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Andro Ligna All+ Blade

Blades determine your whole experience in table tennis playing. Whether you are:

  • An offensive.
  • All-round or defensive player.
  • Choosing the right blade should be your number one concern.

The choice of your blade depends on your playing needs as well as your preferred control and speed. In this article, I want to introduce another blade, the Andro Ligna All+ blade. Let’s see more about this magnificent racket.

Outstanding features

The Andro Ligna All+ is a blade handmade in Germany. One thing about this blade is that it considers the needs of the modern table tennis player. Distributed by Polish Andro, it is a light to medium weight blade with 73g. It means that you won’t get tired during long hours of play.

Among many Andro blades, the Andro Ligna All+ blade is known to have a giant handle. If you are a regular table tennis player, you can agree that the handle’s size impacts your playing experience significantly. You do not want to have a blade handle that is too small for your hand. The Andro Ligna All+ blade has the perfect handle size.

When you first see this handle, you will notice that it looks like a modern plastic all-around racket. It appears to have a relatively decent and stiff finish. However, everything about it is just perfect for the game. The blade has almost equal roundness.

The overall feel of this handle is nothing you cannot miss. It is made of quality wood. The blade is rigid, durable and offers a good surface area for the ball to land. Another fascinating aspect of this blade is the high rate of ball hit and bounce.

Speed and control are essential features of any table tennis blade. It has a speed and control rate of 86 and 99, respectively. The Andro Ligna All+ blade manufacturer has considered the need to maximize speed while reducing the amount of energy the player uses.

It is a faster blade, mainly when used with the correct rubbers. You use little effort. Besides, the ball travels at high speed.

Andro Ligna All+ Bladeorder from megaspin

What of the spin? This blade has excellent spinning potential. For this reason, the racket can change the direction of the spin without difficulties. It offers a lot of confidence because of its high control.

With a synthetic fiber layer, the blade offers excellent ball bounce. The milliseconds at which the ball hits and bounces from the blade show a top blade. Again, speaking about the control ability, this blade has a forgiving character. What do I mean? The Andro Ligna All+ is a definition of what extra control is.

The almost all-round nature of the blade allows you to control your opponent and the entire game perfectly. Also, you are assured of well-balanced strokes. In a nutshell, it is a good blade for all-around players.


The above features qualify this blade as a top-blade. It meets the demands of the player. The blade is made with suitable material, innovative fibers that add to its workability. It offers all that an ambitioned player needs to excel and have a great experience in their favorite sport.

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