DHS Hurricane HAO Review

The big Chinese table tennis brand, DHS, introduces you to the best paddle that will maximize your full technique, “DHS Hurricane Hao”. It has been more than a half-century that DHS has been serving heaps of table tennis champions as a globally ping pong brand and equipment supplier for the Olympic Games.

Hurricane Hao is designed and inspired by world experts for the World Champions. You can get this blade from Amazon if you intend to buy one.

DHS Hurricane Hao is a classic 5-ply pure wood blade that China DHS produces. The penhold blade is very popular in China because many players in that country are using penhold blade. Other than penhold, you can also have the blade in shakehand.

The blade is featured with an all-around performance. It has an excellent reputation from many players who used the blade. Even though the price is slightly higher, but still many players relish this blade.

Blade Structure

The structure of the DHS Hurricane Hao is with Ayousi (1 ply), spruce wood (2 plies), limba (2 plies), a total of five plies.

The spruce used in the blade can provide sufficient rebound force and deformation for the blade. This system has become the most common structure in the pure wood plywood blade.

Stiga OC, Nittaku Waldner, and the Yinhei U-4  all adopted this wood structure. If you observe the Hurricane Hao blade, you will notice that the blade is much thicker than the Stiga OC blade.

dhs hurricane Hao performance chart
DHS Hurricane Hao Performance


More Info About DHS Hurricane Hao

Hurricane Hao is an offensive table tennis weapon introduced by DHS. Its name is inspired by a legendary Chinese player, “Wang Hao”. This blade’s characteristic is developed based on Wang Hao playstyle, which is mainly focused on aggressive loops.

Although DHS advocates it as an offensive blade, it is, in fact, also commonly used by many all-around players. DHS Hurricane Hao has two following upgraded versions called “DHS Hurricane HAO 656″ and “DHS Hurricane HAO 3″ which are far more expensive.

Physically, this blade’s weight is a bit lighter than other blades in the DHS Hurricane series (only about 80 g), but it is hardly distinguishable. Given the fact that it is the blade designed for looper fans, it comes with a bit of flexibility, enhancing your dwell time and loop power.

Unlike other aggressive paddles, DHS Hurricane Hao has a comparatively softer surface with a medium feel. However, the blade is not entirely consistent. It has a lot of vibration when the ball is hit outside its sweet spot, while it has fewer to none vibration when it is hit at the center of the bat.


Even though the DHS manufacturer rates its speed relatively high (11/12), Hurricane Hao is not that fast. It can only perform as fast as ordinary offensive blades in the markets. It is not very impressive, especially compared to its two descendants (Hurricane 656 or Hurricane 3). So if you are a big fan of speed and power, you may be a bit disappointed, especially for powerless killer smash.

dhs hurricane Hao


Regarding control, this paddle is quite excellent for an offensive blade. It allows you to control both weight and direction brilliantly (better than Butterfly Amultart paddle). However, given that this blade comes with some vibration, it is a very unforgiving blade. It means a perfect stroke and technique are required.


In terms of a block, it is relatively easy to block the ball due to its flexibility. On the other hand, it cannot perform best for counter-attack since its surface is not hard enough to return a quick block, especially from a far distance.


Looping ability seems to be the highlight of this paddle. It allows you to perform a powerful topspin drive and loop with reasonably good dwell time for both forehand and backhand. 

The control of the loop is quite phenomenal compared to other offensive blades. So if you are a big fan of topspin, this seems to be a good choice for you.

Overall, given that it has relatively low power, this blade should be categorized as an all-round blade instead of an offensive blade. It offers you quite fair speed with reasonable control while it rocks on spin ability.


In conclusion, the close table performance of Hurricane Hao is excellent. The ball trajectory is good. However, the overall feel is not as good as the Butterfly and Stiga blades.

Therefore, it is not recommended for beginners. The blade is more suitable for those who are more stable in playing their strokes.

Besides, because the blade is thicker, it is more suitable for the penhold player. Because it is a disadvantage for shakehand players to play close to the table, it is also not recommended for shakehand players to buy the blade.

The DHS Hurricane Hao is a pure wood blade like the Stiga OC, so the sound when the blade is hitting the ball is crispy and translucent. It is built in good shape and can offer you a clear feeling. The trajectory shot is exceptionally delicate and aggressive. However, it also inherits Stiga OC’s weakness, which cannot give you reasonable control when playing a close table.

You can attach the blade with DHS Hurricane 3 rubbers on both sides. Most players love to stick DHS Hurricane 3 at their forehand because they need more control while playing offensively.

Some players won’t use DHS Hurricane 3 rubber for their backhands because they feel it is too hard for them. However, since the DHS Hurricane Hao is a soft blade, it can significantly improve your offensive stroke if you attach the hard rubber to your backhand. And the quality of the control may drop (the feeling is not as good as other rubbers). But the positive combination of the backhand trajectory and the fast backhand loop will have an excellent effect.

Other popular rubbers for backhand are Yasaka MARK V and Butterly Sriver. Their advantage is that the ball is well controlled. The rubber can have good friction with the ball. It may not be as offensive as Hurricane 3, but it can be more stable than Hurricane 3.

Product Information

  • Type: All Round – Offensive
  • Hardness: Medium
  • Plies: 5
  • Weight: 82g
  • Thickness: 5.5mm – 5.7mm
  • Speed: 11/12
  • Control: 11/12

Even though it is not as powerful as its followers (Hurricane Hao 656 and Hurricane Hao 3), this paddle is a lot cheaper. It is suitable for an advance all-round player who loves spin overpower.

DHS Power G2.


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