Stiga Offensive CR WRB vs Classic WRB

This is a short review on the Stiga Offensive CR WRB and also Classic WRB blade here. If you are a fan of Stiga WRB blade, you may have the interest to read this post.

Stiga Offensive CR WRB

What is the CR System?

Stiga WRB Description

The CR SYSTEM is when the front part of the blade is UV-finished, which yields a reasonably increased speed to the ball.

THE WRB SYSTEM accelerates the blade face for faster returns, more power, and extra touch sensitivity.

Source from Stiga

You may refer to the Stiga website to know more about different blade tech specs produced by the company.

Innovative Technology

Today, you can find a lot of table tennis blades made of carbon fiber. 

The new technology of Stiga has abandoned the influence of traditional carbon on the feel of the grip when holding the blade.

While ensuring all the pure wood characteristics are maintained, the carbon is used to make the blade faster and stronger. At the same time, it can generate even more power than pure wood.

These blades seem to be the best choice for players who love to use blades made from carbon fiber. The innovative structure dramatically increases the blade’s speed and does not reduce the feel due to the increase in the number of layers.

Stiga Offensive CR WRB (Penhold)

This Stiga Offensive CR WRB blade is produced for swift and attacking play. It is lightweight and is reasonably fit for offensive type players. It can offer breakneck speed due to the built of the “STIGA touch” CR system.

The characteristics of the blade are fast and flexible. The super flexibility of the blade provides the player with great gears and catapult. It has hardness surface which offering great touch.

Stiga Offensive CR WRB

It is ideal for you to attach the blade with a tensor rubber, which can offer you a constant loop without the need for you to smash hard. This blade is response faster compare to Stiga Offensive Classic WRB. Generally, the blade’s stiffness can make a difference in throw angle, and this blade featured with a lower throw and less spinny, with the blade hardness stands at 7.3.

Blade Information:

  • Construction: 5-ply
  • Type: OFF-
  • Speed: 80
  • Control: 68
  • Veneer: 5
  • Hardness: 7.3
  • Consistency: 7.0
  • Weight: 88g

Available grips: Winner, Penholder, Peter, Legend, Master

Stiga Offensive Classic WRB (Shakehand)

Most of this Stiga Offensive Classic WRB features are similar to Offensive CR WRB, except it has a hollow WRB handle. As mention earlier, it is a response not as fast as the former.

It is a very vibrate blade, and it can come alive if you paired it with suitable rubbers. Some rubbers will affect the throw angle and the high & low. THE WRB SYSTEM allows the blade to return the opponent’s shot faster. Besides, it can provide a player with a powerful smash, and it is sensitive to the touch.

Stiga Offensive Classic WRB

Blade Information:

  • Construction: 5-ply
  • Type: OFF-
  • Thickness: 5.2mm
  • Speed: 77
  • Control: 68
  • Hardness: 6.2
  • Consistency: 9.2
  • Weight: 83g

Playing Table Tennis With The Blade

Although the structure of Offensive CR WRB is only 5 plies, it can offer you with great feeling like you are holding a pure wood blade. It’s a reasonably wide blade, but it’s of a different type of comprehensive compared to the Butterfly blades.

It has outstanding performances so that you can make a total adjustment at a higher level.

When you use the blade for the first time, the first thing you observe will be that the speed is very fast. It can give you a good combination of drive and loop. You can make a fast serve with the blade where it can give you a quick spin.

When you do a drive, the racket can offer you sufficient dwell time. Some players like to do a strong smash when the ball is high. At this time, you will see the stability and hitting the quality of the blade.

When you play with the Stiga Offensive CR WRB blade, you can hear the clear crispy sound when the ball is in contact with the blade. It is because the blade structure is hard due to its unique technology. 

When playing table tennis with the blade, you can feel a trace of vibration transmitted to the hand. You can play good looping where your stroke will be full of strength and speed.

If you shift to this blade, you will be able to get used to it in a very short time. You will have a good feel with the blade. You can freely change your playing stroke when you do a high clear or close to the table.


Overall, both blades produced by Stiga can perform very well for looping due to both of them are featured with limba top ply and are built-in thin nature. The Offensive CR WRB can provide faster speed than Classic WRB is due to the coat that makes the top plies a little harder.

It is the innovation of the world-famous offensive classic blade. The addition of two layers of carbon gives the offensive player extra power and stability. With the STIGA classic design, it maintains a remarkable balance of feel and speed. Such a design offers the player a strong offensive feel.

People who wish to get a less head heavy blade will choose the CR blade. It is also suitable for a player who uses medium to heavy rubbers. If you love to use long pip rubber for a good bounce, you may consider getting the Offensive Classic WRB. This blade is available at Megaspin.

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