Nittaku Acoustic Carbon Table Tennis Blade Review

Many people relish the Nittaku Acoustic blade in which most of them think the blade offers them a lot of fine touches and feel. But speed-wise, the original Acoustic may not meet their requirement.
As Nittaku always take their customer feedback seriously, they released the carbon blade where users will get the touch and feel they want and the speed and power they are looking for.

Nittaku Acoustic Carbon

The blade is built with string instrument manufacturing technology, which is produced with premium wood. It is laminated in stringed instrument production. For the first time, the Nittaku blade uses the particular material of this “FE Carbon” to make their blade in Japan. For your information, FE Carbon stands for FEEL Carbon, and the softness can be similar to the ALC Carbon.


  • Feel: Hard
  • Material: 5 ply wood + 2 ply FE Carbon
  • Weight: 90g
  • Thickness: 5.5mm
  • Size: 157 x 150 mm
  • Speed: 9.4
  • Control: 9.5
  • Consistency: 10

Blade Test

It responds faster toward hard shots. You may experience a lower throw. If you relax your hand while playing, you may feel the blade as short as with the acoustic. For the spin test, it provides almost the same spin as the original Acoustic blade.

The sweet spot is bigger than the original Acoustic blade, and you may have the woodiest feel from this carbon blade. The handle is quite comfortable, and the finish on the blade is superb. You are going to have a smooth feel when you grip it in your hand.

Nonetheless, the blade may provide the player with less flexibility, which causes a lower throw on the ball. The good thing is this makes it easy for you to do smash and drive with.

If you get this Nittaku Acoustic Carbon blade to play the game, you may immediately get a good feeling after playing a while without losing any speed or control. This blade can provide you with speedy shots and spins. Compare to other blades, and this blade offers you faster shots and more speed.

The head is not too heavy, and therefore it can provide you with perfect balance and a low throw angle. The FL handle is as slim as the original Acoustic blade.

Many people get this blad because of its 5.5mm thick blade that combines with carbon. They love the excellent feedback and stiffness that the blade offers them. This blade can say to be a one gear blade without a catapult effect.

In terms of playing


When trying a low and medium bounce, you can have a precise dwell time when the blade is in contact with the ball.


You can do the pushing without any difficulty on both sides. You can do the pushing exceptionally well when it is close to the net. It is especially significant when you try to return short backspin serves from the opponent.


Excellent blocking experience offering for all players. You can easily make the block from both your forehand and backhand. It is even easier for you to do the block when you are playing close to the table.


You would have better results if you paired this blade with rubbers to give you a better tensor like the Tenergy 05 or Tenergy 64. By having the right rubber, you can play good at looping and driving.


It can offer players consistency smashing while playing the game. You can apply specific pressure to the ball that you smash from any distance, and your opponent will find it is rather difficult for them to return the shot.


The speed generated by this blade is quite fast. Even though it is not as fast as the hinoki blades, the speed is better than many other carbon blades.


The limba wood can bites the ball well, and so it can offers players great spin. You can generate a lot of spin by exerting a low to medium power to your strokes.


You can have excellent control with this blade, and it is effortless for you to play with. You can feel the blade is very stiff, and you can get no vibration at all when you use the blade to hit the ball.


There’s not much flexibility. It is one of the stiffest blades being produced by Nittaku. You can get a crisp sound and a hard feel when hitting the ball. However, there is not much flexibility with it( I feel the flex is almost zero). It is only slightly more flexible compared to the Timo Boll ALC blade.

Nittaku Acoustic Carbon Plies

If you like this Nikttaku blade, you can get it from Amazon or Megaspin.


The string instrument manufacturing technology adds two layers of carbon fiber to the original Acoustic blade, enhancing the overall rigidity and supporting force of the blade.

The blade offers you a good and solid feel. It is suitable to play loop and drive. The ball is fast, and the toughness is strong.

When the middle force hits the carbon layer, it will have the 7-ply speed and solidity. And when the force hits the sweet spot, it has the strength and throughput of 5-ply wood.

At the same time, the blade has the characteristics of a traditional carbon blade and excellent defensive stability. Although it is a carbon blade in the traditional sense, there is no “wooden feel” of traditional carbon blades.

It feels transparent and has excellent handling. In general, Acoustic-Carbon is a more powerful, comprehensive, and balanced blade suitable for all-round players.

If you compare the Nittaku Acoustic Carbon to Acoustic blade, we can typically say Acoustic Carbon is an upgraded version of the Acoustic blade.

However, the Acoustic Carbon offers a better feel and control than the Acoustic. It cannot only offer players more balance, but it can also offer players a more powerful shot.

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