Xiom Omega IV Pro Review

Xiom Omega IV Pro is a deluxe table tennis rubber for professional levels with marvelous speed and spin. It comes with additional new Carbo Sponge and an extra top layer with Hyper Elasto technology for sensational clicking feel and more precision in control.

The rubber is specially designed and developed for offensive players who want  great power to play arc shot.

The super speed is designed for professional players. This super powerful rubber is made from the new hardened carbon sponge which has the super strong feature from the latest molecular structure and built-in tension.

Xiom Omega IV Pro
Xiom Omega IV Pro

Maximize your spin with new high tension composition technology (the replacement of speed glue). New High Tension composition and additional built-in tension technology enhances both spin power and increase the throw angle.

The Built-in tension of OMEGA series is not only the replacement of uncomfortable and illegal liquid gluing but also surpass the average speed glue effect.

Xiom Omega IV Pro Performance ChartXiom Omega Performance

More Information About Xiom Omega IV Pro

This could easily be one of the best offensive table tennis rubber in the Xiom family or even in the market. It offers you world class performances with a reasonably cost-effective price (approx USD$ 50). It features extremely fast speed and monstrous power (on par with Butterfly Tenergy 05, and close to Tenergy 64, 80).

Even though it is a super fast rubber with a relatively hard sponge, it surprisingly gives you incredibly good control (significantly better than the Tenergy series).

You can perform an attack or counter-attack with precise direction and distance. It is also excellent for an aggressive smash. It allows you to generate a killer shot with relatively less effort.

Regarding the spin ability, this rubbers also shines on the spin area. It allows you to generate an exceptional level of topspin drive and loop with relatively less effort.

The spin power is close to Butterfly Spin Art and just slightly less than Yasaka Rakza 7 with a lower throw angle.

Given the fact that this rubber is super fast, the powerful topspin drive with its low throw angle should be a devastating strike. This rubber is perfect for close to medium distance play style. It is highly recommended for advanced and professional table tennis players who love aggressive play style.

Product Information

  • Type: Super spin, Offensive
  • Hardness: Medium
  • Speed: 90
  • Spin: 91
  • Control: 71
  • Thickness: 2.2mm
  • Weight: 50g

Recommended Table Tennis Blades for Xiom Omega IV Pro

Offensive: Xiom Hayabusa, Butterfly Michael Maze, Nittaku Tenor

All-round: Butterfly Korbel SK7, Xiom Strato

Spin: Xiom Aria

Overall Rating 4.8 / 5

Xiom Omega IV Pro Specs

More to talk about

XIOM released a follow up to there Vega Pro Tenergy clones by using the carbo sponge in the Omega range changing omega 3 to 4 with the nice roman numeral= IV.

They continue with their Pro, Asia and Euro differences as they have with their other table tennis rubbers. What is the difference between OMEGA IV PRO, XIOM Omega IV Asia, and XIOM Omega IV Euro?

Well, the speed in the pro is the fastest at 13.8, followed by Asia at 13 and euro at 12.8. The spin is all the same in the three versions. It is set as 12 which means they all throw a bit longer than they are spinny.

If I had to choose one, it would be the Euro because the pro is ridiculously hard at 47.5 degrees and Asia is even harder at 48 degrees. The Euro Omega pro at 44 degrees with the balance of spin to speed is the most useful for most players that don’t work out or have perfect timing to keep the ball from flying off the end of the table.

They all talk about the usual ESN speed glue feeling. It would be nice to see an honest review from real players having used these vs Tenergy, since Xiom claims the trajectory is significantly higher.

From the data released by Xiom, we can know that the Omega IV Pro is the fastest for the series. The Asia version is the second, and the Euro version is the slowest.

While for the spin, the Euro version is the best. Let’s take a look at the official introduction.

Omega IV Pro

The rubber has a super performance with the built of carbon sponge. It gives players with clear control and elastic feel. The new chemical formula offers great spin for the rubber. The spin is close to the fast glue rubber.

Based on high-elastic technology, the new rubber with an upgraded carbon sponge provides exceptional performance. At the moment of touching the ball, you can feel the entire rubber completely absorbs the feeling of hitting by the speed glue.

The new chemical formula and additional internal energy technology give the ball more rotation and more significant arcs. With Omega IV Pro, you can sharply loop the ball back from your opponent just like speed glue.

Omega IV Asia

Omega IV Asia can provide fierce attack for the player. It features ultra-fast speed, extremely low arc and super spin. The accurate ball control and superior performance have benefited the professional players who pursue the ultimate in speed performance.

Omega IV Euro

This rubber is designed for professional players who like the balance in the offense. They can use this rubber to play a lower and longer trajectory after the ball landing on the table.

The rubber is built with the high-density carbon sponge which can offer players with superb rotation. The new overall mechanics and the perfect hardness bring reliable control for the rubber.

The upgraded new formula brings high-elastic technology to rubber and new carbon sponges. The solid traction perfectly matches the hardness of the sponge to enhance the super-rotation and control.

Omega IV Euro more significantly creates a higher hitting trajectory that will create a larger offensive window on the ball. The loop generated by the rubber is like it is using a quick glue. The feeling is great when the rubber is hitting the ball. It also maximizes the effect of the glue and makes it like the inner glue.

If you love to buy the Xiom Omega Pro rubber, you can get it from Megaspin.

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  1. Arthur Edmonds

    Occasional looping is welcomed with this rubber but if you are a puncher and blocker on your backhand you may also love it.

    I have never played so bad as when I use this rubber. It is like I believe I can loop – no I can’t this shit just has a low throw angle straight into the net or off the end of the table.

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