DHS Power G2 Review

DHS Power G2 is a high-quality offensive blade with a very attractive price. The blade is designed for a well balanced offensive concept with great controllability. It is suitable for players who love to score by relying on a great rally. Delicate wood gluing technology enhances additional consistency and control of your strokes.

DHS Power G2

DHS Power G2 Performance

More Information About DHS Power G2

DHS Power G2 is a very interesting offensive blade for beginners or for someone who starts playing with offensive paces. Given the fact that it has a very low price (under USD$35), it should be a good starter kit for brushing up your offensive skill. Once you master your offensive paces, you may move to other more aggressive paddles.


Physically, this paddle is slightly heavy (nearly 90 g) with 5 plies of woods. It offers you a very impressive touch and feels since it is made of pure wood. Even though it comes with quite a hard surface, it has enough flexibility for reasonably good topspin loop.

In term of speed, DHS Power G2 offers you significantly slower speed than other regular offensive blades, especially when compared to upmarket super fast paddles like Butterfly Amultart or Butterfly Jun Mizutani.

However, its power is still acceptable for the beginner to intermediate levels particularly for the ones who want to train and gain more experience for their offensive paces.

In term of control, although DHS Power G2 has a pretty hard surface, it offers you quite decent controllability with some flex. So you can control the basic shot and block quite easily. In addition, DHS Power G2 is a forgiving paddle which means that it allows you to return a fair ball even with imperfect techniques or strokes.

Nevertheless, given the fact that this is an offensive blade, there will be tons of other all-round blades offering you better control. If you are a big fan of great control bats, this blade is not the perfect one for you.

Regarding spin, DHS Power G2 performs quite well due to its reasonably level of flexibility. It offers you enough dwell time for generating a quick topspin loop especially in the combination with a soft rubber like Nittaku Narrucorss EX.

Product Information

  • Type: Offensive
  • Hardness: Hard
  • Thickness: about 5.3 ± 0.2mm
  • Plies: 5 wood
  • Weight: about 85 ± 5g
  • Speed: 7.7
  • Control: 8.4
  • Stiffness: 5.7

My Thought About This Blade

For me, This DHS Power G2 isn’t an impressive blade for an advanced player to have. Of course, the blade can give you certain flexibility and good control, but as an offensive blade, the speed is just not that good.

You can find a lot of other blades that can offer you with good speed, spin, and control. You can get the better one with a similar price range of this DHS Power G2.

Overall, this is a well balanced offensive blade for beginners, particularly with limited budgets. It offers you quite decent speed, solid control, and good spin power. In addition, it is also suitable for being used as a training blade for someone who wants to change their paces from all-round to offensive style.

Recommended Table Tennis Rubbers for DHS Power G2

Hard Rubbers: Hurricane Neo 3, Skyline Neo 3

Soft Rubbers: Nittaku Narrucorss EX

Overall Rating: 4.0 / 5

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