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USA Table tennis Association (USATT) is the governing body established with the purpose to train people to become the world’s top players of table tennis. The association is also responsible for promoting and maintaining table tennis in the United States. USATT is recognized by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) which is the governing body in charge of table tennis in the world.

The USA table tennis organization was founded in 1933 and is presently located in Colorado Spring in the United States. Table tennis is also known as ping pong. It became the official name of the sport because of the trademark issue between packer Brothers and the United States table tennis in the 1930s.

The name ping pong was a registered trademark name own by the Parker brothers.

The Function of USATT

The United States table tennis promotes the growth of table tennis in the United States by organizing tournaments, regulating the national rating and ranking systems in the United States. It promotes certification programs for coaches and officials of table tennis in the USA.

It has more than 8,000 registered members and there are more than 350 table tennis clubs that are affiliated to USATT with more than 300 certified coaches.

USA Table Tennis Tournaments

The US table tennis open is one of the oldest table tennis tournaments in the United States. It began in 1931 and involves both the men’s and women’s competitions.

The US national tournament is an annual USATT competition that strictly involves only US citizens. The top players in the US national table tennis tournament also qualify to play in the USA table tennis national team trials and it is also used to screen players of the USATT cadet and junior teams.

Both the US table tennis open and US national table tennis tournament attracts more than 600 table tennis players across the country.

The Scoring System in the USA

The major table tennis events in the United States are national championships and the U.S. Open.

The game is processed in chronological order, while the game points are calculated according to the winning and losing times.

If a player defeats players who have higher scores, his scores will increase and he is eligible to participate in higher group tournaments. This is done to protect players who are competing for the first time and are amateurs.

The scores for each new member is based on the first match. The more matches a player plays the first time, the more accurate the original scores will be.

Currently, most members in the United States have scores below 2000. The USATT selects the players to be in the national team by referring to the integral indicators. Usually, players who have scores of 2,450 or more, are eligible to join the national team.

There is also a score accumulation game in the United States called the Ping Pong League, which is an expanding online network. The competition is to allow table tennis enthusiasts to run an alliance and follow the “USA-TT Alliance” score rules.

The league can be established anywhere, such as entertainment centers, clubs, schools, companies, factories, army camps, and even basements.

When Was The League Established?

The league was established on September 2, 2003. There is no membership fee, and it is open to anyone.

Each league manager prints the name of the players on the scoring order before the league begins. One recommended rule of the game is to divide the top five players with the highest scores in the list, into the first group, the next 5 highest score players in the second group, and so on.

If the number of people on the list cannot be divisible by five, the groups are adjusted.

Each player must compete with other players in the same group. The goal of the player is to win all the games in the group and improve their scores in the league.

How Is The Game Play?

The recommended gameplay is best of 5 sets, and 11 points for each set. Some leagues can also use the best of 3 sets so that players can play more matches at the same time.

The players who rank high in the first and second group, qualify to play a final between the group.

Before the start of the league, all players need to evaluate their own score level or use the score in USATT. The change of scores in the league is similar to the change of scores in USATT.

After the match, each league administrator will enter the scores into the network. The scores are automatically calculated online. The competition manager needs to give the new entrants an appropriate estimate of the scores. If it is not possible to estimate the scores, he gives an initial score of 800 points.

Score Error Rectification

The complete match results are stored in the database and can be proofread. There are errors where sometimes a player incorrectly fills in the paper score sheet. At times the game manager reports the wrong result. Also, the USATT causes an error in the database which can lead to the wrong result.

If you believe that the system has an error in processing the results of one of your matches, you can file a complaint. If it’s confirmed to be wrong, it is corrected and the scores changed. Scores cannot be adjusted after 6 months of the tournament.

The American league scoring system is based on the complete USATT Championships tournament system. The USATT Championships scoring system is prepared for the players to record their scores in any match that they play.

The two systems operate independently, but parallel. At present, the competition scoring system is promoted and used by China sports clubs. The scoring system established in China is basically based on the evolution of the above two scoring systems.


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