Andro Wanokiwami Midori DEF Blade

Andro has been in the forefront to introduce new blades in the market. It works to meet the play requirements of all players. The Andro Wanokiwami Midori DEF is a special blade made for defensive play. It is a blade developed in conjunction with a Japanese woodworker.

Though many people have not used this blade so far, it does not make it an imperfect racket. In this article, I will present a detailed review of the Andro Wanokiwami Midori DEF in terms of speed, control, weight, handle type other essential characteristics that make it a fantastic blade. Come with me!


Among all Andro blades, the Andro Wanokiwami Midori DEF is a masterpiece defensive wood blade. It is processed excellently to provide all the comfort needed by defensive players. The blade meets all the expectations of the modern defender. During its development, the developers focused on the balances between defense and attack.

The main aim of the development process was to come up with a blade that offers the best control at a moderate speed without losing attacking power. Also, the blade has a good balance and a thick core veneer that is covered by thin middle and outer layers. The core layer offers power while the outside layers offer stable control and excellent feeling.

The Andro Wanokiwami Midori DEF consists of 7 plies. The wood veneers offer both durability and a good surface area for ball bounce. The wood veneers also make the blade rigid and prevent unnecessary bending. It is also concave in shape and has a medium to large sweet spot. In terms of control, this blade is hundred percent.

It measures 86g. It is therefore not a light or heavy blade. It has a medium weight, perfect for defensive play. Similarly, the blade size of 167x157mm is enough to offer a perfect surface area for the ball to land and feedback. Whether you are a young player or an expert, this Andro Wanokiwami Midori DEF provides you with excellent hits.

You have a variety of handles to choose from. You can either go for flared or straight. Both handles offer a comfort and a tight grip.

Andro Wanokiwami Midori DEF construction

The Andro Wanokiwami Midori DEF is a special project. It was made by Andro Technology, in conjunction with Takeshi Wanaka, a carpenter from Japanese. The motive behind the blade’s making was to come up with the blade made from noble woods.

Andro Wanokiwami Midori DEForder from megaspin

The carpenter, a famous and great professional in carpentry, brought all his knowledge in selecting, processing and bonding noble wood to come up with this blade. Takeshi Wanaka is not just a carpenter but an international wood dealer.

Coupled with ideas from the Andro development team, the result was a qualitatively perfect blade line. Greater coaches, players, and test players have all confirmed that the Andro Wanokiwami Midori DEF is a unique blade.


The Andro Wanokiwami Midori DEF offers a perfect base for variable topspins. Its artful finish and concave finish adds to its aesthetic value. It has a high control and moderate speed, perfect for the defensive player. It is a blade worth trying.

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