Review of Butterfly Tenergy 05 vs 64

Before I start my review of the Tenergy rubber, I should state that this is not my first racket but my third.

My first racket (if you can even consider it a racket) was a 6 dollar Sportscraft pre-made from Wal-mart. It was a cheap, very low spin on the rubber and only 1.5 mm sponge, but honestly, for 6 bucks and someone starting, you can’t go wrong. My second racket was a Stiga titanium pre-made.

It was a pretty good setup, but its strong ability was flat hitting and had a VERY low throw, I will be honest. It is responsible for improving my game incredibly and helped my game become much more aggressive than passive, but it was an extremely heavy setup.

The blade was exceptionally thick; about 50% thicker than a TBS, and the rubbers had a somewhat hard and very dense 2.4mm sponge on both sides. Now onto my review.

This review pretty much only exists to make further most reviews of the 05 and 64 more concrete. I glued them on a Timo Boll Spirit, but I will not be reviewing it, only the rubbers. The only difference between this review and others is that I have minimal experience with other rubbers (as mentioned above), so it’s coming from that kind of perspective.

Tenergy 05 2.1mm Black (Forehand)

Compared to my old setup, this is an EXTREMELY diverse rubber than what I was previously used to, but this is a good thing as I was getting tired of that old Stiga. For the first time, I finally figured out what everyone meant by gears.

Tenergy 05 is very precise and does precisely what your stroke tells it to do (this is where those gears come into play). What I enjoyed is that if you want to keep the ball at a slower speed, the 05 is more than capable of doing so, and at the same time, it still stays extremely spinny.

butterfly tenergy 05
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Just as everyone says, the 05 is a looping monster. Its loops are the definition of a power loop. No matter the distance, the high spin of this rubber always seems to get the ball on the table, assuming you use the correct stroke.

Also, its flat hitting was undoubtedly excellent as well, with solid drives and flicks and also superb smashes. My serves are LOADED. Great control on them, but if you’re not careful, it can go a little long, but I still absolutely love its serving ability.

It is also pretty solid on sidespin looping, but I need to work on this, so it may be partly my fault that I screw those shots up.

The only cons I managed to find are its chopping abilities, pushing, and somewhat its block. The blocks are not that bad, but the 05 is sensitive to spin, so you have to have a more active kind of slight topspin block. It isn’t a problem since, on my forehand, this is how I would generally block anyway.

When pushing, I find the Tenergy 05 to be still very sensitive to spin and can make the ball pop up a little high, so it’s essential to read spin well when using this rubber.

For chopping I don’t usually chop on my forehand during a volley. Suppose I ever end up chopping with my forehand during a rally. In that case, it’s usually one of those “do anything possible to get the ball back on the table” kind of saves on a low ball (but this is rare). Still, I tried my mediocre forehand chop a little, and while it wasn’t terrible, I found it a little hard to control and ended up going higher.

  • Looping – 10/10
  • Driving – 7.5/10
  • Flicks – 8/10
  • Pushes – 6.5/10
  • Smashing – 9/10
  • Serving – 9.5/10
  • *Side-spin Looping – 7/10
  • *^Chopping – 5/10

“*” indicates my low level of ability for this stroke

“*^” indicates this rubber is not meant for this kind of stroke

Tenergy 64 2.1mm Red (Backhand)

Well, first of all, I should say that my backhand is a bit unorthodox. I’ve modeled my offensive attacking strokes in the style of Karanga/Steger. It has been very effective for me and is something I’m sticking with. What makes my backhand unorthodox is that I also combine chopping with my repertoire.

I usually chop on my backhand if the ball ends up going just a little above table height or lower if the ball is close to the table, but if it’s farther from the table, I only chop if it’s below the height of the table. It helps me prevent lobbing and, at the same time, throws off my opponent.

tenergy 64 red

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Often, I’ve seen people lift the ball to get that point, and more often than not, that lift puts them into a lob, leaving them at a disadvantage. So in terms of percentages, my modern offender backhand (a la modern defender) would be about 75% attack to 25% defend.

Anyway, I have found my dream rubber for my backhand. This rubber suits my style in every sense. As most reviews say, it has a beautiful long-distance loop. When closer to the table, I usually attack with a quick, punchy loop (kind of like a more compact version of the stroke I use to loop), and I couldn’t ask for a better rubber in that regard either as it’s always loaded.

It’s also pretty good at flat hitting; when using a straight regular punch, it’s always very quick with good placement and flicks. I have found the 64 is identical to the 05 for that stroke.

The only other rubber I’ve used to chop with besides inverted was a short pips rubber that had a 1.5mm sponge, and I could tell from that the pips were made for defense.

Keeping in mind that the 64 is an inverted rubber, its chops are great, and I doubt any other offensive rubbers could be better. I’m able to chop with great backspin. The 64 is capable of producing floaters.

Pushes provide good backspin, too, and are much better than the 05 for this kind of stroke. Many reviews have stated that the 64 is a dream at blocking, and I am here to solidify this statement. I block with my backhand much more often than my forehand, and I have to say that blocking is effortless.

Except for Michael Maze and, to a lesser extent Timo Boll, I, along with pretty much everyone else, cannot give a sidespin loop on my backhand, so I don’t think it would be very fair for me to review it. Pretty much, I found no real cons.

I occasionally use a backhand serve and found that the 05 can produce higher quality serves, but this isn’t a problem since 90% of my serves are forehand.

  • Looping – 9/10
  • Straight Punching – 8.5/10
  • Flicks – 8/10
  • Pushes – 9/10
  • ^Chopping – 9/10
  • ~Serving – 8/10

“^” indicates this rubber is not meant for this kind of stroke

“~” indicates I do not commonly serve with my backhand


Again, this is my first good set up so I might just be impressed because this is the first time I’ve used good equipment, but honestly, my old Stiga wasn’t terrible, so I’m not going into this completely blind. All in all, from what I’ve tried, you can’t go wrong with the Tenergy 05 and 64.

Truthfully these rubbers are quite similar, but each has its unique perks about them. To make an analogy, it’s like getting two of the same gun and putting various specialty attachments to them. Feel free to take my review with however many grains of salt you want, but this is my honest opinion.


Warren Davies

8 thoughts on “Review of Butterfly Tenergy 05 vs 64”

  1. Thank you for that General. Its always nice to hear what someone else has to say about Tenergy, or any other quality rubber for that matter. I have used tenergy05 since it came out on my backhand but have never used 64 so it was interesting to see you thoughts in relation to chopping and blocking in particular. A hook spin loop off my backhand is without doubt my favourite shot, it seems to be more natural to me than a straight top spin and i love tenergy05 for it. Having said that a slower rubber seems to give it a bit more swing from closer to the table but you dont get the kick that tenergy gives. From off the table i love tenergy05 when you can have a big wind up like a tennis shot even, from on the table its much harder to control. Thats what happens with me anyway.

  2. That’s pretty cool that you add that hook to your backhand loop,if that’s really your favorite shot then I think the 05 might be better but hey if you ever have the opportunity to use the 64 try it out and see what happens.

  3. 64 is easier to control chop rallies though you think? i can tend to float returns off serves or lift at times when id rather not, and i also am retarded at playing a soft short shot over the net with it, but then ive always been hopeless at that so shouldnt blame tenergy as another guy at my club is still very good at it. Oh and Boz, if you read this, the guy who bought a TBS and tenergy 05 in 1.9 and 2.2 just took out the singles winner in last comp we had followed by myself and another guy, al of which use tenergy05 on their favourite wing. I told you im shooting myself in the foot introducing other to it. They used to think i was awesome at getting big kick and loop off my backhand, now they know its just the rubber and i am very average instead!

  4. I should have mentioned this in the review but to me the 64 has somewhere between barely noticeable to a little noticeable higher throw than the 05, so if you are using the 05 on your backhand when looping back a backspin shot and its hitting maybe the the top of the net (around the white part) and not making it over then I think the 64 is something you may like. If it’s hitting the net any lower, then it’s not going to make a difference.

  5. Tenergy Lover

    started playing again after 35 years. Someone brought an old ping pong table into the office and some one bought some old Sportscraft paddles. I hadn’t played for 35 year but I knew the Sportscraft paddles were very poor. I went to the Paddle Palace and picked up a Stiga Metalla. It is very light, 121 grams, and has very soft rubber. It worked OK until I started hitting hard from 2+ meters back. In February I bought a TBS+2xT05 and my experience is much like yours but you seem to have adapted to the T05 a little faster/better than I have.

    I agree that you must actively control the paddle and the ball.

    I think I have had much better luck with the T05 blocks than you but less success with the loops. Not that the loops don’t work but I just play too close to the table to let the loops drop and I have probably adapted to blocking faster because I play close to the table.. I flip but don’t really loop unless I am screwing around and playing back. I am more of a counter drive person.

    I have never played with T64 so I found that part interesting.
    I have T05 on both sides. I like T05 on my BH but I don’t get back far enough to really take advantage of it.

    You made a BIG jump from a Stiga pre-made paddle to T05 and T64.

  6. If you counter drive more than you loop than I’m thinking the 64 might be a better choice. I barely tried using the 64 as a forehand rubber as I’m trying to train myself with that as my backhand rubber but in a nutshell the 05 is meant for looping, you might be having trouble looping with it because that doesn’t seem to be your main attack. While I feel the 64 does seem to have a better blend of looping and straight hitting, someone who uses a counter drive and close to the table play as their weapon of choice may want to consider either (from what I’ve read) the tenergy 25 or even still a different (possible chinese style?) rubber entirely. While I’ve never tried the 25, the reason I feel most people either A – don’t like it or B – don’t even try it is because I think there are other rubbers that can provide better close to the table play.

  7. I was really excited going to play with my new favorite set up I thought was perfect: 25 & 25 fx on Grubba Allround, when I looked at the blade I had brought my jaw dropped, it was tenergy 05 and 64 on my balsa blade. I knew right away my play would be a waste of time totally. I decided to give my opponent a bit of practise and it evened the level totally.

    I already know 05 and 64 are designed for harder faster blades to balance the dwell. The balsa blade is too soft, too slow, too dwelly and too light now. I can serve great spinny serves to my own disadvantage as I can’t hit through a higher ball, I can’t put enough speed into an attack and even blocking becomes a nightmare.

    what ever you do – don’t put the higher throwing 05 and 64 on a slow blade please.

  8. Hey i had T05 FH and donic bluefire jp01 now i switched to TB ALC with T05 FH and T64 BH so very excited to start play with this setup.T05 is great rubber i have already used DHS Neo 3 but T05 is beast.

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