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Andro Temper Tech ALL+ Blade

Andro is always at the forefront to meet the needs of every ambitious table tennis player. By inventing the Temper Tech ALL+ Blade, Andro considered the playing needs of players who require precise returns even when the ball does not hit the racket’s sweet spot.

The Temper Tech ALL+ is one of the highly used blades due to its ability to offer great speed, control, and general feeling. Check out more details about this magnificent ping pong blade.

Why this blade is worth having

The blade‘s playing characteristics are unique. It is a blade that offers perfect control. It is also suitable for looping. Just like other blades made from hinoki wood, this blade provides an excellent ball bounce. With a stiffness of 96/100, the Temper Tech ALL+ Blade is rigid and durable.

The hinoki wood veneers are passed through extreme heat, between 150-230 degrees Celsius. The heating process takes a particular period and gets rid of all the moisture in the wood. As such, the hinoki wood is hardened, stabilized and becomes light.

Therefore, the hinoki wood does not absorb moisture again. It means that your blade is not affected by humidity or damp conditions. The blade’s resistance to moisture increases its durability.

The lightweight of the Temper Tech ALL+ Blade is an added advantage. Many table tennis players prefer blades that do not consume much of their energy. Heavy blades can pose a problem during tight competitions.

The Temper Tech ALL+ Blade meets the needs of lightweight blade players. The temperature treatment of the wood reduces its weight, making it perfect for extreme championships. It has a net weight of 70g.

The high energy transfer of this blade cannot be overlooked. Energy is transferred correctly from the thin middle veneers at the center of the blade to the outer plies.

The energy transfer is suitable for blade balance when playing. Combined with the blade’s high control rate of 97/100 and speed of 87/100, the Temper Tech ALL+ Blade offers precise ball feedback even if the player hits the ball inaccurately.

Andro Temper Tech ALL+order from megaspin

As a player, you have a variety of handles to choose from. The Temper Tech ALL+ Blade can have a straight, anatomic or flared handle. You can always choose the handle that suits your playing style or preferences. However, most players seem to like the flared handle.

It offers a tight grip and fits in the player’s hand perfectly. One important thing to note is that the handle is pure wood with a beautiful color. I can confidently say that the Temper Tech ALL+ Blade has an excellent feeling with a sensitive touch regarding its general feel.


The Temper Tech ALL+ Blade is the best blade for control. Its design is excellent for perfect attacking or all-round play. The delicate and pure features of the hinoki wood offer precision at all times.

You will also experience good chops, loops, and blocks. Spins are variable. For this reason, the blade is fun to use and offers a tactical and accurate play. It is a highly recommendable blade.


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