Andro ProLoom Table Tennis Blade

Andro Proloom is made specifically for offensive play. It is among the fantastic OFF rackets made by Andro technology. If you are looking for an OFF blade with excellent control, speed, and feedback, then you can consider purchasing the Andro ProLoom racket. Let us look further at the features of this beautiful table tennis blade.

Outstanding characteristics

One reason why most ping pong players like this blade is because of the speed. It has a speed rating of 95/100. As its common knowledge, speed is one of the key factors you should consider when purchasing a new ping pong racket. Fast equipment is always necessary for your game, and Andro ProLoom is one of that equipment.

Because of the high speed, the racket allows you to maximize your pace and spin while minimizing the energy you use. When used with the correct rubbers, the Andro ProLoom racket does not consume much of your energy.

Let me also talk about control. The Andro ProLoom has a control rating of 94/100. It means that as a player, you can control the ball quickly. As such, you will be able to make numerous spins.

When it comes to spinning, the blade has a large sweet spot that provides enough area for the ball to touch the rubber and bounce back. Though the spinning rate depends on the player’s technique, the Andro ProLoom blade, used with perfect rubbers will help you generate many spins.

The Andro ProLoom is made using nature powered fiber, Acacia. You will always feel the hitting spot clearly and, therefore, enjoy the ultimate ball feeling.

The Andro ProLoom also helps you to pressurize your opponent by blocking perfectly and releasing radical topspin strokes. This blade’s workmanship reduces error during playing. With this blade, you will take your game to another level.

The carbon-like game characteristics of this blade are worth mentioning. The blade provides perfect ball bounce. Though it is made from acacia fibers, its playing characteristics are quite convincing. Also, you have a variety of handle types to choose from.

Andro Proloom order from megaspin

The Andro ProLoom table tennis blade comes in different handle types; anatomic, straight and flared. The choice of handle type depends on your preferences and playing needs. All the handle types perform excellently in providing a tight grip.

Besides the high energy absorption of the ping pong ball, the Andro ProLoom table tennis blade is effective when it comes to transmitting energy from your hand to the ball. You are always assured of 100% feedback. Generally, this blade offers a beautiful feeling and is excellent for spinning. Its dwell time is also perfect.

Parting shot

The above review shows that the Andro ProLoom table tennis blade performs well when it comes to speed, control, spin, and feedback. It is a perfect OFF blade that will make you experience a different feeling in gameplay. The blade is worth every coin. Always ensure that you use the correct rubbers to experience the blade’s full potential.

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