Buying The Right Table Tennis Racket

Buying the right table tennis paddle is crucial to help improve your game. Sadly, many people who buy their first racket make terrible mistakes in their choice. It slows their progress to learn how to play the game.

The sponge, the weight, and the handle all make a difference when deciding which racket to buy. This difference is felt based on the style of play.


table tennis racket

Most table tennis players prefer their racket to weigh between 70 and 100 grams before adding the rubber. The decision is based on the style and strength of your game.

If you have a quick attacking style, light blades (70-76 grams) are the way to go. The blades offer the fastest acceleration of the racket yet allows for more spin than speed.

If you have a combination of style, medium weight blades (77-89 grams) will give you a boost in speed without the lose of spin.

If you’re a player who needs speed, heavyweight blades (90+ grams) offer the best, though you lose control of the spin.

When deciding what handle your racket should have, remember to stick with what feels comfortable the most in your hand. The most common choices are between straight and flared handles.

If your strength is in forehand swings, go with a flared. If you play better with your backhand swings, stick with a straight.

A thinner sponge rubber (1.0, 1.5mm) will provide you with the best control for defensive players. This sponge is also great for all-around play.

2.0mm sponges are the most popular. The thickness in sponge allows the player to combine offensive tactics. Many players who prefer spinning the ball or attacking by sticking close to the table love this thickness. I suggest you stick with using smooth rubbers on both sides.

For beginners, choose a racket that offers medium speed. It will give you the ability to practice the fundamentals of strokes. Once you master the basics, then you can decide what racket to invest in next time around.

You can learn more about table tennis bats, and you may be able to pick the one that is right for you.

Ping Pong Racket – Premade or Custom?

Do you need a premade or custom ping pong racket?

Allow me to guide you.

Adidas tour carbon table tennis racket

If you are new to table tennis, you need to choose between premade or custom-made racket.

Let us examine the difference between the premade and custom-made table tennis racket, their advantages and disadvantages.

Your First Ping Pong Racket

There are few things you should consider before choosing your first ping pong paddle.

The first thing to consider is cost.

As a beginner, you must know that you do not need to buy an expensive racket like those used by advanced players.

Also, don’t buy an inferior racket just because it is the cheapest in the store.

If you decide to buy your table tennis racket (premade or custom) look for something that has value and will help you improve your game.

It may not be the best racket available in the store, but it will do just fine as long as it serves the purpose.

Premade or Custom Rackets?

A premade racket already has the rubbers attached to the blade by the manufacturer.

If you want a custom-made table tennis racket, you will have to buy the racket components separately and assemble them yourself.

The racket components consist of the blade, the rubbers and the table tennis glue for attaching the rubbers to the blade.

Benefits of Premade Racket

1. A premade ping pong racket is a lot cheaper than a custom-made racket.

2. A premade table tennis racket comes assembled, so you do not need to spend more money on racket components and gluing tools.

Benefits of a custom-made racket

1. With a custom table tennis racket, you can choose the rubbers or blade that fit your playing style.

2. You can change your rubbers and upgrade your blade if necessary anytime you want.

Disadvantages of premade rackets and custom-made rackets.

1. You cannot replace the rubbers of the premade racket or upgrade your blade if the need arises.

2. Most premade rackets have stayed for long in the packs at sports shops. It causes the rubbers to deteriorate. If you are buying a premade racket, try to buy from a reliable online table tennis store.

3. The only disadvantage of a custom-made racket is that it is expensive to buy.

You will need to buy the blade and rubbers separately and the glueing tools to attach the rubber to the blade.


The Bottom Line…

If you are a beginner, an excellent all-round premade racket will be a wise choice for you to start.

However, if you can afford a custom-made racket, go for an all-around rubber and blade. As your game improves, you can replace the rubbers to fit your style of play.

Choose The Right Table Tennis Racket for Beginners

The table tennis racket is an essential equipment in table tennis. 

Butterfly table tennis racket
Butterfly table tennis racket

I will recommend that you buy an all-around premade racket if you are a beginner. However, if you prefer to assemble your custom-made racket, I will advise you to purchase all-around rubbers and blade.

Table tennis racket category

  • These are the offensive, defensive and all-around categories of the table tennis racket.
  • Advanced players mostly use the offensive rackets; it has too much speed and spins on the rubbers and blades, making it difficult to control. The racket is not suitable for beginners.
  • The defensive racket is not typical among advance player but can be used in the intermediate level. It is slower and has less spin.

The all-around racket is highly recommended for a beginner because it has average speed and spins with perfect control to the ball. The player can use it for both defensive and attacking styles. I recommend the all-round table tennis racket for beginners.

Now that you know what category of the racket to buy, let me also explain the types of grip and racket handle available.

Table tennis grip and handle

There are two most common types of grip in table tennis. They are the shakehand and penhold grip.

The shakehand grip is the most common while penhold grip is only common among Asian players.

There are three types of table tennis handle. The straight, flare and anatomic handle. I recommend the shakehand grip racket with a flared or straight handle for beginners.

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