Butterfly Tenergy 25 – More Spin and Speed for Close Table Players

Why choose Tenergy 25 over 05 or 64?

You need to be a big drive looper to love the Tenergy 25 rubber. The first thing you need to know is that most players use Tenergy 05 and Tenergy 64. T25 is the last option for most players to choose from.

Maybe you have heard some positive reviews about this rubber, and you may still doubt and wish to find out why the hell was Tenergy 25 invented in the first place?

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Well, Butterfly Tenergy 25 is almost the same in every aspect as Tenergy 05 or Tenergy 64, except for the “25” Pip code structure. The big pip design has proven to be the best for playing close to the table following extensive tests by both technology and players.

The rubber enables players to attack with both spin and power close to the table or those with exceptional abilities at half distance.

It is faster than Butterfly’s number 1 bestseller, Tenergy 05, and has less spin than 05. Speed: 13.5. Spin: 11. All the Tenergy rubbers have medium to medium-soft hardness sponge with great quality sheets that are grippy.

Hard to control?

Many people think the Tenergy 25 is supposed to be a fast and spinny rubber, so they assume it is tough to control. But this is not true. The rubber is made to perform well at the table and to some degree at mid-distance compared to other manufacturers.

Drives are very consistent, and you can get a lot of power and spin. Some players find that the ball always goes on the table. If you have good footwork, then Tenergy 25 will improve your game remarkably and boost your confidence because you can handle whatever is thrown at you.

The control of the rubber also depends on the blade that you use. Many players say that its best to balance out the low throw with a higher throw blade.

The pips give this rubber so much substance and density, the speed on slow strokes are slow-medium, and you can control the pace well at the table. Hard rubber tends to have an excellent soft tap hitting ability that soft sponges don’t have.

What is bad about Tenergy 25?

Even though you can use the T25 for counter-looping, blocking and serving, lifting chop balls can be a nightmare for some lower-level players.

However, it all depends on which throw angle you like. If you want a high throw, you will think that the low throw is a flaw for this rubber. Even though flipping and looping over the table are nice and easy, it can be harder to do so from mid-distance. More effort is needed than 05 and 64.


It also lasts as long as 05, which has proved to be very durable as long as you don’t accidentally rip off the rubber. If you play mostly over the table or use low-throw Chinese rubbers, then T25 suits you well.


Power loops or drive smash loops are insanely fast, and it is the absolute strength of this rubber. If you are the kind of player who likes to go all out and make a killing shot, this rubber is the best for that. Besides, smashes are fast and very controllable as well.


Spin on loops is excellent but nowhere close to Tenergy 05 or 64. Some people have trouble blocking the attacks with Tenergy 25 because of the sheer power. Some say Tenergy 25 is very similar to a traditional tacky Chinese rubber.

You can make a good serve because the pips make the rubber less bouncy, and you have more control with your serving. You can perform fast serves by digging into the sponge, which will give you some extra spin.


It depends on what kind of control you are looking for. Some said it is easy to block because of the throw angle, but they probably haven’t tried to block with Tenergy 05 or 64! It has the lowest throw angle as compared to T05 and T64.

Punch Hit

Some would say it is suitable for attacking, but in my opinion, the sponge and rubber make this rubber not good. There is very little chance of digging into the sponge and rubber for you to feel the nature of the blade. The only time you have a deep rubber and wood contact is when you are performing hard power shots at full strength.

Tenergy 25 is not made for hitting through the spin. You may think of doing your topspin away from the table with the top sheet and sponge, but it is not advised as the rubber performs best when you stay close to the table.

Some would say that the larger pimples that this rubber has means less dwell time for them. But actually, dwell time has nothing to do with huge pimples. All they do on this rubber is just like a standard looping rubber.

Some also say that this Tenergy 25 make them feels like they were playing with some old glued up Bryce again because of the power, spin and throw angle.

Final Thought

The conclusion is this Butterfly Tenergy 25 is an excellent rubber for players who play close to the table, where it will be easier to take the ball right off the bounce with this rubber.

Weak points

Although it can give you great power when playing a loop away from the table, the low throw angle gives you a disadvantage, and you need to avoid it as much as possible with this setup.

Finally, let’s see how excited a table tennis player can get before opening a new sheet of Tenergy 25 in the video below. Bryan Pace reveals nothing but his Equipment junkie excitement.

This is it for us to discuss all things related to the Tenergy 25 rubber. It seems like it is a rubber that very fewer people will want to use. I have tried it and I think that it is harder and is only good if you like to play looping close to the table.


Warren Davies

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