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Some Quality Butterfly Rubbers For Your Consideration

I would love to share with you some of the quality Butterfly rubbers which I think are worth for you to buy if you are looking for some great rubbers for you to play a better game.

Butterfly Spin Art

Butterfly Spin Artorder now

Butterfly Spin Art is an innovation of the latest Spring Sponge technology which integrates a hard sponge to a sticky top-sheet. This technique constructs a very dynamic rubber. It is the spiniest, yet very balanced offensive rubber from Butterfly. Spin Art features great speed, powerful spin with reliable control.

Butterfly Spin Art performance chartButterfly Spin Art Performance

Note: The graph reflects the real user’s experience which may not be identical to information from the manufacturer

Review of Butterfly Spin Art

This is a Butterfly’s high-end rubber specifically designed for aggressive spin play. It is one of the spiniest table tennis rubbers from Butterfly with a relatively hard surface (even harder than Yasaka Rakza 7). It produces even heavier spin than the Tenergy series.

It comes with many gears allowing players to brush the ball from a wide range of speed and spin. Regarding serving ability, it is very best for short heavy backspin serve.

You can guide the ball to a very precise direction and distance. It helps you to open the game beautify. Furthermore, the return serve ability is also superb. It enables you to control a return point very well (better than Tenergy series).

Product Information

  • Type: Super Spin
  • Hardness: Hard
  • Thickness: 2.1mm

Besides spin play, it is also fairly great for smashing and punching since it has significantly better control and precision than Tenergy. However, it has noticeably lower speed and bouncing power than Tenergy or even other offensive high-end table tennis rubbers. You may need to put more effort to execute a powerful smash or long throw. This potentially reduces the effectiveness of a long distance play style.

So this rubber is best for the ones who love technical spin play rather than ones who love a single killing shot. It is recommended for high-level table tennis players who love crazy spin with high budgets.

Recommended Table Tennis Blades for Butterfly Spin Art

Super speed: Xiom Alexo, Nittaku Tenor

Super spin: Nittaku Acoustic, Xiom Strato

Balance: Butterfly Timo Boll Spirit, Xiom Aria, Nitaku Violin, Butterfly Michael Maze, Yasaka Malin Extra Offensive

Overall rating: 4.7 / 5

Butterfly Tackifire Drive

Butterfly Tackifire Drive is one of the Tackifire Series featuring the integration of a tacky extra soft rubber and an elastic sponge formula. It provides a more powerful stroke with better control. With the tackiest surface, it enables to generate a decent amount of topspin, and backspin. The rubber is perfect for the most all-round players with a mix of maximum spin, control, and speed.

tackifire drive performance chartButterfly Tackifire Drive Performance

Note: The graph reflects a real user’s experience which may not be identical to information from the manufacturer

Review of Butterfly Tackifire Drive

This is an ordinary fine table tennis rubber for an offensive to all-round players who love a balance play style with a bit focus on the spin area. Even though it performs pretty well in overall, this seems to be a non-cost-effective rubber due to its slightly high price (approx USD$40).

Product Information

  • Type: Super Spin
  • Hardness: Soft
  • Surface: Inverted
  • Density: 38

Even though it can generate marvelous topspin as well as backspin, it is spin powers are still behind other spinny high-end rubbers, such as Butterfly Spin Art, Yasaka Rakza 7, or Nittaku Narucross Ex soft.

In term of speed, this rubber performs just reasonably fast speed while it is significantly slower than other high-end rubbers that offers you both crazy speed and spin (such as Yasaka Rakza 7). However, this could be good if you do not require super fast speed for getting easier pace control.

In term of precision and ball control, I would say this rubber is quite good especially in short play, but still not the best. It is just slightly better than Butterfly Tenergy Series, but not better than most offensive to all-round high-end table tennis rubbers, such as Yasaka Rakza 7, or Nittaku Narucross Ex soft.

Overall, this is a fine performance table tennis rubber with a relatively high price. If you do have more budget, other high-end rubbers are better options.

Recommended Blades for Butterfly Tackifire Drive

Butterfly Joo Se Hyuk, Butterfly Matsushita Pro

Overall Rating: 4 / 5

Butterfly Tackifire Chop Table Tennis Rubber

I bought some new rubber to try and I’m really looking forward to sticking it on my blade and going. The Tackifire Series from Butterfly looks to have a lot of things I look for in rubber, and the Tackifire Chop should fit my game pretty well.

I’ll discuss some of the reasons I bought this particular brand and type of table tennis rubber.

It is made for a chopper or a cut-man as we say in Japan.

Butterfly Tackifire Drive
order now

Despite being made for players that like to change the spin, it is also reportedly good for smashes and attacks. Butterfly is a brand I know and trust… I don’t want to pay just for a brand name, but I’ve had a lot of positive experiences with Butterfly in the past.

I was using the Butterfly Tackiness Chop before and was very happy with that. Once I get to use it in a good competition I’ll write a more detailed review. For now, I have just psyched my order arrived. If anybody else has experience with the Tackifire Chop, I’d be interested to hear reviews, especially if there was anything you had a problem with!

Butterfly Feint Long II


Butterfly Feint Longorder now

The long pimpled rubber is a key factor to bent and deformed an incoming ball. The thinner and taller pimples generally provide more blending effect. The Butterfly Feint Long II maximized this effect by reaching the acceptant limit of the ITTF rule.

Feint Long II Performance ChartButterfly Feint Long II Performance

Note: The graph reflects the real user’s experience which may not be identical to information from the manufacturer

Review of Butterfly Feint Long II

The Butterfly Feint Long II is one of the most popular long pimple table tennis rubbers. It shines for modern defensive strategic play with unbelievably consistent chopping ability.

Product Information

  • Type: Defensive
  • Surface: Pips-Out, Soft
  • Density: 38

It also offers you incredibly wide ranges of spin powers varying from not to very aggressive backspin with only slight posture changes required.

In other words, you can feint your opponent well with a variety of backspins since sometimes it is pretty difficult to predict or determine your actual spin power especially for close to the table play. So this rubber is more suitable for short distance play to maximize your deception opportunities.

In term of spin reversal, this table tennis rubber offers you a very impressive reverse spin ability. It will keep adding up reversed spin power when you keep chopping the ball harder and harder. The heavy topspin from your opponent will become immense backspin return.

Regarding controllability, this rubber offers you extremely great control (one of the best among the long pimple rubbers).

However, this is a very unforgiving rubber due to its sensitivity of spin reversal. In other words, you need to return the ball with proper technique, especially for the serve return. For instance, the heavy backspin serve may cause you a disaster if you adjust the rubber angle incorrectly.

Overall, this is an excellent defensive table tennis rubber with great deceptive ability from Butterfly. It comes with a slightly higher price than ordinary long pimple rubber ($USD 25 – 30). While it is still not the best option to begin to intermediate players, it is highly recommended for advanced all-round defensive players

Recommended Table Tennis Blades for Butterfly Feint Long II

Butterfly Joo Se Hyuk, Nittaku Carbon Shake

Overall Rating 4.5 /5

Butterfly Table Tennis Rubbers in America and Japan

One of the benefits of being a table tennis player that reads Japanese is being able to compare prices and information for table tennis rubber in both Japan and the United States.

I can also pass off this information to readers to do with as they will…

For this post, I’d like to take a look at what rubbers are offered in one country, but not the other. Although I know anyone can buy the table tennis rubber they want anywhere. It can be interesting to see what differences we can find from those listed in Japan and the United States.

Butterfly USA lists 43 different rubbers, including the ROUNDELL which is marked as new. This page uses a top seller mark to denote some of the rubbers. The top sellers are listed below with their prices.

  • Bryce $49.99
  • Bryce Speed $53.99
  • Bryce Speed FX $53.99
  • Challenger Attack $36.99
  • Feint Long II $39.99
  • Orthodox $19.99
  • Sriver $33.99
  • Sriver G3 FX $46.99
  • Sriver EL $33.99
  • Sriver FX $33.99
  • Super Anti $31.99
  • Tackifire C $42.99
  • Tenergy 05 $56.99
  • Tenergy 25 $56.99
  • Tenergy 64 $56.99

(Prices are subjected to change from time to time and different vendors are having different prices. It’s best for you to check from your own source to know the latest prices of your desired rubber)

Butterfly Japan doesn’t use the “top seller” mark but does allow buyer ratings and comments. The Tenergy 05, 25, and 64 are all highly rated by buyers, and the three are listed on the first page retailing for 6,300 yen each.

The “top sellers” that are offered on the USA page, but not to be found on the Japan page are the Sriver G3 FX (though the G2 FX version is offered), and the Orthodox (although the Orthodox DX is there).

The other table tennis rubbers currently available in the US, but not in Japan are the Cermet, Feint Long III-1.1 Black, Sriver G3, and the Super Anti Special.

That makes a total of 6 table tennis rubbers for sale on the US site, but not found on the Japanese site.

The Japanese site lists 50 rubbers, and a little math shows us that there should be 13 types found on the Japan site, but not on the US site. Here are their names:

  • Orthodox DX
  • Large 44 DX
  • Flarestorm II
  • West Will
  • Spin Art
  • Roundell Hard
  • Roundell Soft
  • Catapult Hard
  • Ekrips Soft
  • Sriver – Kawatsuki
  • Feint Long III – Cho-Goku-Usu (Cho-Goku-Usu means extra thin… 0.5 to be exact)
  • Feint Long II – Cho-Goku-Usu
  • Feint Long III – OX

The Japanese site seems to have slightly higher prices than the US, especially for the Bryce series, although I’m sure you can find much better prices at one of the online discount table tennis supply shops in Japan.

I’m looking forward to continuing this analysis in the future, maybe doing price comparison for Butterfly table tennis rubber and other brands by country and by the online shop.

If you are interested in buying rubber for your paddle, you can find all the available rubbers and their prices at Megaspin – List of rubbers.

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