Andro Temper Tech OFF- Blade

Just like the Andro Temper Tech ALL+, the Temper Tech OFF- is passed through the temperature heating technology. We all know that heating not only makes wood light but also makes it moisture-resistant. This is one of the many features of the blade.

Temper Tech OFF- ping pong blade is a superb blade with excellent speed, control, and feeling. It is for all table tennis players who desire to get serious in their game. Here are more fascinating details about this blade.

Outstanding characteristics

The Temper Tech OFF- blade is made from mahogany wood. Mahogany is a hardwood. This means that the blade is highly durable. The tempering technology makes it a distinctive blade that is good for spin. It is made of 6 veneers.

The outer ply made of thin mahogany wood is effective in offering excellent ball control. The core is made of a strong Kiri wood. Kiri wood makes the core superb for ball-bounce. You can always depend on the finishing capacity of this blade.

If you need to advance in your ping pong game, this is the right blade for you. It is for players who have the desire to start and progress seriously in table tennis. Its speed is good enough for offensive playing.

Likewise, the feeling and control make it a great blade especially for players who like opening up on topspin shots. Its hard topspin layer prevents warp or unnecessary bending during tight competitions.

The Temper Tech OFF- comes in various handle options. You either choose straight or flared handle. Both handles offer a tight grip and allow you to have uninterrupted game experience. The handles are also very comfortable and do not harm your hand.

The general craftsmanship of this handle is really good. The wood material is of high quality. The fact that this Temper Tech OFF- goes through temperature heating technology makes it a lightweight blade.

The Kiri core is also perfect for an offensive all-around player. This technology is the reason why this blade has outstanding playing characteristics. In this Temper Tech technology, the wood passes through a temperature of 150°–230° C for a particular period of time. The process gets rid of all the moisture in the wood. As such, it becomes harder, lighter and more stable.

Andro Temper Tech OFF-order from megaspin

After the heating process, the wood becomes moisture resistant and thus it will not absorb any moisture even during humid weather. The Temper Tech is thus durable. The high energy transfer is an added advantage. Energy is transferred from the middle to the outside veneers. Energy transfer also adds to the blade balance. When you hit the ball correctly, this blade provides excellent feedback.

With a weight of 80g, the Temper Tech qualifies as a light blade. You will not worry about using too much energy to spin. Also, the blade does not cause fatigue when you play for long hours. It offers a medium hard feeling to the user.

Final word

Blades made from wood have never disappointed. They are always rigid, durable and offer a perfect surface area for ball bounce. The Andro Temper Tech OFF- is a blade worth your money, especially if you are an offensive player. It is recommendable to those who need to get serious with their game. Its speed and control and excellent.

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