Nittaku Screw One and Galze Rubber Review

Nittaku Screw One

Nittaku introduces a unique defensive table tennis rubber with no sponge, “Screw One.” It is the master of a deceptive strategic weapon with ultimate long deceptive pimples.
The appearance and texture of the rubber surface are quite similar to the Tenergy rubber. Although the holes are not as large as the Tenergy. You can find the rounded-sized pores on the rubber.

Nittaku Screw One

Product Information

  • Type: Defense
  • Surface: long pimples
  • Speed: 4.0
  • Spin: 4.3
  • Control: 7.7

It offers a great reversal of the opponent’s spin with excellent control for defense.

Nittaku Screw One Performance ChartNittaku Screw One Performance

More Information About Nittaku Screw One

“Screw One” is an exceptional defensive spongeless table tennis rubber from a famous Japanese brand, “Nittaku.” Like its name, Screw One is arguably one of the best deceptive table tennis rubber in the market. It can screw your opponent around superbly with a wide range of deceptive reversed spins and feint strokes.

It enables you to return your opponent serves well (slightly more comfortable than the Butterfly Feint Long II). Besides, its controllability is still not too bad (slightly worse than Feint Long II). It is also perfect for a drop shot.


In terms of blocking, due to its unique characteristic, you may experience some difficulty if you are not used to this fancy rubber. However, once you master it, this rubber is incredibly excellent for blocking. It offers a relatively short and low ball with potentially unpredictable bouncing directions.

 This rubber produces significantly less power than other ordinary table tennis rubbers with a relatively slower speed due to its power. So it is commonly used for short distance play style.


Given the fact that this is a solid defensive rubber, it is always the best for chopping technique. It allows you to produce a wide range of backspin power from none to an enormous spin with a relatively low ball. It will confuse your opponent well so that you will get points from your rival’s mistakes easily.


The spin reversal ability produces a slightly reversed spin with some deception and variation that will be very difficult for your opponent to handle.

Overall, This is an excellent table tennis rubber for a particular strategic play. It is recommended for patient defensive players who heavily rely on opponent’s mistakes.

Overall Rating 4.6 / 5

Nittaku Glaze Rubber

Product Information

  • Type: Offensive Play, All-round
  • Hardness: Medium
  • Sponge: Thick, Super Thick (Active Charge Technology)
  • Speed: 8.8
  • Spin: 9.1
  • Control: 9.1


Nittaku Galze Rubber
Nittaku Galze Rubber

Galze is a new masterpiece table tennis rubber from Nittaku with the Active Charge technology (AC) for outstanding speed and high friction. It offers you an excellency of grip performance and speed performance while maintaining the finest touch and feel.

Nittaku Galze performance chartNittaku Galze Performance

Note: The graph reflects the real user’s experience which may not be identical to information from the manufacturer

More Information About Nittaku Galze

It is a non-tacky offensive table tennis rubber with a reliable performance from Nittaku. It is one of Nittaku’s high-end rubbers with a reasonably high price (approx USD$50–60). The rubber is suitable for the offensive to all-around players (OFF to ALL+), which features exceptional speed, spin, and control, which enables you to cover all attacking strategies.


It performs incredibly powerful and fast even though it is not the fastest one (just slightly slower than Tenergy series).


In terms of spin, although it is not the best for the spin, it still produces a very impressive topspin drive and loop (just slightly behind Nittaku Narucross).


However, its controllability seems to be the best for a very fast and spin rubber (significantly better than Tenergy as well as Narucross EX).

Besides, it is very significant for blocking with a very fast and precise return. High-level table tennis players are recommended to love both speed and spin strategies with a relatively high budget.

Recommended Table Tennis Blades for Nittaku Galze

Nittaku Tenor, Butterfly Jun Mizutani

Overall Rating: 4.9/5

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