JOOLA Rossi Jr. – The Best Choice for Children

It is a kids’ blade. Have you ever come across or used the JOOLA Rosskopf blade? The JOOLA Rossi Jr is an exact replicate of the Rosskopf. It is a blade designed for children in weight, handle size, surface area, and thickness. The JOOLA Rossi Jr is an ideal blade for kids.

This blade features include control, speed and quality, are attained in combination with mambo rubber. This new and customized blade is perfect for your child as he/she begins his hobby or career in table tennis.

Suitable features for beginners

For a long time, there has been no blade ideal for beginners. JOOLA took the initiative to develop one and meet its client needs. The JOOLA Rossi Jr blade was designed in close conjunction with Richard Prause and Dirk Schimmelpfennig, top and professional coaches in Germany.

The Rossi Jr blade has a small and thinner handle, ideal for children. The thinness of the handle aligns with children’s grip size.

The blade is smaller than conventional blades. It is to ensure that there is a maximum distribution of weight. The blade has a speed of 83 and control rate of 88. It is a quality blade that combines perfectly with mambo rubber for efficient performance.

This JOOLA blade is the best choice for your kid. With a bedding resistance of 88, this blade is elastic enough to offer faster and more spins. The mambo rubber used makes it more flexible.

Light in weight and all-around blade

The blade measures 80g, a standard weight for most table tennis blades. The weight is sufficient for your toddler to lift and twiddle the blade. As an all-around blade, the Rossi Jr allows your child to train as either an offensive, defensive or general player.

The weight is suitable for the blade type, and it can swing more quickly. The Rossi Jr offer fast spins, has a stiff blade but with a soft feel. It loops excellently and offers terrific blocks. It is an all-purpose blade.

Perfect balance and head size

Large and small-headed blades differ regarding rubber size. Large-headed blades require large rubber making the bat heavy. The JOOLA Rossi Jr considers the needs of beginner kids. It has a small size that requires less rubber, making it light enough for children. Also, the balance of the blade is perfect as both the head and blade are small.

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Customer reviews show that the JOOLA Rossi Jr does wonders in children who learn or play table tennis. The blade helps them master the game skills and enhance their expertise. It is light enough for children to use without exhaustion.

The thinner handle is ideal for perfect grip. Most importantly, the ping pong blade is affordable. You get value for every coin. Nurture your kid’s table tennis talent by getting the JOOLA Rossi Jr.

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