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Andro Super Core Carbon Light ALL+ Blade


This Andro blade meets all-rounder players’ requirements, particularly those who play near the ping pong table. It is of the most effective blades you can find in the market. Its control, great feeling, lightweight and ease of use make it a suitable blade.

For starters, if this is your blade, you will advance through the game with it. More so, it works perfectly with most rubbers. Let’s get into more details about this magnificent Super Core Carbon Light ALL+ blade.

Outstanding characteristics

The Super Core Carbon Light ALL+ blade is a high-class blade that makes precise ball placement a simple task. Its accuracy is incomparable, especially when shifting from offense and defense playing and vice versa. 

The blade also offers controlled counterattacking, making it a perfect blade for the modern table tennis player. Its 15.3cm width is an ideal requirement for the game.

Every day, modern players at all levels prefer purchasing lightweight blades. The Super Core Carbon Light ALL+ blade is no exception. Previously, many carbon rackets weighed between 85 to 90g. However, due to current players’ shifting needs, companies such as Andro have responded to those needs.

It has found a lasting solution in reducing the weight of carbon blades. The Super Core Carbon Light ALL+ blade has an approximate weight of 70g, making it one of the market’s lightweight blades.

What about its feeling?

This blade has high standards with a medium feel. It is superb when it comes to ball feedback and stable ball rebound. The handle’s sweet spot is built in a way to absorb fast vibrations. The absorption prevents any discomfort brought about by spot-stroke swings.

Blades made of carbon fibers have always offered excellent ball control. The Super Core Carbon Light ALL+ blade has a large sweet spot. It is advantageous to players, despite their level of experience.

The Super Core Carbon Light ALL+ blade performs well when it comes to balance. It has a weight-balance that is perfectly coordinated. For this reason, it allows fast handling between forehand and backhand strokes.

Also, its lightweight means that you can play with it for long hours without becoming exhausted. Besides, the lightweight allows faster and shorter arm movements while top spinning.


Andro Super Core Carbon Light ALL+ Bladebuy from megaspin

Its speed is high, regardless of its weight. Its control and speed rate is 80 and 70 respectively. The blade’s veneers are well arranged and the super thin carbon fibers allow high energy transfer from the middle to the outer parts of the blade. The fibers also enhance the blade’s stiffness. Therefore, it does not break easily.

Final word

Based on the above review, it is evident that the Super Core Carbon Light ALL+ blade is effective for players who prefer a lightweight, all-rounder blade. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, this blade can work perfectly for you. However, its speed is less especially when playing far away from the table. Always remember to use the right rubbers.

You may also take a look of Andro Temper Tech ALL+ Blade which is another quality blade that is produced by Andro.

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