Joola Carbon Pro Table Tennis Bat

This Joola Carbon Pro table tennis bat is designed for competitive players who have intermediate playing skills and are looking for the right bat to advance in their game.

Construction of the Bat

Let’s take a look at the construction of this Joola bat.


The blade is built with 7-plies wood. The Carbowood is the replacement of carbon fiber, making the blade an even better one. The blade is made of consistent offensive wood. It has a flared handle made from specifically glued veneers with 2 carbon layers for a better feeling.


It is an ITTF approved racket that comes with 4 You rubber sheets. The pre-assembled rubber has a smooth surface of 1.9mm thick sponge, which may not sound tacky enough to do forehand loops and drives.


The bat is flared. Such a design helps to increase the power, control, and accuracy of the bat. The flared handle makes the bat the best choice for optimal grip. It helps to increase the speed and control.

The bat can generate decent speed and spin among the Joola competition category. By playing with this bat in the game, you can find it is relatively easy for you to handle and change the playing stroke between forehand and backhand.

Joola Carbon Pro

The Carbon Pro is enhanced with the new carbon wood technology, which offers players a larger sweet spot. It is built with decreasing vibrations resulting in better stroke accuracy.

The bat is the right choice for offensive players looking for an edge to further compete in table tennis.


This Joola Carbon Pro table tennis bat is made of durable wood + carbon with a decent quality of rubbers. You will have no issue playing with this bat for a couple of years. 

Is It Worth Buy?

The price of this Joola Carbon Pro bat is about $50. But the performance is not as good as other bats of similar price range like the Palio Master 2 or Stiga Evolution. It can only perform like the Killerspin JET 200. The price may not match with the quality and performance it offers.

It can still be a perfect present for you to give away to your friends or family members who are just starting to learn to play ping pong. It can be a good bat for beginners. The bat comes with a gift box that looks sleek and elegant.


  • Speed: 98
  • Spin: 92
  • Control: 86


The speed is not very fast. It just cannot compete for the speed with Stiga Pro Carbon. Stiga Pro Carbon has a much faster speed. But for players who are not looking for fast speed then this bat might be suitable for them.


The bat can offer you just a decent spin. Don’t expect to have great spin on the ball. There are many bats with a cheaper price that offer you with a similar spin as this bat.


The good thing about this bat is it can offer you quite great control, especially if you are doing a lot of looping in topspin.


  • Veneer: 7-plies (5 wood + 2 carbon)
  • Rubber: 4 You(1.9mm)
  • Technology: Carbowood
  • Handle: Flared
  • Head Dimension: 6.10″ x 6.06″
  • Weight: 170g


  • You can have superb control by using this pre-made bat.
  • It is a lightweight bat to have.


  • Only can offer you average speed and spin.
  • The rubber is not tacky enough, Which makes it hard to make spins and loops.
  • Price is expensive for similar specs of the bat.

The price of about $50 for this bat is quite reasonable. But compared to other bats offered at similar prices, it is just not up to the expectation for the price that is asked for.

I would think many other cheaper bats do better than this bat. I have tried Killerspin JET 200, and it offered me a similar feel in terms of speed and spin. The Killerspin JET 200 is just about $18. This price is much cheaper compared to Joola Carbon Pro.

If you compare to the Palio Master 2, which has a similar price range, I think that Palio Master 2 is a better quality bat.

For beginners, this bat can help them improve their overall playing skills. But for intermediate players, this is just not the best bat.

If you are looking for a decent bat to play ping pong at your recreational time, you can choose the Joola Carbon Pro, which will offer you good control, and you will play a very stable game.

Because of the control, it can help you adjust your playing style better, and when you start to have reasonable control over the ball, your skill will be much stable, and you will improve your playing style after some time.

If you are interested to get this bat, you can buy from Megaspin.


Warren Davies

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