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Andro Kinetic Supreme ALL Blade

Andro technology continues to meet the playing needs of most modern table tennis players. Recently, it has produced blades for all players as well as the different levels. In the same effort, the technology recently launched the Andro Kinetic Supreme ALL blade.

Those who have used this blade so far refer to it as the joy of playing. I also can’t agree more. A detailed review of this blade will make you or any other player know more about it. Read on for more information.

What makes this blade worthy?

The Andro Kinetic Supreme ALL is built using an anti-torsion ply technology. This kind of innovation used by Andro makes the blade torsion-free and eliminates all kinds of annoying vibrations.

Some players, when using it for the first time, may experience vibration problems. However, you need to use it with the correct rubbers. The anti-torsion technology takes care of unnecessary vibrations.

Most players prefer rackets with a large sweet spot. The Andro Kinetic Supreme ALL is one such blade. Its enlarged sweet spot allows more hitting power and increases pressure on the ball.

In general, whether you are a beginner or a professional, this blade will offer you perfect ball hit and bounce without much difficulty. You can never lose control of the ball. Also, the more the total ball feedback is direct, the more the control and energy. The Andro Kinetic Supreme ALL is a high performing blade among other kinetic blades.

The Andro Kinetic Supreme ALL has 5 layers made of Kiri and Ayous material, respectively. These core veneers enhance durability and offer additional stability to the blade. This blade does not warp or flex when playing.

It is a strong blade. The core veneers also prevent any annoying vibrations. Besides, the kinetic grip system adds to its effectiveness. The players do not worry about the blade slipping off their hands. Its straight handle adds to the tight grip.

Andro Kinetic Supreme ALL Bladeorder from megaspin

With this blade, you can never lose your strokes. When contacting the ball, the blade releases its full striking power. With a control-rate of 99/100, it means that this Andro Kinetic Supreme ALL offers super ball control.

When it comes to precision, this blade is like no other. As a player, this blade will help you make topspins due to its extra high ball flying curve. Furthermore, it has a 360 degrees Celsius edge protection, adding to its durability.

The Andro Kinetic Supreme ALL provides maximum energy transfer, even when the ball hits outside the sweet spot. Its exceptional ball bounce helps beginners to learn most topspin techniques. Again, for tactical topspin players, they can use the blade to push their opponents to make mistakes.

Other additional features of this blade include a speed of 80/100, a medium to soft feeling and a weight of 85g. More so, the blade’s outer layers are made of zylon fiber and hinoki wood, respectively. Zylon fiber increases the blade’s speed and reduces its weight. The hinoki wood offers the blade a soft feeling and provides excellent spin.


When choosing a blade, it is always essential to check its weight, control, speed, and sweet spot size. This blade is above average. It is therefore recommended to players, especially, beginners and intermediate players.

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