JOOLA Air Carbon Blade

It is another JOOLA product designed for aggressive players and part of the JOOLA AIR collection. It is the OFF version of the new series. It is a lightweight blade that enables table tennis players to focus on their shots. Check out more details on this blade below.

Outstanding features and design

The JOOLA Air Carbon consists of a built-in balsa core that measures 5mm in thickness. This core provides a special feeling and control. It is also a very lightweight blade weighing between 71 to 72 grams.

The design of this blade is created with player needs in mind. The ping pong player benefits from the saved power to concentrate on his or her shots.

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The JOOLA Air Carbon blade also has a 5 wood ply and a 2 carbon ply built upon the balsa core. It has a carbon layer that supplies speed when required. The carbon net sheet also enhances precision and the sweet spot leading to an offensive blade that offers excellent performance and controllability.

The low weight minimizes strain on the player’s elbow and wrist and permits quicker recovery during strong rallies.

This ping pong blade’s lightweight nature is due to the extreme drying and storage process that gets rid of all the moisture from the wood. The final result is a blade that possesses excellent game features. The ping pong player requires minimal power to hold the blade.

It allows the player to save his energy to use more essential activities such as concentrating on controlled movements when playing a shot. The drying and storage process in this blade’s production guarantees that the weight values align with JOOLA standards of offensive blades.

Besides the 5+2 veneers, balsa core and the carbon layer, the JOOLA Air Carbon also consists of Limba and Fineline grey layers. These materials enhance the durability and stability of the blade.

While using this blade, the backhand and forehand attacking shots are almost effortless. The Blocking process is quick but takes a while to adapt, primarily if you use heavy blades. The backhand push is controlled.

Handle type

The JOOLA air carbon blades are of two kinds; the flared and straight handle. It is to suit the player’s handle preferences and enhance grip. The choice of the handle type depends on the player’s choice. Both blades are helpful in backhand and forehand shots and allow free movement.

For offensive players, the Air Carbon blade is handy. You can smash the ball hard with precision and without losing control. It is excellent for blocking. Also, JOOLA Air Carbon has an epoxy around the edge to shield the wood from chipping.


The JOOLA Air Carbon will make your game exciting. It enables you to stage powerful attacks and block efficiently without much effort. Unlike other bulky OFF Blades that cause fatigue, this Air Carbon blade does not cause exhaustion.

The blade has a soft feel and offers excellent control and speed. It is an OFF blade worth having.

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