DHS Hurricane 3 Rubbers Review

How many types of DHS Hurricane 3 rubber?

There are several types of DHS 3 rubbers available on the market. Since they almost have the same name, it is confusing for many people.

Many people are just having trouble differentiating which one is suitable for them. Many have the experience of trying the DHS 3 rubbers by borrowing the racket from other players. They are satisfied with that rubber and decide to get one for themselves. But when they go buy a rubber, they end up buying the wrong one.

To help you out, I will list all the DHS Hurricane 3 rubbers and hope after you read the explanation, you can know how to differentiate them before buying the DHS Hurricane 3 rubbers in the future.

The rubbers mainly can be divided into:

  1. Ordinary DHS Hurricane 3
  2. Provincial
  3. National
  4. NEO
  5. NEO Provincial
  6. NEO National

You can also find other similar series rubbers like the DHS Hurricane 3 Provincial Blue Sponge or DHS Hurricane 3 National Blue Sponge. These two rubbers are rare and only manufactured in a very small volume. The materials used to produce these types of rubbers are rare, and therefore the price is also more expensive.

DHS Hurricane 3

First, let’s discuss DHS Hurricane 3. It is a trendy ping-pong rubber for many people. The reason why it is popular is that this rubber is user-friendly for both beginners and advanced players.

It is suitable for players who are not picky in choosing the type of rubber for their blades. The rubber offers an excellent feel for most people. Many people are like this rubber since the price is low and easy to use.

DHS Hurricane 3

DHS Hurricane 3 rubber is developed for table tennis players who focus on control strategy. The rubber enhances your agility of powerful strokes. It produces a long trajectory that will benefit controllability for a quick hit, punch, and loop drive near the table.

DHS Hurricane 3 performance chart

More Information About DHS Hurricane 3

DHS Hurricane 3 is one of the most popular table tennis rubbers in the market. It offers very high performance with an unbelievably cost-effective price (under USD 20). Physically DHS Hurricane 3 comes with a tough surface and heavyweight (approximately 100 g). It is commonly paired with light and flexible blades. It is a durable rubber since it does not lose its tackiness quickly after using it for a while.


In terms of speed, even though DHS Hurricane 3 is not the fastest table tennis rubbers in the market (even slower than Hurricane 2), it still offers you a pretty decent speed for the standard offensive rubbers. If you are looking for a crazy fast rubber, this rubber may not be the best option.


Regarding spin, this blade offers you fascinated performance for spin strategy. Given that DHS Hurricane 3 is very tacky rubber, it offers you significantly more spin power than average offensive rubbers with a higher throw angle. You can perform heavy topspin and backspin serve superbly. It performs very well on the opening loop and pushes incredibly close to the table strategy.

Dwell Time

However, given that it is a complex surface table tennis rubber, its dwell time is relatively low, making this rubber unforgiving. In other words, the proper technique and stroke are required for brushing the topspin ball, which may not be suitable for a beginner.


In terms of control, this rubber‘s controllability is quite phenomenal (which seems to be the highlight of this product). I would say DHS Hurricane 3 is one of the best controllable offensive rubbers in the market. Its controllability is significantly upgraded from the DHS Hurricane 2 in sacrifice with its speed and spin.

Attack and Defense

You can perform attack, counterattack, and defense with high precision for both direction and weight. It enables you to make a magnificent killer shot with relatively low speed. You can also block well with these rubbers, especially when paired with the flexible table tennis blade-like Nittaku Violin or Butterfly Korbel 7.

Overall, this rubber is a high-performance weapon that shines on controllability and spin area at a very bargain price. It is highly recommended for high-level all-around players who love control and spin power.

Product Information

  • Type: Super Spin, All-round (control)
  • Thickness: 2.15/2.20 (mm)
  • Hardness: 39, 40, 41 degrees
  • Surface: Hard

Recommended Table Tennis Blade for DHS Hurricane 3

Butterfly Balsa Carbo X5, Butterfly Korbel SK 7, Nittaku Violin, Nittaku Acoustic, Yasaka Advanced 3D

DHS Hurricane 3 Provincial

  • Thickness: 2.2 mm
  • Hardness: 39, 40 degrees
  • Spin: 12
  • Speed: 12
  • Control: 11

The rubber used to be a non-marketing product. It was the unique rubber only to be used by the professional provincial team members in China. But now you can also get the rubber in the market. It has a better overall performance compared to the ordinary DHS Hurricane 3.

DHS Hurricane 3 Provincial

DHS Hurricane 3 is designed to solve the technical impact of the 40 mm ball. The rubber mainly targets the players who need reasonable control of the ball or have relatively more minor power to do a powerful shot.

The rubber helps to reduce the heavy feeling when doing the serve. It can also get a long arc of spin, allowing players to have reasonable control over the ball. Players can play the fast attack and make a powerful shot close to the table.

You can buy this rubber from Megaspin.

DHS Hurricane 3 National

  • Spin: 11
  • Speed: 12
  • Control: 11
  • Thickness: 2.2mm

Each rubber has a specification with the use of a unique bar code.

For example, a barcode with “GH3-39-2.2-R” stands for the DHS Hurricane 3 rubber used by the national team.

DHS-Hurricane 3 National

The DHS Hurricane 3 National is the secret weapon used by the national table tennis team in China. It used to be the secret weapon that most foreign players are very curious and keen to know. But now, you can also buy the rubber on the market and feel yourself about the “secret.”

It is a unique rubber for many China national table tennis players. The superior control of the ball can let the player do a longer trajectory. It is especially powerful when doing a close table fast attack and short-distance spin.

Read more about this rubber here.

DHS Hurricane 3 Neo

For players who play table tennis very often should know that most of the rubbers produced by DHS require you to refill the glue after playing for some time. It is because of the sponge material and technology used to produce the rubber.

DHS Hurricane 3 NEO

Re-gluing a rubber is cumbersome work. Especially for beginners, even using a brush to glue on the blade is also a problem for them, let alone asking them to re-glue the racket from time to time?

Therefore, the DHS has come out with a solution for everyone to introduce the DHS Hurricane NEO series of rubber. By having this rubber, you don’t need to glue it at all. You need to paste the rubber on the blade as the sponge is processed in advance.

After sticking the rubber onto the blade, you can use it until it comes off. It can save people from the trouble of filling glue.

  • Thickness: 2.15mm/2.20mm
  • Hardness: 39, 40, 41

The energetic “NEO” sponge blends well with the unique viscous DHS 3 rubber.

It presents a very stable and high-speed technology, which improves the user’s ability to consistently winning in a rally.

DHS Hurricane 3 NEO can offer a player a very fast serve. The spin is very intense, and the curve can be transformed in various positions.

You can buy this rubber from Megaspin.

DHS Hurricane 3 Neo Provincial

It is a higher quality version of Hurricane 3 Neo.

  • Thickness: 2.10mm
  • Hardness: 39, 40, 41 degrees

You can get a genuinely satisfying speed and spin with this rubber. Besides, you can do a perfect block. What impresses me with this rubber is the control that it gives me. I never have a rubber that can offer me such fantastic control.

DHS Hurricane 3 Neo Provincial

Topspin and sidespin are extremely easy to perform. I choose the hardness of 41 with 2.1mm for the thickness of the sponge. I have been using this rubber with Butterfly Innerforce ZLC blade, and I love it.

If you are interested in this rubber, you can get it from Megaspin.

DHS Hurricane 3 Neo National

The power and speed of the ball have become very powerful with the use of this rubber.

Blocking and pushing is quite good. But the best thing about this Neo National rubber is the control that it offers to players.

If you play with your backhand, you can feel the shot is particularly excellent. Although the power may not be as good as the Hurricane 3 NEO, it can still give you the power you need.

In general, the overall performance of this rubber is very well. The NEO rubber should be a good one to restore the organic rubber series. The speed is slightly slower, but the power is increased.

In summary, the DHS Hurricane series of ping-pong rubber is currently the most popular ping-pong rubber in China. It has stable performance, flexible control, and moderate price. It is a good choice for all ping pong players.


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  1. I first heard of Li-Ning when they sponsored the Pacific Rim Open tournament late last year. They have openned up a US office in Portland OR. What is interesting is the Li-Ning has bought over half of DHS and obviously sells DHS products. There are few that have used DHS here since the Paddle Palace is the main store and it seems they only sell JP and EU rubbers. I talked to one of the regional Li-Ning marketing managers on Sunday. They/he are so new at this he hadn’t even played with the DHS rubbers before so he was interested in what I thought my my H2-Neo.

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