table tennis. One of these methods is multiball table tennis training. Multiball is a very effective training method for beginners and amateur table tennis players.

It is always challenging for beginners to effectively control the ball without using some practical table tennis training. Multiball helps beginners concentrate on hitting and placement of the ball.

multiball robot

Multiball includes using a bucket or container of balls, where a coach or any other person (training partner) throws the ball to a player from one side of the table to another.

The coach or training partner throws the ball while the player hit the ball back with a specific stroke and spins to a specific angle.

The bucket of balls is usually placed near the edge of the table. The other person or partner who supplies the ball stands on either side of the table, depending on if he is left-handed or right-handed.

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Benefits of multiball in table tennis

One of the advantages of using a multiball churning machine in table tennis is that it helps beginners practice hitting the ball. Also, to control the ball at the right angle or direction.

You can use it to build player fitness because the feeder can place the balls to make the player continuously move from one angle of the table to another in a quick sequence.

It also helps a player perfect his/her strokes because the coach or training partner will precisely feed the ball where he wants it to be and thereby make the player hit a particular stroke many times in a row.

Multiball is also used to help a player get the right footwork for a particular stroke. For instance, if a player needs a particular stance or movement to hit a stroke, the feeder will feed the ball so that the player will move into the right position before hitting the ball. The ball will be fed faster when the player gets the grip.

The multiball can help a player develop good eye reflex and help develop speed in returning strokes and understanding spin.

The disadvantage of multiball is that only one player benefits from the practice because the other player has to throw the ball to the practicing player.

However, if the player has a coach to feed the ball for him, it would be better, but a coach that has more than one player under his training would not be able to satisfy all his players at the same time.

Practicing Against Weaker Opponents

The other day, I taught a class of twelve-year-olds at the boy’s club in my area.

While showing them the proper way to use footwork, the athletic director walked in and took a seat. The whole time he was there, he seemed fascinated by the game.

blocking stroke
blocking stroke

When the class was over, he pulled me aside and asked me, “Why are you so excited about teaching these young men the finer points on table tennis?”
I replied, “To me, it’s not teaching, I’m really practicing.” The athletic director looked shocked by my answer.

“How can you practice with a bunch of kids when you obviously are very good at what you do?” he asked.Many times, players disregard others who play the lovely sport of table tennis simply because they feel inferior. I feel that every match is different.
Whether you have superior skills or not, practice is practice. Now I’m not saying you should go out there and crush the weaker opponent into oblivion. It won’t do anything, but help make enemies and make you look like a mean-spirited player. Instead, be creative and find ways to improve your game!
You can practice on one or two specific things, that will help your game become stronger.
For instance, if the weaker player has an excellent forehand, then practice ways to return the shot. You can work on using good footwork to return every shot with your backhand.
Not only will this be a workout for you, but also your opponent can practice their forehand as well and learn from you. That’s what being a good sportsman is all about.

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