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Andro Kanter All+ Blade

Are you a player that prefers lightweight blades over heavy ones? Or are you looking for a lightweight blade that will offer you great experience? I came across this light blade and its features are wonderful.

If you are looking for a light table tennis blade, you can consider Andro Kanter All+. Despite the kind of player you are, this blade is reliable. It has all the requirements for a great all-around play. The following is detailed information about the blade.

What you should know about this blade

What attracts people in purchasing this blade is its lightweight. Many ambitious players prefer a blade that they will use for many hours without feeling tired. With a weight of 72g, this blade offers nothing else, but comfort when playing.

Another important aspect of this blade is its thickness. The thicker the blade, the better the level of ball bounce it offers. The Andro Kanter All+ is 4.5mm thick, a perfect thickness for looping. The blade is made of the quality and light balsa wood that lays the foundation for a successful game. The balsa wood ply offers a very soft feeling and great blocking, counter-attack, and topspin game.

When it comes to ball control, the Andro Kanter All+ is effective. It provides a very high ball control. As a result, it instills confidence in the player. During tight matches or competitions, the control of this blade helps you to challenge your opponent. It is a blade that can be used by players at all levels, from beginners to professionals. Its superb finishing and construction provide precision and impacts greatly on your strokes.

The blade is tested and proven by world champions. The blade’s grading ranges between 1 and 100 and applies to the Andro family only. Its grading is based on tests and measurements by champions. The blade is large enough to offer maximum sweet-spot. You will enjoy powerful hits. Even if you have no training on how to ensure the ball hits the right place, this blade offers proper direction. It guarantees maximum of sweet-spot hits.

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What of its balance?

I know that there is nothing called a ‘perfect’ balance when it comes to ping pong blades. However, the Andro Kanter All+ offers top balance. Always ensure that you use the right rubbers. Heavy rubbers can affect the blade balance. In terms of energy transfer, this blade has a high energy transfer from the handle, leading to improved speed. It has control, rate of 96 and speed performance of 86.

Why you should try it

The Andro Kanter All+ is an extremely effective blade. It is created for every spin-oriented controlled attack player. The blade is designed superbly through use of the light and quality balsa wood. The balsa wood maximizes control and offers speed reserves at any time. Used with the best rubbers, the Andro Kanter All+ blade offers great spin and control. You can choose from different handles types depending on what you like. Whether you choose a straight, flared or anatomic, the blade will give you superb experience. It is also good for backhand play. However, this blade may not be suitable for defensive players who prefer heavy blades.

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