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STIGA Apex Ping Pong Racket Review

If you are a recreational or beginner players of table tennis, then this STIGA Apex racket can be an ideal one for you to start to play the game. It is a great racket for beginner players because it can provide a good balance in speed and spin.

stiga apex

Among the top five pre-assembled rackets made by STIGA, STIGA Apex is the lowest offering in terms of performance and speed. Since it is the lowest offering, it is also the cheapest among the five rackets.

Know The Construction


The paddle is built with 5-ply Extra Light plywood with great design. The blade is created with the innovative Balsa Technology from Stiga.


There are 2 inverted rubbers built with ACS Technology that is attached on the racket in both sides: black color at one side and red color on the other side.


There is a 2.omm sponge for the thickness of the rubber. The strong edge band that protects the rubber surface in the sponge.


The paddle is featured with a comfortable Concave Italian Composite Handle with anatomic grip. It is built with WRB System. WRB is standing for Weight Balance(W), Rate of Recovery(R), Ball Sensitivity(B). It is very comfortable to hold.


The racket is having a weight of 149 grams. This is considered lightweight if compared it to the similar ranges of rackets. Therefore, this is an ideal racket for you to buy for your kids if they are having issues or are struggling with the heavier paddles which stopping them to play the game of table tennis.



Since this is a racket with low range and is focus on recreational table tennis players, you will not have good speed with this racket. The speed can be quite slow even you do a powerful hit.


The spin of this racket is also very poor. It can’t generate a lot of spins and sometime you will find the ball is not spin at all even you have exerted a lot of your strength to spin it.


The control is good but is not as good as the STIGA Apex. Since it is a slow racket, you can play with good control. But the stroke that you can play is rather for recreational one and not the standard practices.

When you first open up the box that contains the racket, you will see it is well located inside the box. Once you take it out, you can see there are rubber protectors affix on both of the rubbers. You can peel them off and you can feel the smoothness of the rubber once you use your finger to touch on the rubber surface.


You can play real good block shots with ease by using this racket. You can play for a longer period if you and your opponent are doing more blocking strokes and not try to smash the other to death in a hurry.

Racket Information:

  • 5-ply Extra Light Blade
  • 2.0mm Sponge
  • Concave Italian Composite Handle with WRB System
  • Speed: 65
  • Spin: 52
  • Control: 80
  • Weight: 149g

It can be important equipment for you to play the game and offer you with good dexterity and flexibility. By having such advantages, it can help to improve your playing skills.

Better Bounce

The STIGA Apex can offer you with better bounce compare to other rackets that are of a similar price range. One thing that you need to know is how the racket is made. For most of the rackets that being produced by STIGA which is a serious and reputable table tennis company in Sweden, most of their rackets are handmade.

Besides, the final product that you hold in your hand is actually going through a lot of processes before it finally turns out to be a racket that you can play with. The process involved in getting, pick, cut, dry, strict, glue, tech, mix, harden, purify, finalized, and lastly come into your hand to play.

Good Control

The STIGA Apex is quite a great racket that can offer a player with a lot of control. You can sense the solidity in your hand and you can feel the leap improvement on the basic racket that being constructed by STIGA. It is quite a decent player for entry level play.

After all, for recreational play, this is one of the most suitable rackets that you can have for the price. You can have good friction with it if you try to do a little test with your hair (its sticky enough). The overall appearance can make people feel like it is an expensive racket. Anyway, in case you wish to have a cool looking racket without burning a hole in your pocket, this STIGA Apex is the one you should go for.


This is definitely not a racket for intermediate or advanced players. It is just suitable for recreational play. If you are just want to have fun playing table tennis or you just start to learn to play the game, then you can think of getting this racket.

If you are already playing for some time and you have mastered some skills of the game, you shouldn’t buy this racket as it will have a negative effect on your playing skill. Your skill may become worse if you play with this racket. You should avoid this to happen to you.

Anyhow, if you really want to have some fun by playing ping pong with your friends and family members, and you are looking for some rackets with cheap price, then this racket is the right choice for you. You can get this STIGA Apex racket from Amazon.

If you are progressing and start to play better table tennis, you may also want to check out the STIGA Pro Carbon as it is among the best racket that you can get from STIGA if you are serious about playing table tennis. This racket is ideal for advanced players with the quality that they wish to have.


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