JOOLA Chen Weixing Jr Blade

JOOLA is interested in growing young champions. In this spirit, the brand has introduced an excellent blade for nurturing future table tennis stars.

The JOOLA Chen Weixing Jr accommodates the needs of young players. The developer, Chen Weixing, used the knowledge he acquired from training young Chinese players in creating the blade.

It is a DEF blade that offers excellent control and speed and light enough for juniors. Let your child soar high in table tennis by getting this ping pong blade.

JOOLA Chen Weixing Jr order from megaspin

Optimal ball control

The JOOLA Chen Weixing Jr is perfectly balanced for children’s hands. It has a medium speed of 75 and an extra power for learning basic strokes. The blade allows your child to have maximum control of the ball.

The JOOLA Chen Weixing Jr is made of 5 Ply Koto, Tung wood, and Mahogany. These materials enhance the stability and durability of the blade.

It is ideal for modern defender style players. The long loops for counter looping power make it a perfect blade. It has a sufficient amount of power and excellent control.

Easy to use

The JOOLA Chen Weixing Jr ping pong blade weighs 85 grams, a sufficient weight that makes youngsters use it without difficulties. Also, children can use this blade for hours without exhaustion. It is an outstanding, quality, DEF+ and affordable ping pong blade for juniors.

It is also fast enough to play powerful shots, especially with control for chop play, due to the unique twin black cloth layer between the Kiri and koto plies.

Also, the blade offers strong forehand loop shots from half distance with high speed. Similarly, you can play secure backhand chops at the recommended length and confuse your opponent. It is a magnificent device for children.

Fast and consistent attacks

Being a Def table tennis blade, the JOOLA Chen Weixing Jr guarantees fast, constant and efficient attacks. You can attack your opponent like an all-round player and also defend with accuracy and excellent control. Again, with this blade, one can twiddle easily.

You can also attach your preferred rubbers and enjoy your game. Since it’s for youngsters, it is recommended to use only soft rubbers not to increase the weight of the blade.


The selling point of this blade is its excellent speed and power control. It is made for the modern defensive player. If you are interested in a blade that grows your defensive skills while giving you a great game experience, this is the best ping pong blade you can have.

Though there are various blades in the market for children; the Weixing Jr is highly rated. It is also available and affordable in many online stores such as Amazon.

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