Butterfly Tenergy 80 Rubber Review

If you are looking for speed, This Tenergy 80 will give you a lot of speed. It offers a perfect balance between speed and spin at the finest level of the Tenergy series.

What we discovered was that the performance of this rubber is closer to the Tenergy 64 model. But it can be even exact in describing it as combining the best characteristics of Tenergy 05 and Tenergy 64.

Product Information

  • Type: Offensive
  • Hardness: Medium
  • Dimensions: 158 x 151mm
  • Speed: 132.5
  • Spin: 112.5
  • Weight: 5.5

Butterfly Tenergy 80

Regardless of play style, Tenergy 80 features all-around topspin for both attack and counter-attack styles. It can perform well in topspin rallies at mid-distance and also counter-attacking play close to the table.

Pimples code 180 are developed to enhance a balanced playstyle.


  • The perfect balance between speed and spin.
  • Even faster than Tenergy 05 and offering the same speed as Tenergy 25.
  • Tenergy 80 features all-around topspin for both attack and counter-attack styles.
  • Many professional players have already migrated to Tenergy 80.

Butterfly Tenergy 80 chartButterfly Tenergy 80 Performance

More Information About Butterfly Tenergy 80

It is the most powerful all-around rubber from Butterfly ever. It offers you extremely fast speed (even faster than Tenergy 05) while still maintains very decent control and a good feeling. It is also perfect for smash since you can generate monstrous power with comparatively less effort (It sounds like thunder when you smash).

It is very easy to generate an incredibly powerful loop, side spin, and backspin regarding spin. However, its throw angle is naturally a bit high for the loop, but this should be no problem once you get used to it.

Regarding defense, it features very decent blocking performance for skill players, although it seems to be a bit difficult for begin – intermediate players since the rubber is pretty sensitive. One only drawback is its high price (80 – $100). Butterfly Tenergy 80 is recommended for high – professional level players with a decent budget.

Comparison With Tenergy 05 and Tenergy 64

The T80 performs quite well on CL / CLCR / CL WRB / CLCR WRB blades.

The hardness of these blades is good enough to support the T80, and the only difference is only the speed can be either faster or slower.

Just that I have some awkward feel when I play the rubber with the CL blade, I always feel that the integration of the rubber and the CL blade is lacking something.

I believe that a famous table tennis manufacturer like Butterfly will not make a rubbery for no reason.

T80 must have its strengths, but I can’t figure it out. It does not perform well with the STIGA blades, but it can give you good performance when using the Butterfly blades.

Last two weeks, I bought a Zhang Jike ZLC blade, T05, and T64 rubbers.

I have tried to play the ZLC blade with T05, T64, and T80. I have discovered some differences between them.

  1. T05 and T64 are crisp rubber, and I think the rubber‘s edge can be easily worn off. I need to cut the rubber very carefully since the edge can be easily get broken and crack. I found T80 is much stronger. It will not be broken when I cut it, and the general rubbing will not crack the rubber.
  2. The sponge of T80 is also stronger than T05 and T64. It would help if you were careful when putting the glue on T05 and T64 because it is easy to get off the surface. For T80, it seems to be more sturdy. You can rub it harder when you apply the glue, and it won’t get off the surface.
  3. Other than the rubber surface and sponge, the feel of T80 is also tougher, and it can give me a more obvious feel when I stretch the rubber. The feel is just like natural rubber.
  4. The speed of the T80 is close to T05. However, it would help if you had enough traction to generate a substantial impact like the T05. When the impact is not sufficient, you will have a hollow feel when doing the shot. T05 and T64 do not have such a feeling.
  5. T80 is not similar to T05 or T64. I think it is somewhat like the FX version of SpinArt.
  6. The combination of T80 with Zhang Jike ZLC blade is the best experience when I test on them.

Although the characteristics of T80 are not as sharp as T05 and T64, the overall performance is excellent. And the arc is also better than the T05 and T64.

It should be attributed to the obvious characteristics of the throughput.

My Experience With The Rubber

I use Tenergy 80 red rubber of 2.1mm for the thickness, Its weigh about 68 gram when it is uncut and “only” 44 gram after the cut in Butterfly standard size. Compared to the black Tenergy 05 that I have, this rubber is a bit softer, but the sponge’s hardness is quite identical.

My first impression of the Tenergy 80 is that the surface is close to the Tenergy 05. The feel of getting more speed is only because the somewhat more flexible pimples structure allows the sponge to get through better in fast-spin balls.

With soft topspins and playing over the table, the only difference between this rubber with the Tenergy 05 is that the spin potential is marginally lower. Nonetheless, it offers me great strength compared to the Tenergy 05 or Tenergy 64. It also provides me with the most balanced when performing the active block and the counter-shot behavior.

tenergy 80 rubber
tenergy 80 rubber

Preliminary conclusion:

The Tenergy 80 is not an all-around rubber. If you don’t like the Tenergy 05 nor Tenergy 64, you will probably not like the T80. If you are looking for a Tenergy 05 with softer top rubber, you will find it in T80.

The term “Allround Tenergy” is probably the best, because it combines the strengths of T05 and T64, which is more suitable for you. Nonetheless, you will need to sacrifice a little bit of experience with fewer spins on Tenergy 05 or less bounce on Tenergy 64.


  • The Tenergy series rubber is built with a good balance of speed, power, spin, and control.
  • It is very good at attacking short balls.
  • You can perform well with the low push and keeping the ball short.


  • This rubber does not perform well if you are trying out looping.
  • The price can be high. Most people think that the rubber is not worth the price.

Is the Butterfly Tenergy 80 rubber good to play with?

I do not know because I wouldn’t say I like the feel of natural rubber. But I can play well with the combination of Tenergy 80 rubber with ZLC blade.

And I saw some advanced players who used T80 to play with very powerful shots, which amazed me. So I think those players who have enough strength to play offensively will love this rubber.

However, if you ask me to choose a rubber from the Butterfly Tenergy series, I will choose the T80, which I think is the one that most suits my playing style compared to T05, T25, and T64.

It is because the T80 is:

  • Not too tacky
  • Easy to remove from the blade
  • Durable
  • Withstands with heavy duty
  • The edge is not easy to wear off.

And it’s a surprise for me when I play the rubber with the  Zhang Jike Super ZLC blade.

If you are looking for this rubber, you can get it from Megaspin.

Recommended Table Tennis Blades for Butterfly Tenergy 80

Offensive: Butterfly Jun Mizutani, Butterfly Michael Maze, Butterfly Sardius, Nittaku Tenor

Super Offensive: Butterfly Boll Tri Carbon

Overall Rating: 4.8/5


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