STIGA Classic 2-Player and 4-Player Table Tennis Sets

The STIGA table tennis rackets are a great brand name in the table tennis community. This STIGA Classic Table Tennis Set is well made and also durable. They come in several colors and styles to suit the needs of the avid gamer.

It is not a surprise that many ping pong enthusiasts are so inclined to have this brand of equipment and accessories for playing this game. So if you are looking for ping pong accessories and equipment, a great option is to look for STIGA table tennis rackets or paddles.

You can choose either a 4-Player set or a 2-Player set.

4-Player set is manned for the double game, and the 2-Player is manned for the single game.

STIGA Performance 4-Player Table Tennis Set

If you buy this STIGA Performance 4-Player Table Tennis Set, you will be able to play a doubles match right away with your friends or family members.

What You Get With The Set

The set comes with 4 paddles and 6 ping pong balls. The paddle is featured with a 1.0mm rubber sponge, 5-ply construction, and a concave handle. The balls measure 40mm in diameter with a 3-star rating, which is good and decent for official competition. The blade can fit nicely in your hand if you get a hold of it.

stiga performance table tennis set

You can play the ping pong game anywhere with this table tennis set. What you need to do is set the post on the table, grab your rackets serve up with the included balls, and let your body fly.

The rackets are made for compact storage. It has a smooth rubber to provide a good spin on the ball that you play on. Also, it features a pips-in surface where the pips are inverted so that you can have better control and spin. The can make your playing stroke to be more powerful to compete with your opponent.

The edge on the paddle is providing good protection for the rubber against ripping off. With the combination of bi-injection, it is ready to provide a sturdy and compact feel to the bat, which is a technology that STIGA is renowned for.

The Bottom Line

Generally, this table tennis set can provide you with a lot of fun playing the game of ping pong. It gives you some quality play with good speed, spin, and control.

If we look at the price, it is very affordable compared to other similar range ping pong sets. Thus, it is a relatively safe purchase for you if you are just on your way to finding decent paddle sets to play ping pong for fun.

You can get this set from Amazon.

STIGA Classic Table Tennis Set – 4-Player

Stiga Classic 4-Player Table Tennis Set

Specification for STIGA Classic 4-Player Table Tennis Set:

  • 4 x hardbat rackets
  • 3 x 1-star white balls
  • Surface: pips out
  • Handle: straight
  • Blade: 5-ply
  • Paddles are made of hardbat-style rackets

The racket has pimples on both sides of the rubbers. The color of the rubbers is red on one side and black on another side. It is the standard color for table tennis.
The overall performance of the racket is excellent. It can offer you decent speed, spin, and control. 3 balls come with this set, and the ball is of 1-star. The set is suitable for beginners and amateur players.

You can buy this set from Amazon.

STIGA Classic Table Tennis Set – 2-Player

Stiga Classic 4-Player Table Tennis Set

Specification for STIGA Classic 2-Player Table Tennis Set:

  • 2 x hardbat rackets
  • 3 x 1-star white balls
  • Surface: pips out
  • Rackets: straight handle
  • Blade: 5-ply
  • Performance Ratings – Speed: 24, Spin: 28, Control: 48
  • STIGA 1-star balls are the regulation size (40mm)
  • Recreational-quality set
  • USATT Approved

You can get this table tennis set from Amazon.

STIGA Pure Color Advance 2-Player Table Tennis Set

Stiga pure color advance 2player tt set
Stiga pure color advance 2player tt set

Racket Features:

  • Concave Handle
  • 1-Star Rubber
  • 5-Ply Blade
  • 1.5mm Sponge

Racket Performance Ratings:

  • Speed: 44
  • Spin: 32
  • Control: 88


  • 2 paddles (1 Orange, 1 Green)
  • 3 balls (2 Green, 1 Orange)
  • Dimensions: L 12 x W 8 x H 1.1 inches
  • Weight: 0.75 lbs

STIGA Pure is a performance paddles series with added flare. The paddles are constructed with ACS Technology which can offer players with superb control. The paddle is attached with orange and green rubbers which make it a very colorful paddle.

If you want colorful paddles and balls different from the standard one, you can get this STIGA Pure Color Advance 2-Player Table Tennis Set.

They are available at Amazon.

You can play the game of ping pong with this STIGA 2-Player Classic table tennis set. It can be perfect equipment for recreational players to enjoy playing and have some sport exercise to stay healthy.

Progress to Olympic

When it comes to playing ping pong, some people take it very seriously and participate in the Olympics. When playing the game, it is essential to use a paddle that suits the player’s needs.

These STIGA table tennis rackets are made from the best quality wood and use the highest quality rubber to ensure that they will last for a long time. Some of them are even recommended for tournament play, but they are sold for the rookie players.

These rackets can be purchased alone or in sets and can also come with a great sleek-looking cover to complete the look. Depending on the racket, they range in price from ten dollars to the upper hundred dollars. Professional ping pong players insist on a good handling racket to complete any competition.

Great Choice For Starters

Overall, the STIGA table tennis rackets are a great addition to any table and can be used by the most novice player to the highest competitors. Having a table tennis table in the home is a wonderful way to increase your skills. If competing professionally is a goal, having a home table with the proper rackets is a must.

Some would not look for STIGA table tennis rackets because of the price, but if you intend to have them for the long haul, you should consider otherwise.

It can be a fun game of skill played in large groups or just family game night. No matter the skill level, it’s fun for everyone involved and does not take much effort to learn to play this simple and easy yet fun and entertaining game.

Whether daily, weekly, or monthly, this is a game enjoyed by most who have tried it. And the obvious choice if you want a long-lasting investment in your table tennis equipment, like pads and ping pong racquets, STIGA table tennis rackets is an excellent choice.


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