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Reviews of ULMO Table Tennis Blades

TT-Blades Spinattack

A very light and powerful tt-blade! It puts pressure on your opponent if you play close to the table and develops many paces, even for backspin shots. When you attack with a loop, it offers a lot of feeling and accuracy.
You can choose between smashing, playing a fast loop, or a precise spinny loop for winners. Playing counters and blocks develop an enormous amount of power that enables you to put your opponent under pressure time and again.

ULMO BLADES Ebenholz Off
ULMO BLADES Ebenholz Off

Playing from slightly further back, this blade gives you all possible opportunities to fight for the point and leave your opponent frustrated picking up the balls: you can loop against loop, counter or smash the ball back. Overall, it is simply a lot of fun playing with this table tennis blade, and it will open up new opportunities for every offensive player.

TT-Blades Duality

Here’s my review of the Duality tt-blade, compared to ULMO’s “Die Angel.” I play at the district level and use a Tibhar Nimbus 2.0 for my forehand and a TT-Master SBS OX for my backhand.

First impression:

Straight, solid grip. Weight: 85g. Small-ish blade size.

During the first knock, I noticed the blade has a very high degree of control. It is significantly slower than “Die Angel” but still on the fast side. Excellent feedback, and slightly spinnier than “Die Angel.”


I had to adapt my technique slightly, but a lot of control and pressure on the ball.


Very good, haven’t blocked this accurately in a long time, returned fast loops without problems and placed shots well, points towards great control. It went well, lacked a bit of catapult effect here and there, but great precision.


Very controlled. Keeps the spin on the ball better than “Die Angel” even though I played with new rubber.

Backhand (long pimples):

Offered a lot of opportunities to attack, block, counter, and smash. Control was magic.


Very controlled, but a lot more force needed than playing with “Die Angel.” Good placement, but hard to hit a winner.


Good short, spinny serves are possible.


Although I didn’t get used to the small blade size and the high weight, I was highly positive. Suggestions for improvement: Reduce the weight while increasing the tt-blade size; forehand could do with a little more speed.

TT-Blade Abachi Seven Off-

1st tester

Impression after 3 hours’ play:

Excellent finish. It could be smoother near the grip, but people can sandpaper this according to their taste. Bending the tt-blade, it reacts similarly to a Donic Appelgren Allplay as it is quite elastic.

It offers a lot of support for the spin and puts opponents under pressure that way. It seems ideal for long pimps players due to its speed being around All+. Counters and loops were very controlled as well as spinny and hard to block.

Pushes also had an extreme amount of spin and caused opponents a lot of trouble. I was able to play nice short blocks on both sides. I had some problems with returning serves initially as the table-tennis-blade is very sensitive to spin, but it was easy to adapt.

On my serve, the blade was able to produce more spin than my D+ P+ P+. Control is outstanding for attacking shots, and from further back, the table tennis blade offers a lot of speed for counter-loops. Players who like playing sidespin shots from a couple of feet behind the table will love this tt-blade.

The only opportunity for improvement is to make it slightly stiffer. But overall, I congratulate you on this small work of art of a table tennis blade. It is very well suited for loopers and seems ideal for pimples players.

2nd tester

I agree with the 1st tester. It worked very well with pimples, brought loads of spin. It’s a success. It is well-suited for spinny loops on both sides. A bit more speed might be excellent. If it was 15 grams lighter, I could use it for my style: smooth pimples close to the table.

TT-Blade Abachi Spin All+


Joola Green Energy / Imperial Crash


Good finish. I can’t tell it is handmade, there were two slight inaccuracies, but they are easy fixes.


Quite a fast blade due to the catapult effect, I think it might be Off rather than All+, and a couple of offensive players to whom I gave this table-tennis-blade agreed with me there. Despite the speed, it is easy to control, and you don’t need to be a pro to get your shots on the table.

It is relatively soft compared to the rock-hard blades many people use these days, but it shouldn’t be hard to adapt. The attacking players that tested it were pleased with it almost instantly.


My serves are a lot more dangerous than with my old tt-blade and the same rubbers. Despite the speed, excellent short serves are possible.


In my opinion, this blade is ideal for attacking. One can play aggressive loops and smashed without too much force and lacking precision. Loops against loops are surprisingly easy to play.


Slightly harder to do with this blade than I hoped for. Needed quite precise technique to play a good block or push close to the table. However, from far behind the table, defending with chops against loops was very easy.


I would recommend this blade to attack players who do not need a very hard blade and all-around players. All attackers that I gave this blade were very impressed, and so am I despite my reservations about its defensive qualities.

TT-Blade Abachi Safety Def

1st test


FH Donic Gallardo sound 1.8, BH TSP Bamboo Curl P1 OX

First Impressions:

Beautiful finish, some inaccuracies, but these are just proof that it is handmade. From the first knock, I liked this tt-blade. It showed great control for all shots but developed a lot of tempo when attacking. Due to the different veneers on FH and BH, you can play with a lot of spin on your forehand, while there is an excellent inversion of spin with pimples on the backhand.


Great control, easy to return fast and spinny loops. Due to the control, it is possible to play aggressive blocks.

Block with pimples:

The backhand side profits from the hard veneer, as it leads to a strong inversion of spin when blocking with long smooth pimples. Due to the control, aggressive play with pimples is even possible when there isn’t much spin on the ball.


First Class! With the correct rubbers, this blade produces many spins while maintaining enough tempo to create pressure. Great for looping against backspin. I have never been able to hit so many loops in a row against another pimples player.

Forehand Defense:

It is the major strength of this table tennis blade. One can create a lot of backspin, and because of the great degree of control, it is easy to control the trajectory of the ball.

Backhand defense:

Usually, it is hard defending with long smooth pimples: when defensive shots are slow, opponents tend to hit a winner because soft pimples don’t create as much spin. But with this table tennis blade, it was a different story: slow defensive shots flew very far and on a flat trajectory which made it hard to attack even for outstanding players.


Perhaps the perfect tt-blade for a modern defender using smooth pimples. I didn’t find any weaknesses, even though I am usually quite critical. This tt-blade is impressive! The only one that passed my test without critique.

2nd report:


FH Tibhar Vari Spin 1.2mm, BH Tibhar Grass 1.0mm

The first impression is positive: the table-tennis-blade exhibits a nice finish, attention to detail, and a unique character. I especially liked the smooth grip. At the start, I had problems controlling the ball, but that got a lot better after a couple of hours.

The forehand side is significantly faster and provides the player with solid attacking potential. As for defense, it was easy to control the ball while creating a lot of spins.

I usually play even slower tt-blades, but I think many players would find the tempo of this blade ideal. I can’t say much about attacking with pimples or forehand loops, as I don’t do those shots… BH push close to the table was comparable to traditional defensive table tennis blades, but this blade offered a lot more feeling.

Again I had problems as I was used to slower blades, but a standard defensive player would love the tempo. Perfect for blocking, exact blocks are no longer a problem with this tt-blade. For forehand backspin defense, this table tennis blade offers a lot of feeling and spin.

In conclusion, it might be a bit too fast for me, but that’s probably just me. For defensive players, this is an excellent, very controlled blade. Attacking players should stay clear of it.

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